Intermediate skill appraisal and textual research are in lathe of Changzhou city numerical control duty school holds Lan Sheng

Lathe of numerical control of city of 9 years of the first batch of Changzhou is intermediate skill appraisal textual research was in on March 24 technology of profession of Changzhou orchid unripe numerical control grooms the school is held as scheduled, share 61 student to enter this second activity. Appraisal still divides this second profession skill to ask to take an exam for knowledge (should try) with the operation skill is assessed (can try) two parts. Technology of Changzhou city profession grooms leader of skill appraisal center goes to the spot in person, take this activity seriously very.

In the morning at 9 o’clock, student people unified in classroom written examination, invigilate teachers are the notice before student explained to take an examination of. After needing ring win initial success, academic exam begins formally, student people the examination questions on respective and serious analysis examination paper, ad cool-headed and sober answering question, arrive to should try an end partly at 10 o’clock.

After academic exam ends, according to lot kind, student is in to invigilate teacher draw-out oneself the ordinal order that numerical control lathe handles an exam actually afternoon.

In the morning 11 o’clock sharp, student people enter solid example base group by group according to lot size, one by one begins to operate the assessment of skill actually. Examination questions is the cutting treatment of steely spare parts, examinee need has placed wool blank outfit in the spot, in the machine tool of input of operation face plate that passes numerical control car according to the part program that examination questions blueprint has written him, machine a spare parts next, intermediate need is measured oneself to the treatment precision of the spare parts, after treatment spare parts is finished, make work with invigilate teacher can, the assessment of whole operation skill ends satisfactorily at 5 o’clock afternoon to March 25.

Student accuses theory and operation to groom through number joining in school of Lan Sheng duty, after waiting for curricular study to end, by Lan Sheng duty school unites appraisal of skill of bureau of work of arrangement Changzhou town to assess, after student obtains mount guard permit, arrange student obtain employment by school of Lan Sheng duty again. School of Lan Sheng duty is being held to all the time ” groom, textual research, obtain employment ” one-stop education mode, accomplish truly be in charge of for student, also fostered a batch to approve high quality, high skill for the enterprise practical model numerical control talent, made good contribution for development of national manufacturing industry!