Sell like hot cakes of homebred machine tool is abroad numerical control machine tool takes the chance to send force

    The last few years, as national economy fast stability develops, of equipment manufacturing industry revitalize and technology of whole manufacturing industry upgrades and demand of national defence modernization is increased, pull in what fixed assets invests to grow more quickly move below, market of tool of our country machine tool appears produce the state that wants two flourishing, on behalf of equipment manufacturing industry the numerical control machine tool of advanced level is produced is to multiply more situation and go up, be just as insert went up Gao Xiang’s wing.

    One, China and foreign countries of homebred machine tool is spruce annul

    Learn from association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool, “15 ” since, consumption of our country machine tool is connected record-breaking, mainland market machine tool consumes amount (domestic product sells production value + entrance forehead – exit forehead) already resided the world 5 years continuously with entrance forehead the first, the machine tool that makes your whole world fix eyes upon consumes big country. According to statistic, expenditure of machine tool of chinese mainland market amounted to 13.11 billion dollar 2006, grow about 20% compared to the same period; The machine tool imports 7.24 billion dollar, grow 11.55% compared to the same period, on amplitude comparing year the corresponding period increases 1.7 percent. To this, total a secretary in charge of sth of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool grows Wu Bailin to say, expenditure of Chinese machine tool occupies global machine tool to sell the proportion of amount to already achieved 20% above, this is any countries on the world be likened to hard (world machine tool consumes a kind 2, 3, 4 Japan is occupied about 15% , the United States is occupied about 11.6% , germany is occupied about 10.6% ) . This offerred rare market opportunity for development of machine tool estate.

    Driving market demand is pulled move, made industry of tool of domestic machine tool appear the situation of flourishing of free of produce and sale. Its gross value of industrial output and sales revenue are on the base that carries 20% above increase rate 5 years continuously, 2006, grow respectively again 27.1% with 26.4% , add a prep above to go up year of the corresponding period 2.3 with 0.9 percent. Among them, homebred metal machines a machine tool (contain metallic cutting machine tool and metallic forming machine bed) sale production value begins the 3rd to already rose to the world from 2005, achieved 55.2 billion yuan of RMBs 2006 (7.06 billion dollar) . And the favour that homebred machine tool gained domestic user afresh again as a result of the promotion of technical level, home market is had rate litre to 44.8% , than going up year of the corresponding period increase 5.1 percent. Meanwhile, our country machine tool exported amount to also reach 1.19 billion dollar 2006, grow 44.56% compared to the same period. It may be said of homebred machine tool is domestic and international market in pairs is popular.

    2, numerical control machine tool lends situation hair strength

    In recent years, our country machine tool makes country of industry benefit from benefit from revitalized the big environment of equipment manufacturing industry to have great progress, the industry of numerical control machine tool that this precedes current machine tool makes technical standard among them more get the better of one prepare.

    The level of numerical control machine tool, breed and productivity reflected comprehensive national power of national technology, economy. Numerical control machine tool equips as the strategy of national defence war industry, it is the production step with all sorts of the most important weaponry, be modernization of equipment of national defence war industry is important assure. However, the difficulty with revitalize industry of numerical control machine tool certain to having however machine tool industry. According to expert introduction, developing the digitlization that place of numerical control machine tool needs to make a technology is advanced production core, it is the key that realizes own innovation. Accordingly, will tell to entire industry, promote opportunity of strategy of since of industry of numerical control machine tool, it is grim challenge.

    Current, the Party Central Committee, the State Council leads layer height attention to promote work of equipment manufacturing industry, “915 ” the program already will revitalize equipment manufacturing industry to regard as advance industrial structure to optimize the main content that upgrade, numerical control machine tool makes one of focal points that revitalize equipment manufacturing industry. 2006, the State Council releases in succession ” long-term science and technology develop program outline in the country (2006-2020 year) ” and ” a certain number of opinions that the State Council revitalizes equipment manufacturing industry about accelerating ” 16 affirmatory great and special, will ” develop numerical control of large, nicety, high speed equipment and numerical control system and functional component ” label a key to support development domain.