The 6 axes that preparation works to be able to machine 10t mould at most machining center

Development of the place of herd wild milling cutter that make went large mould cutting to use machining center of 6 axle control (MC) ” MCC2013VG ” , already began to sell from January 19, 2009 (graph 1) . 3 axes of this MC are used at workpiece graduation, 3 axes are used at mobile main shaft, namely so called ” 3 axes of 3 + ” MC. Through making main shaft look more quick to the position of workpiece, increased cutting capacity, need to prepare the job to be able to complete treatment only.

The work that this MC tentative idea processes is the medium-sized mould that colophony shoots figuration respect, the large mould of die-casting figuration respect. Specific and character, namely the headlamp of the car and the manifold that take energy of life shoot figuration mould, gear-box a kind die-casting mould and change division arm to a kind aluminium cast a mould to wait. To reduce the weight of these components, cut cost, this company is considering how to have these patterns take shape of an organic whole all the time (cut down a component to count) , the pattern is older, its case is more complex.

To can machine these large moulds, new-style MC designed the workbench that can deploy weight to be as high as 10t workpiece. Additional, if machine a mould to greaten, time and labor power still need when changing preparation to work. Accordingly, this MC installed 3 graduation axis, need not undertake for many times preparative the work. Come so, still can undertake much face is machined, include the alveolus of aperture of chute, thimble and current cooling water to wait inside, need to prepare the job to be able to be machined only.

The axis makes a field, axis of Y of edge of main shaft a side (perpendicular direction) reach Z axis (depth direction) mobile, and circle A axis (serve as X axis rotate central axis) reach C axis (serve as Z axis rotate central axis) rotate. Additional, axis of X of edge of workbench a side (horizontal direction) mobile, circle B axis (serve as Y axis rotate central axis) rotate (graph 2) .

Need not undertake much face of the job is machined for many times preparative, use existing 5 axle control MC to also can be operated. The account that new-style MC adds an axis is to make main shaft look more quick to the position of workpiece. Come so, can avoid to be disturbed each other with workpiece as far as possible, return portable main shaft at the same time, can use measure shorter establish the tool such as milling cutter. As a result of dimension shorter tool produces flutter not easily, because this can make the treatment cover of workpiece more perfect (the quality that can improve treatment range) .

And the flexibility of main shaft position of existing 5 axle control MC is insufficient, must use the tool with longer dimension to undertake machining. Accordingly, be in unavailable when perfect treatment face quality, still need to have manual treatment sometimes, time of the buy before was being lengthened thereby (Lead Time) .

The price is 100 million 24 million yen (before duty) .

Treatment ministry has A axis and C axis in installation of main shaft a side, in workbench a side installation has B axis, namely graduation axis. Additional, axis of Y of edge of main shaft a side and Z axis are mobile, axis of X of edge of workbench a side is mobile.