The servo multitask with the greatest throughout history of Shu Le company compressor put into production

Ground above 11 8 meters 15 meters rice, long, wide make an appointment with 1000 metric ton again: The company of car supplier Craemer of German Herzebrock-Clarholz area, the multitask of the biggest servo that in Shu Le company to this day makes recently production begins on compressor. The product line that production expert of this metal figuration, plastic treatment and mould is using this to bring base of 2.5 meters of 8 meters long, thick compressor produces structural member, especially car seat housing.

Compressor base need is enough big, because be in figuration process, workpiece carriage need is versed in through a few. In the past, craemer company must use two compressor in product line, by gross join of 3 automation system; Use a compressor to be able to have same treatment only now, the integral dependability that increased product line greatly — especially workpiece need not carry another compressor from a compressor again.

On this new product line, a when workpiece offers by company of Shu Le automation 3 axes high-powered multitask the system is carried, contain what make a person impressive likewise to exceed 10 meters of span. Dinky vibration ensures workpiece is carried reliably quickly, the premise condition of dependability is development of company of Shu Le automation is compositive and active decrease brace up (AVD) system, every electric machinery outputs the power that exceeds 500kW, generation 25, the total nominal pressure of 000kN.

"Obtain this kind of tall productivity to will make we can ensure the market of prospective project leads a position " executive president SiegbertGeldner sums up the manufacturing & technology of Paul Craemer Inc. : “We have confidence to be able to call in before long this investment ” .

In view of the scale that servo compressor makes the person is impressive, two use ship, special crane and 3 trucks that take 16 axes trailer, used Ford of Cong Aier of the ability between 9 climate (Erfurt) Shu Le factory carries in Dong Wei Sitefalun city (East Westphalia) client spot. Ship is overcome from Sa dark – bring Hal spy city (Saxony-Anhalt) inland haven A agrees (Aken) set out, lan Yunhe of Er of Elbe of by way of, rice spy and much Temengde – Aimusi the canal, till bright this special Hiltrup haven.

After reaching Craemer plant, inside the workshop that builds technically, this compressor base is put into 6 meters first deep base inside hole, back-to-back move is 3 meters of half tall slide block and 4 meters tall beam, pass 4 pull rod to secure 3 all assemblies take one’s place next, this cost easy to strap an expert the time of about 4 months will complete this project. This giant compressor already was the 5th takes skill of servo straight drive product line that Craemer group uses.