Abstain lathe automatic bore tool

Walk along knife bore automatically on lathe to replace tailstock convention bore. Need to make one simple tool only () seeing a picture, introduce as follows now:

   1.  Do awl of a Mohs to cover D × L, flank solder steel bar piece 100mm of × of 13mm × 25mm, place this tool system on lathe tool carrier, cover awl handle broach into tool body, can use a machine tool to walk along knife bore automatically.
   2.  Sometimes, get the Kong Shi under central aperture and Ø15mm, how doesn’t broach take awl handle to do? But get collet handle of 4 Mohs awl covers tool put oneself in another’s position directly, can drill Ø15mm the following hole namely.
   3.  If broach is Mohs an awl handle is not handle of 4 Mohs awl. Can use awl handle to cover cover use, also but bore.
   4.  When drilling Ø30mm above hole, notice cooling emulsion wants pouring and enough, avoid ministry of burn broach blade and lose cutting ability.

Use lathe to walk along knife bore automatically to replace tailstock convention bore. Use at be being produced group by group, more get used to rough machining bore, the province is versed in save labour, efficiency can raise 4 ~ 5 times.