Dark essence machine plans to produce the machine tool can rise 3 into

According to ” Japanese economy news ” report, mechanism of Japanese dark essence makes place general produce base to brunt machine tool before 2009 — place of Yi congratulate career (city of congratulate of ternary county Yi) investment makes an appointment with 10 billion yen, in order to raise 2 ~ 3 into productivity. At present the machine tool demand of the domain such as whole world plane and construction machinery expands ceaselessly. Dark essence machine ever planned to build new plant in Thailand before this, but be turned to be martial utility to prevent a product, this plan was stopped June. After that instead is inside Japan aggrandizement equipment, with with industry the first hill Qi campstool overcomes pass an imperial examination 2 big competition rivering bend. Dark essence machine increase production is the machine tool such as NC lathe and machining center. These machine tools can use metal and the resin such as cutting iron, aluminium, make an appearance the component of each different. A variety of domains can wait to be used at machining mechanical component in equipment of metallic mould, car, plane, construction machinery and workshop. This company will expand component part processing factory to reach in place of Yi He career assemble field, the plan begins from August 2008 ordinal start. Assemble in augment reach treatment working procedure while, still purchase aggrandizement part system. Additional, this company still plans to build new cast a factory, the base that is a machine tool and the main part such as runner shaft coming back produce cast. The construction ground name a person for a particular job of new plant reachs and other places of blueness dark county to choose from insular root county.

Machine tool of high school numerical control uses system of homebred numerical control first

By group of Shenyang machine tool, Shenyang limited company of technology of high spirit numerical control reachs institute of technology of computation of Shenyang of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to be carried out jointly ” machine tool of homebred numerical control uses demonstrative project of system of homebred numerical control ” project, checked and accept through appraisal a few days ago. Expert group thinks: This batch that demonstrative project took the lead in realizing system of numerical control of archives of homebred high school to go up in machine tool of homebred numerical control applies. Before this, in Liaoning the big thrust of province and Shenyang municipal government is moved below, brainpower is own of research and development in system of high-grade numerical control, first group by group installation of form a complete set is in group of Shenyang machine tool 6 kinds big, on the machine tool of 30 numerical control of 11 model. National hair changes appoint concerned expert thinks, shenyang city takes the lead by the government, use system of homebred numerical control with enterprise of numerical control machine tool, form the form of industrial alliance, broken solution ” system of homebred numerical control uses machine tool of homebred numerical control ” this one difficult problem, aid push its homebred change, found the combinative place of technical innovation and industrialization, great to establishing demonstrative sense of card of home made product.

Machine tool of new-style CTX 10er

Series of DMG SlimeLinePanel CTX 10 Er uses the DMG SlimeLinePanel that brings LCD of 15 color and newest 3D software first. By right of the optimal value, most advanced technology CTX 10 Er the department labelled lathe domain to lift a tornado. The technical level of the DMG on METAV wants tower above competitor one big chunk. Because begin from June, the machine tool of all-purpose treatment series deployed the DMG SlimeLinePanel that brings LCD of 15 color and 3D software new-styly. The series of CTX 10 Er of DMG company depends on its big circumgyrate diameter range, higher level was established in new design, and make a machine tool more efficient, the price is more favourable. The use of high-end component made sure auxiliary time shortens 25% , improved productivity and economy greatly at the same time. Power of exhibiting drive of axis of electric machinery of machine tool whole amounts to 31kw, tower of fast knife of servo of 12 times circumgyrate, its change knife time to be 0.1 seconds. In addition, the software of 3 open loop that CTX 410 and CTX 510 also contain high end by right of its controls a system to have banner place on world market. According to the need of every client, can choose the CNC that deserves to have software of newest ShopTurn-3D process designing to control the Siemens 840D of mode, the Heidenhain IT that takes DINPlus (optional Turn Plus) perhaps contains the Fanuc 21i TB of ManualGuide I. METAV exhibits meeting beginning, move on the DMG SlimeLinePanel that all CNC control systems are taking LCD of 15 color new-styly, the 3D modelling software that depends on high end at the same time ensures the operation is comfortable and convenient. With this, machine tool of series of new-style CTX 10 Er- assured its indulgence price, this has absolutely advantage on economy. The machine tool of series of all CTX 10 Er- all optional Space Green Metallic. Characteristic of product of series of CTX 10 Er-Make electric machinery of main shaft of form of characters or lettersTower of VDI fast knife, the time that change a knife is shortAll knives all can choose dynamical cutting tool (optional)Take 15 ” the has newest 3D software DMG SlimeLinePanel with chromatic LCD and comfortable and convenient operationSystem of 3 kinds of control can offer an alternative: Take the Siemens 840D of newest software ShopTurn 6.4, take the Heidenhain IT of DINPlus or the Fanuc 21i TB that take Manual Guide ISudden shift shortens fixed position timeNew design! Space Green Metallic is optionalIndulgence price

The classification of numerical control machine tool is summed up

The classification of numerical control machine tool has a variety of kind. (1) by machine tool numerical control athletic contrail differentiates● chooses machine tool of position control numerical control: Point to when cutting tool moves, control cutting tool appearance only the accuracy to workpiece displacement, take no account of the method between 2 o’clock, exactly the amount controls drilling machine. ● chooses a machine tool of linear control numerical control: On the foundation that nods position control, assure to move even linear, and cutting tool undertakes in athletic process cutting is machined even. ● outline controls numerical control machine tool: Can be opposite two or more coordinate motion undertake controlling (much coordinate linkage) , contrail of cutting tool motion can be dimensional curve. In mould industry this kind of machine tool applies most, be like the numerical control mill of 3 coordinate above or machining center. (2) by servo control means differentiates● open loop controls a machine tool: The price is low, precision and stability are poor. ● machine tool of numerical control of half closed-loop control: Precision and stability are taller, price moderate, application gains ground most. Machine tool of ● closed-loop control numerical control: Precision is tall, stability is controlled hard, the price is high. (3) differentiate by linkage coordinate number of axleTwo axes of ● machine tool of linkage numerical control. Two axes make the random in axis of X, Y, Z3 interpolation linkage, the 3rd axis makes alone periodic feed, often call 2.5 axes linkage. If the graph is shown 1 times, become X to cent a certain number of paragraph, the curve of cut of place of face of YZ of edge of round head milling cutter undertakes milling, each paragraphs machine junior X giving Δ , rework curve of another photograph adjacent, so ordinal cutting can machine a whole curved surface, reason is called cut a way all right. According to the surface bright and clean the principle of surface of hands-off photograph adjacent chooses degree of head that reach a knife Δ X. The cutting tool that cuts a law to machine place to use all right is ball knife milling head normally (point to shape milling cutter namely) . Machine curved surface with this kind of cutting tool, interfere photograph adjacent surface not easily, calculation is simpler. The knife head radius of bulbiform milling cutter should be chosen a few more greatly, be helpful for improving treatment bright and clean degree, increase cutting tool stiffness, medicinal powder heat. But the radius of the smallest curvature that knife head radius should be less than curved surface. Graph 1When milling cutter of the head that use a ball machines curved surface, the data that always uses knife heart contrail undertakes process designing. The graph shows the knife heart contrail that for 2 axes linkage 3 coordinate cut a law to machine all right and cutting 2 times to nod orbit sketch map. ABCD is by treatment curved surface, p plane makes a parallel range of the surface at YZ for parallel, of the equidistant face IJKL that O1O2 of contrail of its knife heart is curved surface ABCD and Pyz of travel tangent plane cross a line, apparent, o1O2 is a flat curve. Below this kind of circumstance, the position that ball head knife and curved surface cutting can cause to nod when the curvature of curved surface changes also is changed subsequently, and the Ab connecting a line that cutting nods is curve of a space, form screwy rudimental channel grain on curved surface thereby. The knife heart contrail that machines as a result of 2.5 axes coordinate is flat curve, calculation of reason process designing is relatively simple, device of numerical control logic is not sophisticated also, change of rate of commonly used Yu Qu is not big and the rough machining with precision not high demand. Graph 23 axes of ● machine tool of linkage numerical control. Axis of X, Y, Z3 but at the same time interpolation linkage. When machining curved surface with 3 coordinate linkage, also use normally cut a method all right. If the graph is shown 3 times, the course of numerical control knife of 3 axes linkage can be flat curve or dimensional curve. The accurate treatment that 3 coordinate linkage machines miscellaneous curved surface of commonly used Yu Fu (be like accurate forging die) . But process designing calculation is relatively complex, uses numerical control device still must have function of 3 axes linkage. Graph 3Machine tool of numerical control of ● four-axle linkage. Besides translation of axis of X, Y, Z3, still have workbench or the roll of cutting tool. If the graph is shown 4 times, flank twists curved surface for straight grain. When if be on the machine tool of 3 coordinate linkage,milling cutter of the head that use a circle presses a treatment that cut a way, not only productivity is low, and bright and clean spend difference. For this, use cutting of periphery of columnar milling cutter, use treatment of 4 coordinate milling machine, outside moving except 3 rectangular coordinates namely, be in to assure cutting tool and workpiece face full-length from beginning to end joint, cutting tool still should circle O1 (or O2) make the linkage that place part. Because place horny motion, bringing about rectangular coordinates is (the Y in the graph) need add exercise, calculation of its process designing is relatively complex. Graph 45 axes of ● machine tool of linkage numerical control. Besides the translation of axis of X, Y, Z3 still cutting tool rotates, the whirl of workbench. Airscrew is one of typical spare partses that 5 coordinate machine, its lamina appearance and treatment principle are shown 5 times like the graph. The with face of blade AB crossing a line on the round cylinder that is Ri in radius is the one part of corkscrewed yarn, helix angle is φ I, the radial leaf molded lines of blade (axial section plane) the dip after the obliquitous α of EF is. Corkscrewed yarn AB machines a method with polar coordinates and approach in order to lose line segment. Approaching line segment Mn is by C coordinate rotates the synthesis of Δ θ and Z of Δ of Z coordinate displacement. After AB is machined, x of Δ of cutting tool radial deflection (change Ri) , the another leaf molded lines of rework photograph adjacent, ordinal one by one is machined, can form whole face of blade. Because the curvature radius of face of blade is bigger, so milling cutter of commonly used end panel is machined, simplify in order to improve productivity program. Accordingly, to assure milling cutter end panel from beginning to end with curved surface joint, milling cutter still should make coordinate A and coordinate B form the campaign placing part of θ T and α T, placing part while, return the add motion that should make rectangular coordinates, be worth in order to make sure center of milling cutter end panel is in process designing from beginning to end locally, need coordinate of Z, C, X, A, B5 to machine so. The process designing calculation of this kind of treatment is quite complex. Graph 5● machining center. It is knife library is configured on numerical control milling machine, all sorts of cutting tool that depositing different amount among them or check are provided, be chosen automatically by the program in machining a process and change, thereby milling, boring, auger cut, attack the function such as whorl to be centered on an equipment to finish, make its have a variety of craft mediums.

Yu Chengting: Industry of machine tool of homebred numerical control should capture good luck to do real thing

How to forecast future of machine tool industry correctly to go situation, answer the crisis to affect leisurely? This is a difficult problem that is placed before each enterprise. Not long ago, yu Chengting of vice-president of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool answers seminar of world banking crisis to went up to express a view to this in industry of system of homebred numerical control. He says, the crisis is not evildoing certainly, want to capture good luck to do real thing only, prospect of market of system of homebred numerical control still is met flourishing. Yu Chengting thinks, it is in wanting to be developed actively high-grade market, assume national priority discipline actively especially. No matter the country weighs big special project, as long as it is a country 16 special in mention, we want to be assumed actively. Of course, great and special carry out inside we have 8 kinds of big leader, still have numerical control system 7 main tasks, still have 12 functions part, still have ten soft tasks, these we should be assumed actively more. Because industry of numerical control of this pair of our development has,drive action. 2 it is to want what consider adequately to use national policy to accelerate a construction to adjust. Want to use the policy that the country invests 12.3 billion yuan to machine tool industry. Above all, match our trade from the machine tool that produces for private use this thing has run system of homebred numerical control. Machine tool association has attended a meeting twice early or late, it is to be on the Wuhan conference July 2007, decided 153; Attended a meeting again in January 2008 later, decided 225. Recombine this 29 enterprises many yuan 100 technical reformation, can form an atmosphere that takes the lead in using homebred system inside the industry probably. Accordingly everybody does not wait, want actively to seek industry leader plant or the component factory of the industry, make investigation and study. 3 it is to should do well science and technology tackles key problem, be determined to take dependability index. Right now germ of problem of whole industry mistrustful is dependability. Want to get quality acceptance, service. Crucial question is index does a dependability, adopt the measure that science and technology tackles key problem, the method of in-house experiment solves this problem. 4 it is to should enlarge service territory. Recently, association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool attended national defence division to be versed in appoint a meeting, 1000 synergism that tell on the meeting plan. first phase finishs 200, solved improve efficiency the problem of 50% , among them a lot of old machine tool systems want to change. Want to enter the 2nd phase now, still have 800 plan. I think numerical control system is in this among them there’s something behind all this can be done, but should have done ” 4 catch ” the job. Yu Chengting says, the first what should catch is once upon a time experience is gained over there 200 40 home companies with be carried out better, so that popularize. The 2nd should pay grass-roots unit, should rise flexible, increase management to blend in the level of informatization. The enterprise cooperates in what this goes to the lavatory to need systematic yard particularly, so systematic factory transforms a respect to be able to develop one’s skill to full in the machine tool. The 3rd should catch database construction, below the premise that should machine data to perfect in material of 13 kinds of aluminium alloy, rejoin is other the material such as titanium alloy, build a database. Of these databases build, what as it happens makes up for numerical control system to make manufacturer is short board. A lot of system companies do not master user craft, do not know family logarithm accuses a system what to asks. Intervene this domain can help us raise the development of oneself so. Not be to say of course only our system factory intervenes, leader plant also should intervene, leader plant also wants to research the technology of the user seriously. The 4th what should catch is to stress environmental protection issue. If these 4 respects are caught well, it is better to can give 9 demonstrative projects. This thing is told from political meaning, it is to be synergism of national defence industry, offer a project to prop up; From the technology perhaps be told on the industry, take exercise be development of industry of numerical control system. Finally, yu Chengyan hopes company of numerical control system wants unitive cooperation, if the country has major project make known to lower levels, an enterprise is not finished, perhaps have not enough time as a result of time relation, hope everybody can take the club of a variety of forms, each supplies what the other needs. Fall in the premise that tackles current project of course, do not overlook long-term development. Hope the enterprise is in our numerical control system to be able to have position through be after ten years on the international market.