Dark essence machine plans to produce the machine tool can rise 3 into

According to ” Japanese economy news ” report, mechanism of Japanese dark essence makes place general produce base to brunt machine tool before 2009 — place of Yi congratulate career (city of congratulate of ternary county Yi) investment makes an appointment with 10 billion yen, in order to raise 2 ~ 3 into productivity. At present the machine tool demand of the domain such as whole world plane and construction machinery expands ceaselessly. Dark essence machine ever planned to build new plant in Thailand before this, but be turned to be martial utility to prevent a product, this plan was stopped June. After that instead is inside Japan aggrandizement equipment, with with industry the first hill Qi campstool overcomes pass an imperial examination 2 big competition rivering bend. Dark essence machine increase production is the machine tool such as NC lathe and machining center. These machine tools can use metal and the resin such as cutting iron, aluminium, make an appearance the component of each different. A variety of domains can wait to be used at machining mechanical component in equipment of metallic mould, car, plane, construction machinery and workshop. This company will expand component part processing factory to reach in place of Yi He career assemble field, the plan begins from August 2008 ordinal start. Assemble in augment reach treatment working procedure while, still purchase aggrandizement part system. Additional, this company still plans to build new cast a factory, the base that is a machine tool and the main part such as runner shaft coming back produce cast. The construction ground name a person for a particular job of new plant reachs and other places of blueness dark county to choose from insular root county.