Yu Chengting: Industry of machine tool of homebred numerical control should capture good luck to do real thing

How to forecast future of machine tool industry correctly to go situation, answer the crisis to affect leisurely? This is a difficult problem that is placed before each enterprise. Not long ago, yu Chengting of vice-president of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool answers seminar of world banking crisis to went up to express a view to this in industry of system of homebred numerical control. He says, the crisis is not evildoing certainly, want to capture good luck to do real thing only, prospect of market of system of homebred numerical control still is met flourishing. Yu Chengting thinks, it is in wanting to be developed actively high-grade market, assume national priority discipline actively especially. No matter the country weighs big special project, as long as it is a country 16 special in mention, we want to be assumed actively. Of course, great and special carry out inside we have 8 kinds of big leader, still have numerical control system 7 main tasks, still have 12 functions part, still have ten soft tasks, these we should be assumed actively more. Because industry of numerical control of this pair of our development has,drive action. 2 it is to want what consider adequately to use national policy to accelerate a construction to adjust. Want to use the policy that the country invests 12.3 billion yuan to machine tool industry. Above all, match our trade from the machine tool that produces for private use this thing has run system of homebred numerical control. Machine tool association has attended a meeting twice early or late, it is to be on the Wuhan conference July 2007, decided 153; Attended a meeting again in January 2008 later, decided 225. Recombine this 29 enterprises many yuan 100 technical reformation, can form an atmosphere that takes the lead in using homebred system inside the industry probably. Accordingly everybody does not wait, want actively to seek industry leader plant or the component factory of the industry, make investigation and study. 3 it is to should do well science and technology tackles key problem, be determined to take dependability index. Right now germ of problem of whole industry mistrustful is dependability. Want to get quality acceptance, service. Crucial question is index does a dependability, adopt the measure that science and technology tackles key problem, the method of in-house experiment solves this problem. 4 it is to should enlarge service territory. Recently, association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool attended national defence division to be versed in appoint a meeting, 1000 synergism that tell on the meeting plan. first phase finishs 200, solved improve efficiency the problem of 50% , among them a lot of old machine tool systems want to change. Want to enter the 2nd phase now, still have 800 plan. I think numerical control system is in this among them there’s something behind all this can be done, but should have done ” 4 catch ” the job. Yu Chengting says, the first what should catch is once upon a time experience is gained over there 200 40 home companies with be carried out better, so that popularize. The 2nd should pay grass-roots unit, should rise flexible, increase management to blend in the level of informatization. The enterprise cooperates in what this goes to the lavatory to need systematic yard particularly, so systematic factory transforms a respect to be able to develop one’s skill to full in the machine tool. The 3rd should catch database construction, below the premise that should machine data to perfect in material of 13 kinds of aluminium alloy, rejoin is other the material such as titanium alloy, build a database. Of these databases build, what as it happens makes up for numerical control system to make manufacturer is short board. A lot of system companies do not master user craft, do not know family logarithm accuses a system what to asks. Intervene this domain can help us raise the development of oneself so. Not be to say of course only our system factory intervenes, leader plant also should intervene, leader plant also wants to research the technology of the user seriously. The 4th what should catch is to stress environmental protection issue. If these 4 respects are caught well, it is better to can give 9 demonstrative projects. This thing is told from political meaning, it is to be synergism of national defence industry, offer a project to prop up; From the technology perhaps be told on the industry, take exercise be development of industry of numerical control system. Finally, yu Chengyan hopes company of numerical control system wants unitive cooperation, if the country has major project make known to lower levels, an enterprise is not finished, perhaps have not enough time as a result of time relation, hope everybody can take the club of a variety of forms, each supplies what the other needs. Fall in the premise that tackles current project of course, do not overlook long-term development. Hope the enterprise is in our numerical control system to be able to have position through be after ten years on the international market.