Industry of Zhejiang machine tool grows a feature into pyramid form remarkable

Zhejiang province is located in southeast coastal, area of delta of the Yangtse River, admirable situation, carrying for machine tool industry, anticipate opportunity all is grabbed in invite applications for a job of imports and exports, transfer of technology, talent. In last few years, what manufacturing industry develops quickly is machine to be driven in the metal, zhejiang saved machine tool industry to also enter fast hair exhibition period. Meanwhile, the characteristic that shape of 3 class a flight of stairs develops property of Zhejiang machine tool is relatively apparent.    Times first machine Zhejiang machine tool develops flourishingly   Well-known, numerical control machine tool is the foundation of machinist job, apply extensively at a lot of industries, wait for equipment manufacturing industry like war industry, spaceflight, shipping, railroad, metallurgy, car and component enterprise, agricultural machinery and valve industry. China is the country with the biggest demand of machine tool of the numerical control on the world, had maintained market of world the biggest machine tool 10 years continuously.    According to statistic, the machine tool that at present the whole world manufactures, 1/4 sale goes to China. In last few years, what manufacturing industry develops quickly is machine to be driven in the metal, zhejiang saved machine tool industry to also enter fast hair exhibition period. The company that saves manufacturing machine tool completely has nearly 10 thousand, capable the irregular change at the situation, especially in last few years, civilian battalion company grows space and environmental improvement, become the main force that saves development of machine tool estate completely stage by stage. A lot of more provincial the large company that has capital and technical actual strength also crosses trade of numerical control machine tool in succession, the double bird group that for instance carry on starts Sheng administrative division, always health group of the dragon austral China, all and the sea day group of the Long Xing group of lucky far group, Ning Bo, Ning Bo.    Development of 3 big a flight of stairs shows pyramid form to distributing   From look at present, the industry of numerical control machine tool that Zhejiang saves can be divided roughly for 3 echelon formation. The first echelon formation is a batch of production that with industry of sea day energy, friend fine group heads machine tool of high-grade numerical control (wait like planer-type milling machine of vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, numerical control) enterprise, although industry measure is not much, but in machine tool of domestic high-grade numerical control have an amount very big however. Especially industry of sea day energy, take technical innovation seriously very much in these a few years, taste research newly, become the crackajack delegate of Zhejiang machine tool.    The 2nd echelon formation is with civilian battalion enterprise triumphant one batch when amount to factory of machine tool of door of bank of link of machine tool Inc. , jade to head can produce the business of machine tool of low, medium, high-grade numerical control at the same time, measure of this batch of industries is not much also, but the development through a few years, had founded oneself brand and market share, be in home and provincial it is certain to have famous degree. Exhibit through attending meeting, take network sale seriously to reach all sorts of figure to pack, more make its are inside the industry reputation is big brace up, outstanding achievement is long red.    The 3rd echelon formation is the low end of a batch of production that heads with limited company of machine tool of Zhejiang gold fire product (machine tool of economy numerical control) the private enterprise that give priority to, amount of this batch of enterprises is maximum, and area distributings more apparent, often form the industrial group of this ground. The lukewarm mountain city of the wealthy in relief town that basically is in Hangzhou city centrally, peaceful wave city and stage state city and jade annulus county. Among them the situation of development of machine tool estate of jade annulus county is best, fall in the guiding of government, association at present, about a hundred enterprise is on the foundation that manufactures machine tool of economy numerical control, exert oneself begins to differ dissimilation to produce, take seriously improve quality and performance, oath has been safeguarded jointly ” jade annulus machine tool ” this one collective brand.    The advantage is clear inferior position remains to improve   Machine tool of Zhejiang province numerical control is in advantage of a lot of respects is clear. Photograph of as congener as home product is taller than sexual price, contented client is special below the circumstance that can not raising cost for the client requirement, for example some of user needs the machine tool of cutting muscularity, and rotate speed of some clients need is efficient tall machine tool, these making enterprise of Zhejiang machine tool is in competition of industry of domestic machine tool occupy very large dominant position. In addition, the development of industrial group, also extend for the market remove good propagandist effectiveness. Moreover, the business area that manufactures machine tool of economy numerical control is spent centrally tall, form industrial chain easily, the fluctuation of industrial catenary swims division of labor is finer, can think the business is managing and much cost.    But, the proportion of small business of the privately owned in enterprise of Zhejiang province machine tool is larger, from personnel of course of study overall quality is differred, industry technology force is weak, bring about a product to develop ability weakness, technical innovation capability is not strong, development capital and team of research and development cannot get used to the need of market economy, the technology develops devoted and serious inadequacy, the enterprise has the core technology of own intellectual property rarely. From this, the progress that values a private enterprise makes the focal point that Zhejiang machine tool grows. The government ought to publish relevant document and measure to encourage and give aid to medium and small businesses develops, face market competition with proper measure, beware shoddy, destroy fame of area machine tool. In also can giving, high-grade machine tool develops a space, lest the other of be a burden on such as price war.

Lathe of series of numerical control of 2 machine C2-360 has the honor to win Chongqing Chongqing city is outstanding new product award

The company declares ” lathe of series of C2-360 numerical control ” project, economy of classics Chongqing city and informatization committee organize expert evaluation, press index of difficulty of level of product level, technology, technology, novel degree, economic benefits to give a mark, have the honor to win 2009 – Chongqing city is outstanding 2010 award of third class of new product award.

Japan this big nicety appears on the market 2 Switzerland automatic lathe

Japan this big nicety will appear on the market Switzerland automatic lathe ” SB ” series new product — diameter of the biggest treatment is 16mm ” SB-16II ” reach 12mm ” SB-12II ” . SB-16II is original product ” SB-16 ” innovatory type. SB-12II is product line is new add model. Two lathe all the model of 5 axle control that stock provides rear main shaft ” TypeC ” and the model of 7 axle control that provides rear main shaft and rear treatment to use cutting tool station ” TypeE ” . Treatment object all is the small diameter component of car and sphere of information communication apparatus. TypeE will appear on the market in August 2011, typeC will appear on the market in December at of the same age. Two lathe rotate 2 times the motor output power of the tool is SB-16, in the meantime, the measure that installs a tool increased 1, it is 4 at most. In addition, return aggrandizement function, mark matchs axle control of main shaft C, can deploy the front to rotate the tool is unit. Increased what can confirm alarm content on NC screen ” alarm helps a function ” , improved maneuverability and treatment performance. The TypeC of SB-12II, SB-16II all is 6.4 million yen (do not contain tax) , typeE all is 7.4 million yen (this company) .

Spend clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror of the more than 30000 experience when buying pinchbeck lathe to return money

These days, mr Wang of high density city is more depressed, he from the urban district on the west annulus road and east wind on the west street crossing with south city of Wei lane machine tool, the flower wants thirty-four thousand five hundred yuan to buy originally secondhand 6150 lathe, home of result lathe carry back discovers however is the 6140 lathe that a course changes his costume or dress actually, and change one’s costume or dress serious effect uses position normally. When waiting to find the storefront that sells this lathe again, it is OK that inn just says to return money however, but want compensate to pay 10 thousand yuan. VictimThirty-four thousand five hundred buy a pinchbeck latheOn May 19, be in on the west outer shroud and east wind on the west street crossing with south positional road on the west the gate of town of Wei lane machine tool of side mouth, the reporter saw Mr Wang. Tell according to Mr Wang, on May 7, because want to have the cast-iron treatment of the trundle hub such as a few bicycles, he comes to city of this machine tool, writing from one door mouth ” pluvial tung supermarket ” the storefront of model of written characters, the flower bought 3.45 yuan secondhand 6150 lathe. Subsequently, the reporter is being written in this door mouth ” pluvial red supermarket ” before the inn door of model of written characters, saw the inn square personnel that sells two handcart bed. Bought Mr Wang of lathe to issue a piece to the reporter ” line of business of industrial and commercial service unites gathering receipt ” , he says, the sale when buying this lathe on May 7 just drives this piece of receipt to oneself, at that time, oneself busy carry goods, also did not look carefully. After the event discovers, writing on gathering receipt ” 6150 lathe, monovalent 34500 yuan ” , chamberlain also has sign one’s name. But go up in gathering date, filling in however ” on June 7, 2011 ” model of written characters, this lets Mr Wang some find both funny and annoying. Make Mr Wang feel incorrect is more, mr Wang discovers, on receipt of this piece of gathering, sell square unit official seal without the lid actually. Mr Wang says, at the outset oneself did not discover such problems actually, fortunately oneself just undertook with the sale the other side when bargaining was not denied returning money that day. Mr Wang thinks he was duped. Oneself spend 3.45 yuan, this wanting that buy a 6150 lathe, result, after returning an installation, move, discovering however is 6150 lathe far from. Mr Wang tells a reporter, he thinks, what oneself just buy from the sale is a 6140 lathe. Because 6150 lathe are mixed 6140 lathe are roughly identical, it is former only 5 centimeters taller than latter. But look from this bought lathe, there is 3 to be in the block up that be in all on lathe 5 centimeters, those who use is 5 centimeters of thick angle iron, when buying this lathe, be used outside the place that fills up angle iron be bored with child smooth and brushing paint, look not to come out at all from the exterior, so, this should be by 6140 pinchbeck 6150 lathe. Mr Wang tells a reporter, lathe is out of shape very easily by the part of block up, so, the pinchbeck lathe that spends money to buy can be used actually far from, be equal to white beautiful money. Inn squareWant to retreat goods to get compensate to pay 10 thousand yuanMr Wang says, after lathe carry goes back, controlled on May 10, discover this lathe has a problem, contacted a sale square, result, it is OK that the sale just says to return money, but want compensate to pay 10 thousand yuan, this kind of answer, make Mr Wang very difficult accept. Mr Wang says, on May 15, he once came to city of Wei lane machine tool personally, and just undertook again with the sale coordinate. Result, because,selling the meaning that just makes known his position still is at the outset when buying and selling, everybody knows is two handcart bed, so, act on the principle with bilateral freewill deal, business concern has ended, if buyer is dissatisfactory to bought goods,the hope returns money, so, the bargainor needs to buckle below 10 thousand yuan to pay as compensate. In view of this kind of result, on May 19 morning, mr Wang is mixed a few friends, everybody used van to carry lathe from high density together, and park the car in the sale just writing ” pluvial red supermarket ” before the inn door of model of written characters, hope can machine tool go back, but the answer that the other side still has done not have. That day morning 10 when make, the reporter was walked into writing ” pluvial red supermarket ” the storefront of model of written characters, and showed the capacity. There are a few people inside inn, among them a lady and reporter chatted to rise. This lady says, the person such as Mr Wang drove inn doorway in the morning, both sides is reasonable all the time theory. Ask her when the reporter to this thing after all both sides should manage like where, be like,sell honest opinion when, she expresses, what they sell is two handcart bed, produced a problem nowadays, without good idea, still hold to party compensate to pay 10 thousand yuan. As to other issue, this lady did not have a detailed discussion with the reporter again. Door of The Ministry of Commerce and IndustryCan refer complain undertake investigatingSo, this kind of buyers and sellers produces contradictory action, management department can be what manner, then, the reporter came to office of city of Wei lane machine tool again, personnel of this office work says, chief high mountain the lady goes out. The reporter uses phone and Yue Nv person acquired connection. Yue Nv person expresses, this kind of thing happens, sell square often very embarrassed also, what because finish,sell unexpectedly is two handcart bed. Later, yue Nv person expresses to be able to undertake investigate and understanding to this matter. On May 19 afternoon, the reporter is versed in with Wei lane city again management board of commercial firm politics a controller of industrial and commercial place obtained market of vegetables of fruit of Wei city substation to contact, express according to this controller, what this kind of thing encounters is not much, but, at ordinary times about secondhand goods content complain very much really. To this thing, this chief says, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry can maintain consumer interest certainly, in this thing, consumer has the tendency that is cheated. The data had had not enough time related preparation that day, accordingly, he hopes the following day, by party will corresponding it is good to complain a book to wait to be written with written form, give next Wei the city zone is industrial and commercial substation fruit vegetables is industrial and commercial, execute the law personnel can launch investigation as soon as possible. So, be aimed at the view that buyers and sellers sticks to his argument, after all who is wrong, who should assume corresponding responsibility? To this, the reporter consulted the Gao Lili’s lawyer of office of attorney of Shandong grand vessel, tall lawyer refers to this commentate: Basis ” contract law of People’s Republic of China ” relevant provision, in this thing, bilateral existence in fact buying and selling concerns, and the content of mark already consign, but, because betray the content of the mark of person pay not to accord with bilateral agreement, cause contract purpose to cannot come true, vendee can ask to remove business contract, the requirement betrays a person to return the payment for goods that still pays, recoup the loss that causes accordingly.

Breakthrough bottleneck is large and secondhand the face-lifting of lathe is transformed

Current, than allowing when to be awaited before contemporary lathe and machining center are popular. This kind of high demand brought about the time that offer money to lengthen, and manufacturing bottleneck was caused in a few enterprises. But, pass the face-lifting of bed of two mobile phones to transform, can avoid the happening of this kind of circumstance effectively neatly. Experts are OK inside shorter time repair and utilize old or discarded things, produce become effective profit what make afresh, purchase this kind of old machine so profitable also. The SCHIESS lathe that left factory 1971, d? RRIESSCHARMANNTECHNOLOGIE (DST) the time that the company used 7 months only, the collect car that transformed its a modernization, mill, get the machining center that is an organic whole. The course is transformed, the machining center with this heavy 124T can machine a diameter to amount to height of 6100MM, turning to amount to the workpiece of 2000MM, in precision and the level that machine speed to go up to also can achieve congener new machine tool. This machining center saved the investment cost of about 40 % for KOLLMEDERPRESSWERK company. Diameter of KOLLMEDERPRESSWERK company main treatment is mixed in the annulus under 4000MM, flange motherboard. In 6000MM to machining a diameter the following component undertakes commission machining, accordingly they need to purchase new-style machining center, and this kind of machining center also must assure to be able to finish car, mill, auger wait for whole set treatment. Besides work measure and weight, machine precision namely to the first requirement of the machine tool, according to DIN8609, the 2 / that machine precision to be tolerancepublic errand 3. That is to say, when diameter of treatment spare parts is 4000MM, survey a system according to the number that includes Fu with crust, circumferential error is 10 μ M, include to bring a number axis of the axis of alone drive, the C on guide screw and lathe flower disc. Carry on in original order below the circumstance that the person cannot deliver the goods in time, the company is in charge of Mr JOHANNKOLLMEDER to begin to search the manufacturer that replace, final he found an old 2K400 / 600 model SCHIESS vertical lathe, the decision lets DST company transform its face-lifting. Use formerly decrease brace up grey mouth is cast-iron production component part, if baseplate, beam, motherboard and flower disc were formed,pass the foundation of the machining center that modernization transforms. DST company was done to SCHIESS lathe transform, those who make can keep balance with the equipment characteristic of new machine and function now. According to DIN8609, DST company undertook modification to geometrical dimension, undertook maintaining to slideway of the pedestal of flower disc, beam and sliding stock, actuating device of two milling head was installed inside, these belong to the more crucial modernization on machinery to transform. In the meantime, m? NCHENGLADBACH is renovated this change one’s costume or dress manufacturer still raised 6000MM / MIN by 2000MM / MIN, will advocate the power of actuating device raised 100KW by 75KW. The power of actuating device of two milling head is 36KW respectively, revolution can amount to 2000R / MIN. Long-tested DST bevel milling head also can complete very sophisticated treatment. The precision that the precision of the requirement can achieve under turning machining center, reachs tolerancepublic errand value has one part to be able to achieve 1 / 3, is not the biggest 2 / the public errand of 3. Two CAPTO – the cutting tool that C6 main tool carrier holds module construction with Yu An, add case of cutting tool of on 8 case, have additionally refrigerant and cover of the protection that cut bits and cut bits to discharge device, these rose to finish the possibility of the task greatly. DST company set cable of brand-new a complete set of for machine bed, replaced original old control equipment with contemporary Xi Menzi SINUMERIK840D. 2006 once more since put into production, the working satisfaction of this machining center is spent achieved 100 % .