Lathe of special numerical control passes aviation of factory of Shanghai heavy-duty machine tool check and accept

Recently, be aviation engine and turbine domain research and development only ” lathe of CKP61100 puissant numerical control ” , in factory of Shanghai heavy-duty machine tool limited company was passed by Shanghai classics appoint chair, Shanghai is electric (group) head office organizes ” great technology equipment develops Shanghai special ” the project is checked and accept. The rapid development as aviation industry and the wide application that new profile expects, of the domain such as aviation engine and turbine dish kind the spare parts uses refractory steel data in great quantities, its characteristic is heat-resisting, compression and tenacity is tall, but cutting performance is very poor, machine tool of general numerical control cannot satisfy treatment requirement. Factory of Shanghai heavy-duty machine tool carries market survey, analysed the technical characteristic that imports a machine tool, timely research and development solves difficult problem of this one hi-tech ” lathe of puissant numerical control ” , in order to satisfy ” big torque, tall stiffness, high accuracy ” processing technique requirement. This project finished design research and development and prototype trial-produce in those days 2008. 2009 first half of the year, two first products begin to be in ” Xi’an aviation engine factory ” be used normally and get reputably. The 2nd batch 4 are in ” Oriental turbine factory ” installation is used. At present home already had much home user to negotiating order goods contract, the product has good market prospect. In recent years, limited company holds to factory of Shanghai heavy-duty machine tool from beginning to end the product innovates independently, strengthen a business fight risk ability. What the 50% above of company sale production value developed for nearly two years 2009 is new article, include ” nuclear report fuel controls a bar ” treatment machine tool, ” wind report pull rod ” special machine tool, ” ejector pin lathe ” , ” lathe of large end panel ” , ” center of numerical control turning ” , ” turbine rotor lathe ” , ” high speed three-in-one is deep aperture boring machine ” with bearing 63 tons. The company is developing the world 3.5 × of the biggest norms now grinder of slideway of door of dragon of 16 meters of numerical control, bearing 80/90 ton center lathe of high accuracy numerical control, 5 number of axle accuse turning center to wait to be tasted newly, in order to satisfy the requirement of domestic and international user.