Numerical control machine tool exports pace to be accelerated ceaselessly

Numerical control system is the core of numerical control machine tool, factory of very much large machine tool is developed and produce numerical control system. More CNC systems make full use of the software of the PC and hardware, system of development economy numerical control in order to get used to the demand of masses user, raise the sex of form a complete set of product of numerical control system. Additional, small-sized PLC makes an industry also have a large number of application in the machine tool. The user that investigation shows to the machine tool makes industry user choose the 45 % in all sorts of circumstances that control a system chooses CNC, the user of 75 % chooses PLC. The demand that industry of our country machine tool is facing standard of promotion equipment manufacturing industry already and excitation production equipment expands good opportunity, the intense market competition pressure that also encounters economic globalization is brought, accelerate industry of machine tool of development numerical control to make the actual demand that manufacturing industry of our country equipment expands. Industry of our country machine tool in recent years production value lasts exalted growth, continue to hold alive group the 3rd, nearly two years increase rate maintains in 30 % above, crop of numerical control machine tool is to last to grow substantially more. China has made the world 6 years continuously — consume big country, 21 what consumption of our country machine tool occupied world machine tool to consume amount 2007. 7 % , the home market of homebred machine tool is had rate achieved 57. 4 % . Respect of imports and exports, foreign trade adverse balance of trade shows industry of our country machine tool to rise continuously trend, gave now to fall first 2007. Machine tool of our country numerical control exports pace to be accelerated ceaselessly, the entrance appears in sort of most machine tool compared to the same period below reductive circumstance, numerical control system and component entrance carry the state that high speed grows continuously. What equipment manufacturing industry and international industry transfer is revitalize to be driven in the country, tool of our country equipment purchases investment increase rate to be in 5 ~ will maintain future inside 10 years the level of 20 % , the demand of machine tool industry will still maintain high speed growth. Integrated consideration, predict industry of machine tool tool was added 2009 fast still can maintain the level that controls in 30 % . Investigation shows have 72. The user of 5 % will increase buy a budget.