Village cropland machinery appears on the market need not lade the main shaft activity of the operation lathe

Japanese village cropland is mechanical (headquarters: Kyoto city) will be moved at appearing on the market on Feburary 1, 2005 by oneself of main shaft chuck send treatment finish tasted main shaft activity lathe with treatment ” SELF LOADING CHUCKAR MV120 ” (graph) . Original hand lathe needs to will add workpiece to install to main shaft chuck, and new-style lathe criterion leave out lade this operation. The price is 11.8 million yen (add up to a RMB about 960 thousand yuan) . Add workpiece to from put away take out finished product place to need time to be less than 3 seconds, the emplacement that goes up in main shaft chuck as a result of workpiece and get off what need time very short, improved manufacturing efficiency so. Installation space is wide 980 × are tall 2060mm of 2350 × depth. Chuck diameter 205mm, rotate except 8 horn still set outside cutting stage auxiliary comb knife cutting stage. Auxiliary comb can be increased on knife cutting stage rotate tool component, go burr component, abrade component, lining presses a component to wait. Still will appear on the market at the same time machine of special work load and the standard unit that will realize unmanned operation through accessary measurement unit.