Consumption of annual of course of study of Chinese machine tool predicts 13.7 billion dollar

Going up the European machine tool that Hannuowei holds month of Yu Deguo is exhibited (EMO 2007) on, association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool held a press conference. On the meeting, total a secretary in charge of sth of association of industry of tool of Chinese machine tool grows Wu Bailin to express, industry growth comes from tool of Chinese machine tool to last at home of the big environment that exuberant market demand and Chinese economic balance develop quickly pull move. He predicts, machine tool consumption of China will be controlled in 13.7 billion dollar 2007, continue to make the world the biggest machine tool consumes a country. Wu Bailin thinks, wait for old industry base about revitalizing northeast as the State Council, western of the policy that big development and mid area rise abruptly and measure come on stage in succession with carry out, the development trend of region economy is favorable, medium, western investment of area town fixed assets grows compared to the same period respectively 35.6% with 30.2% , all the of 22.3% amplitude of area of ministry of fast Yu Dong. He points out, car and component are made, machinery is made, the key that aerospace, shipping is made and agricultural machinery creates this 5 big fields still is market of Chinese machine tool, particularly big to the demand of the machine tool, and demand to big heavy-duty the trend that develops with high quality scales is very clear.