Manufacturer of European machine tool thinks ” Japanese no longer academic “

A few days ago, the 3 big machine tools of world that the author holds to be in Germany are exhibited one of meetings — ” exhibition of European machine tool (EMO) 2007 ” undertook interviewing. Current exhibit can show the progress with machine tool practical technology, changed the trend that the machine tool develops at the same time. Those who carry the compound treatment opportunity of the peak on the head is achieve to decrease somewhat showpiece in previous term or session, machining center of 5 axle control (MC) begin formal predominate. Regard Europe as the base area of manufacturing industry, machine tool manufacturer of Germany is very outstanding, the machine tool that German client also favors at homeland the manufacturer is produced. Because the machine tool needs perfect after service, this one judgement is not broken appropriate. Even if is such nevertheless, firm of Japanese machine tool still is increasing ceaselessly in German portion. Provide representative is pair of German automobile industries to devour extremely among them. “Car manufacturer still is no good, but manufacturer of 2 class component and manufacturer of one class component had accepted us ” , firm of some famous machine tool says oneself. At the same time confidence expresses dye-in-the-woodly: “Can be in 5 years, be caught up with after 10 years and exceed German manufacturer ” . In notice manufacturer of Japanese machine tool advances quickly while, interview Trade Fair of some famous Germany factory when explanation member a word caused me however think. “Japanese no longer academic. Present exhibit look around basically without Japanese. See those who resemble Japanese, say not be Japanese however. Discovery of the ability after chatting is a Chinese. The Chinese is very academic now. The employee of the machine tool manufacturer that the Japanese that will look around competes with us only ” . Often hear this kind of argument. In 2002 ~ 2003 ” Chinese menace is talked ” when becoming heat, if manage the current situation, japanese manufacturing industry will defeat view be current of China, one of its basises are ” the Chinese learns very suddenly ” . But from the point of actual condition, japanese manufacturing industry was not eaten off completely by China, many manufacturers still were moved toward revive. Then, I try to be Japanese manufacturer meditate: “Manufacturer of Japanese machine tool has enough actual strength, did not need to draw lessons from the machine tool of abroad manufacturer again? Did not need to draw lessons from the machine tool of abroad manufacturer again?? The other side undertook quickly contradictory to me. “That is illusive. Make an example, on 5 axle control MC, on house of German manufacturer actual strength. Our company can sell 800 5 axle control MC 1 year. Because have a client,having such sales volume is of course. Be in Europe, the client that wins outstanding achievement through applying 5 axle control MC adroitly is very much. But manufacturer of Japanese machine tool falls at the back on 5 axle control MC. Raising what portion uses is low the sale is general the method of 3 axle control MC. Nevertheless, the client that can use newest 5 axle control MC adroitly and satisfy at general the client photograph of 3 axle control MC is compared, after 5 years, there will be very big difference after 10 years ” . This German manufacturer begins to devote oneself to the development of 5 axle control MC from the left and right sides 10 years ago. Actually, in machine tool industry, new technology is very much out Europe. European manufacturer likes and be good at putting forward to achieve a gender to surprise formerly think of clever the technique that consider, japanese manufacturer absorbs these technologies, surmounted the other side to had become a kind of pattern on productivity next. 5 axle control MC are not exceptional also, japanese manufacturer is pursueing German firm at present. Of course, latest technology is not the fountainhead of competitive advantage certainly. Japan came out even ” no use of 5 axle control MC are talked ” . Appeared ” the workpiece that must control cutting of 5 axes ability at the same time has aircraft engine vane wheel only ” view, the technical personnel of many machine tool manufacturer is judging his express with one voice after true bogus ” this is a fact ” . And impeller this kind of workpiece does not calculate on crop much. Accordingly, think ” for cutting demand not great work buys costly 5 axle control MC is kind of waste ” the client is in Japan numerous. But be in Europe, the client that used 5 axle control MC to obtain outstanding achievement exists really. So 5 axle control MC just can sell well. Be in at least at present, to 5 axle control MC technology actors or actress the judgement of bad still is not final conclusion. And must pass study just about now, when undertaking judging to its. Thinking of here, explanation member undertook contradictory to me again. “Compare with past photograph, the apiration that Japanese tries hard to develop manufacturing industry is thin. Before 20 years, to introduce abroad technology, japanese company nots hesitate principal sends out employee. Bring back manufacturing industry desperately Japan. But after economy of earlier 1990 bubble is undone, to reduce cost, japan turns manufacturing industry toward China in succession. For introspection this one practice, in 2 ~ 3 years ago, machining domain undertook ‘ what should Japan machine ‘ think. Later, manufacturing industry begins to be returned to from Chinese little, during this, the Chinese learns in effort all the time. And Japan’s academic in the past height generation begins in succession quit working ” .