The machine tool installs use environmental level and requirement

To maintain the precision of the machine tool, must pay close attention the environmental state that installs a machine tool. 1, environmental parameter: Remarks of condition of project environment parameterTemperature ℃ of 17 ℃ ~25 (when moving) ℃ of 0 ℃ ~60 (when carrying) limit 2 ℃ of ± of ideal difference in temperature of ℃ of 15 ℃ ~40The 40%~70% when 20 ℃ does not have humidity knot dewOscillatory 0.5G is the following2, install a place: Must not be equipment installation in radiation, be like: Inside microwave, ultraviolet ray, laser or X ray limits. To assure the treatment precision of the machine tool, reduce the difference in temperature all round equipment, do not want to install in the following area please: 1.Sunshine is point-blank 2. Humidity is big 3. Difference in temperature is big 4. Oscillatory 5. Strong magnetic field 6. Much dirtAvoid the installation area in equipment all round be like next circumstances: 1.Garage 2. Have a car the driveway of frequent come-and-go 3. Pressure or punch equipment4.Electric welding, spot welding or argon arc solder 5. Transformer substation 6. Road of high tension line7.The equipment of easy generation dust or treatment3, install field: Equipment installs spatial foundation, must all tamp. Undesirable without the foundation such as earth of empty, empty phenomenon. Equipment installs a place to must have the fixed power supply that accords with a country to concern a requirement, must not use temporarily power source. Must make sure equipment has good ground connection to protect. The installation place of equipment must want steady gas source. Offerred compression air must is dry, accord with what the country concerns a requirement cleanly to compress air. 4, power source requirement: The power source that equipment installation place provides must be three-phase 4 lines are made. 5% of ± of line voltage 380V. If equipment place is offerred 4 lines make three-phase voltage of power supply cord is 200V ± 5% . Equipment is being received into action force report fashionable, do not want repass transformer to have link. If equipment place is offerred 4 lines make three-phase voltage of power supply cord is 220V. After equipment is being received into action force report, want to notice the stabilized voltage of power source, assure wave motion of power source voltage to must not cross 220V +5% high without fail. 5, compress air: Compress airy to be in charge of a road to must deserve to have director path filter, desiccator. Atmospheric pressure must assure to be in 0.5~0.7Mpa, aeriform discharge 5 stere / horary.