China is new-style 10 thousand tons of class forging machine test-drive helps production of force aviation engine

On July 1, 2014 evening, boat serious chance releases announcement to say in, product line of company isothermal forge (first phase) isotherm of construction project 160MN forgings compressor realized heat smoothly to carry test-drive in Xi’an on July 1, 2014. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, this will be current country is the biggest the isotherm of tonnage forgings compressor, the development of aircraft of will great stimulative aviation and its engine forging is produced, to our country industry of breakthrough aviation forging grows bottleneck to have very important sense.

Boat serious chance is in in announcement intermediary carry on, 160MN isotherm forgings compressor is had forging the characteristic that speed and displacement can accuse accurately, the isotherm that can satisfy the forging of difficult wrought alloy such as the compound between alloy of high temperature of aviation special type, titanium alloy and metal exceeds model to shape.

The farther introduction that comes from trade public figure says, this 160MN isotherm forgings compressor design tonnage achieves 16 thousand tons, actual the biggest tonnage can amount to 20 thousand tons, can satisfy forging of nicety of alloy of titanium of structure of airframe of aircraft of current and all aviation, and engine difficult wrought alloy dish, axis kind the isothermal and accurate die forging of forging shapes. The basis exceeds model figuration theory, below condition of isothermal forge craft, 160MN compressor forgings ability is equivalent to the likelihood (of 800-1000)MN common compressor forging ability. In the meantime, isotherm forgings this one technology is raising forging very large technology dominant position is had on quality.

The isotherm of this the biggest tonnage forgings emerge as the times require of compressor it may be said. Eye outlook is current the development of manufacturing industry of domestic civil aviation, especially the development plan of national big airlines and quantity produce the acceleration that change trend, aviation manufacturing industry is forming apparent new-style dimensions market. In the meantime, aviation forgings product also will to high-end product (high temperature, high pressure, be able to bear or endure fatigue, macrobian life) structural transition, essence of prospective Xiang Chao, super- big, overweight wait for direction to develop. Additional, accompany construction of equipment of our country defense to quicken development and upgrade, to the demand of product of casting of fundamental big swaged forging, also providing stability for forge casting industry and the space that has growing sex.

Analytic personage points out, at present in division of boat serious aircraft issues wholy-owned subsidiary Shaanxi Hong Yuanhang forgings for nothing finite liability company forgings for aviation specialization enterprise, after accompanying compressor of company 160MN isothermal forge and product line of form a complete set to build, the development of aircraft of will great stimulative aviation and its engine forging is produced, develop bottleneck to lay a foundation to break through industry of our country aviation thereby.

Current, boat is weighed in machine advocate battalion forge casting, hydraulic pressure and radiator, new energy resources Wu of 3 great undertaking. Did business 2013 among them contribution of business of casting of the forge in income is occupied than be as high as 74% , appear to be mixed for dominant with casting of forge of product of matters pertaining to defense civilian the casting that taste forge is additional pattern. Hong Yuanhang of the Shaanxi below company division forgings for nothing battalion controlled the company 2013 1.55 billion yuan, profit total makes an appointment with 140 million yuan.

It is forging of pulverous alloy forging, isothermal essence forging, oversize titanium alloy, difficult that boat serious chance is in in be out of shape rolling of nicety of forging of high temperature alloy, block mould forging, annular forging, manage is changed detect the technical house home that waits for a respect is banner level; The aviation material in hi-tech content (mix like steel of all sorts of high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, special type, aluminium alloy high-powered composite material) research application respect, also have abundant technical actual strength.