Peaceful wave essence amounts to force to achieve the precede person of punch equipment industry

Of the development as industry and technical level rise ceaselessly, the production of our country machine tool is made through transfer of technology, be modelled on to wait for means with own research and development, work up wholer machine tool design, research and development and manufacturing system. In recent years Chinese manufacturing industry grows quickly, stimulated opposite to produce a large number of demand of equipment, our country rises from 2002 successive 8 years the machine tool consumes the whole world the first. Our country consumes big country as the machine tool also is big country of machine tool production at the same time, because suffer effect of international banking crisis, production of machine tool of Japan, Germany all glides considerably, make our country made world machine tool first 2009 country of the biggest production.

Be based on this, the peaceful wave spirit that established 2002 reachs form equipment Inc. , develop innovation ceaselessly, ceaseless design develops the product of high additional cost, promote the core of the enterprise competition ability. The project technology center that peaceful wave essence amounts to is maintained to be ” company of provincial and new and high technology considers to develop a center ” , have by tens of the scientific research group with the professional and reasonable, all ready structure that the personnel of research and development that has experience of research and development of old and relevant domain forms. Project technology center has 4 drawing office, a standard is integrated room, room of a trial-produce. The duty of 4 drawing office is respectively: Product of series of equipment of heat exchanger of research and development of room of heat exchanger equipment; Compressor room research and development is of all kinds compressor product; Research and development of small passageway room is new-style product of series of equipment of small passageway heat exchanger; Room of forward position products plan is in charge of the development of forward position product; Integrated room is in charge of the standard standardization is examined and the data provides; Trial-produce room assumes new product trial-produce and technology to improve. Project technology center already built the platform of informatization research and development that has the software such as CAD, PDM, MASTERCAM, SOLIDWORKS, be bought outside or own research and development material function experiment, manage changes analysis, product to detect, electric detect the equipment of research and development that waits for a respect with the experiment, for the technology innovation provided favorable soft hardware environment.

Peaceful wave essence is amounted to also be maintained to be by the 3 ministries and commissions such as ministry of national science and technology ” innovation pilot enterprise ” . The company pays attention to the innovation of the product and technical development, carry own research and development, roll out new product ceaselessly, strive to become industry of equipment of global heat exchanger to last navigate person, punch installs the precede person of equipment industry!