The biggest on Shu Le history forging hydraulic press throws production formally to use

A few days ago, the biggest on Shu Le history forging hydraulic press throws production formally to use. The height on this hydraulic press ground is 22 meters, forging pressure was achieved 14 breathtaking, 000 tons. Oil And Gas Systems of a company ordered Russia this forgings line, be located in a graph to pull area A to list the new plant near the city that overcome laborious to use for its. On the royal practice ceremony that holds at the beginning of Feburary in the factory, this large compressor forgings the system of a powerful person that produced a diameter to amount to 2.5 meters, the exclaim of many 150 honored guest that makes come from group of political circles, industry and partner business unceasingly.

This compressor always hefts 4, 500 tons, the core position in be on new workshop product line. Include system of a powerful person inside component of large requirements steel tube and other and of all kinds component all can have production through this compressor. Divide airframe giant besides, the flexibility of compressor also is one large window: From open die forging to make production through 3 labor situation annulus to forging manufacturing bend, 3 to extrusion get used to work limits extremely wide.

Forging the preform that compressor place uses is all sorts of metals and alloy, ply is in 10 arrive between 150mm, need to heat to be able to complete figuration process 3 times only, this can save energy cost already, can enhance manufacturing security again, still can prolong service life. Build besides the forge that shut a model besides, should forging the line still can forging with Yu Kaimo. Mai Erci of · of the Ci in You Ande of workpiece heating furnace (ANDRITZ Maerz) company is offerred, austria is belonged to to bring group of the Ci in heart together like this company and Shu Le (ANDRITZ Group) .

From receive order to heft 4 to this, of 000 metric ton forging compressor covers with tiles at Germany the easy of city straps Gehuoyisaier base leaves factory, consign cycle last a period of time is less than a year of time of half. Consider distance Russia journey is distant, machine fractionation undertakes carriage into many unit, pass for the most part among them marine, odd a the greatest weight reach 275 metric ton. Summer 2013, assemble finished compressor immediately to weigh labour at Suhuoduoer (Spetstyazhmash) plant investment is used.