Breakthrough bottleneck is large and secondhand the face-lifting of lathe is transformed

Current, than allowing when to be awaited before contemporary lathe and machining center are popular. This kind of high demand brought about the time that offer money to lengthen, and manufacturing bottleneck was caused in a few enterprises. But, pass the face-lifting of bed of two mobile phones to transform, can avoid the happening of this kind of circumstance effectively neatly. Experts are OK inside shorter time repair and utilize old or discarded things, produce become effective profit what make afresh, purchase this kind of old machine so profitable also. The SCHIESS lathe that left factory 1971, d? RRIESSCHARMANNTECHNOLOGIE (DST) the time that the company used 7 months only, the collect car that transformed its a modernization, mill, get the machining center that is an organic whole. The course is transformed, the machining center with this heavy 124T can machine a diameter to amount to height of 6100MM, turning to amount to the workpiece of 2000MM, in precision and the level that machine speed to go up to also can achieve congener new machine tool. This machining center saved the investment cost of about 40 % for KOLLMEDERPRESSWERK company. Diameter of KOLLMEDERPRESSWERK company main treatment is mixed in the annulus under 4000MM, flange motherboard. In 6000MM to machining a diameter the following component undertakes commission machining, accordingly they need to purchase new-style machining center, and this kind of machining center also must assure to be able to finish car, mill, auger wait for whole set treatment. Besides work measure and weight, machine precision namely to the first requirement of the machine tool, according to DIN8609, the 2 / that machine precision to be tolerancepublic errand 3. That is to say, when diameter of treatment spare parts is 4000MM, survey a system according to the number that includes Fu with crust, circumferential error is 10 μ M, include to bring a number axis of the axis of alone drive, the C on guide screw and lathe flower disc. Carry on in original order below the circumstance that the person cannot deliver the goods in time, the company is in charge of Mr JOHANNKOLLMEDER to begin to search the manufacturer that replace, final he found an old 2K400 / 600 model SCHIESS vertical lathe, the decision lets DST company transform its face-lifting. Use formerly decrease brace up grey mouth is cast-iron production component part, if baseplate, beam, motherboard and flower disc were formed,pass the foundation of the machining center that modernization transforms. DST company was done to SCHIESS lathe transform, those who make can keep balance with the equipment characteristic of new machine and function now. According to DIN8609, DST company undertook modification to geometrical dimension, undertook maintaining to slideway of the pedestal of flower disc, beam and sliding stock, actuating device of two milling head was installed inside, these belong to the more crucial modernization on machinery to transform. In the meantime, m? NCHENGLADBACH is renovated this change one’s costume or dress manufacturer still raised 6000MM / MIN by 2000MM / MIN, will advocate the power of actuating device raised 100KW by 75KW. The power of actuating device of two milling head is 36KW respectively, revolution can amount to 2000R / MIN. Long-tested DST bevel milling head also can complete very sophisticated treatment. The precision that the precision of the requirement can achieve under turning machining center, reachs tolerancepublic errand value has one part to be able to achieve 1 / 3, is not the biggest 2 / the public errand of 3. Two CAPTO – the cutting tool that C6 main tool carrier holds module construction with Yu An, add case of cutting tool of on 8 case, have additionally refrigerant and cover of the protection that cut bits and cut bits to discharge device, these rose to finish the possibility of the task greatly. DST company set cable of brand-new a complete set of for machine bed, replaced original old control equipment with contemporary Xi Menzi SINUMERIK840D. 2006 once more since put into production, the working satisfaction of this machining center is spent achieved 100 % .