Dalian machine tool holds foundation stone laying ceremony of product line of intelligence of high-grade horizontal machining center

Function of this product line is more advanced, have contemporary international level, can satisfy the market and user to equip to high-end numerical control the requirement of high quality, low cost. Tang Jun of secretary of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee, mayor Li Mocai, zhang Shikun of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, secretary-general, deputy mayor Qu Xiaofei, golden city newly-added district is in charge of appoint conference chairman Xu Changyuan, cliff of mayor assistant Liu, luodong of municipal government secretary-general rises, the branch such as association of tool of machine tool of industry letter ministry, China is led and domestic and international beds of 550 large scale computer and fluctuation swim enterprise delegate attends foundation stone laying ceremony. Horizontal machining center is the machining center that shows main shaft axes and workbench parallel are installed, basically apply to treatment casing kind spare parts, after workpiece holds clip via in machining center, computer can choose different cutting tool automatically, change rotate speed of machine tool main shaft automatically, the ordinal workpiece that finish the treatment of many on many working procedure. Dalian machine tool is high-grade horizontal machining center is to be in production enterprise of machine tool of as high as abroad level on old collaboration foundation, develop development have contemporary international the product of advanced level. Not only the product of horizontal machining center that can serve as a standard works independently, and can serve as flexible production unit comprises intelligence to turn product line. The product is pushed oneself to the market since, get the favour of broad user. But accept productivity restriction, the product demands exceeds supply all the time, the market orders goods had discharged 2013. The purpose that builds this product line should raise horizontal namely high-grade machining center manufactures efficiency. Structure of product of this exchange entire company, development is strategical burgeoning industry and replace an entrance, have important sense. According to introducing, the new student that lays a foundation this produces a line, total investment is close 2 billion yuan, floor area 60 thousand square metre, construction horizontal machining center divides job shops of outfit and general assembly workshop and main and crucial component. Predict in September 2014 put into production, end was amounted to 2015 produce, amount to postpartum, the high-grade horizontal machining center that will produce per year all sorts of norms breed 3000, predict year of sales revenue to achieve 6.2 billion yuan, implementation profit tax 1.7 billion multivariate. This product line will take seriously more automation and flexible change, utmost ground reduces pair of artificial dependence, the product line of numerical control machine tool that turns informatization, intelligence makes a technology raise new standard. Regard tool of domestic machine tool as the arms of the person at the head of a procession of the industry, sales revenue of group of Dalian machine tool occupies first place of course of study of domestic person of the same trade for years, industry of machine tool of alive 2011 bound ranks the 4th, obtain countrywide industry large award to commend award. In recent years, machine tool group changes a technology to be gotten for all with informatization, intelligence, successful design gives machine tool of numerical control of smooth lathe bed, inclined lathe bed, the machine tool that counts 4 range of products such as machining center of accurate lathe, vertical high produces transfer matic, from go up at all changed hundred years come the machine tool is made ” one person, one machine, one knife, one foreword ” traditional production means, walked out of informatization to transform a machine tool to make the new way of mode. Qu Xiaofei says in deliver a speech, in recent years, municipal Party committee, municipal government from beginning to end develop equipment manufacturing industry to regard as energetically adjust industrial structure, stimulative industry to upgrade, the significant move that prompts transition development. Of product line of intelligence of big machine tool lay a foundation, famous to promoting our city machine tool the international of the industry in the round spend and consequence, promote advanced equipment manufacturing industry to accelerate development to have very important sense. Current, dalian is advancing macrocosm city to change in the round, wisdom of new-style industrialization, city is changed and agriculture is modern, drive equipment manufacturing industry actively to upgrade, hope big machine tool holds to system innovation, management innovation and technical innovation, in China of successful ascend body 500 mix by force industry of world machine tool achieves beautiful performance again on the foundation of the first phalanx. Municipal government and golden city newly-added district will build year of activity task through fulfilling weak environment, refine each service measure, support development of big machine tool to expand with all one’s strength.