Japan this big nicety appears on the market 2 Switzerland automatic lathe

Japan this big nicety will appear on the market Switzerland automatic lathe ” SB ” series new product — diameter of the biggest treatment is 16mm ” SB-16II ” reach 12mm ” SB-12II ” . SB-16II is original product ” SB-16 ” innovatory type. SB-12II is product line is new add model. Two lathe all the model of 5 axle control that stock provides rear main shaft ” TypeC ” and the model of 7 axle control that provides rear main shaft and rear treatment to use cutting tool station ” TypeE ” . Treatment object all is the small diameter component of car and sphere of information communication apparatus. TypeE will appear on the market in August 2011, typeC will appear on the market in December at of the same age. Two lathe rotate 2 times the motor output power of the tool is SB-16, in the meantime, the measure that installs a tool increased 1, it is 4 at most. In addition, return aggrandizement function, mark matchs axle control of main shaft C, can deploy the front to rotate the tool is unit. Increased what can confirm alarm content on NC screen ” alarm helps a function ” , improved maneuverability and treatment performance. The TypeC of SB-12II, SB-16II all is 6.4 million yen (do not contain tax) , typeE all is 7.4 million yen (this company) .