JMW company uses 5 rods machining center creates a mixed pattern

Die manufacturer must want to satisfy the very high demand of pair of product quality respects, in addition, his client begs particularly tall production efficiency even. With respect to this respect character, joh.Meier Werkzeugbau mould of Germany creates finite liability company (abbreviation JMW company) can satisfy these high demands. Before this company holds water at 25 years, current, the company is chaired together by Mr Johannes Meier and his son Thiermo Meier manage and manage. Company the business of 98% is to face auto industry and car form a complete set industrial domain. Accordingly, value confidential job particularly, economic division Mr Thiermo Meier says for certain: “To us, besides should maintain technical product to be in such as precision and surface are bright and clean outside the quality feature that spends a respect, be spent to take the hugger-mugger, sincere letter that delivers the goods on time seriously especially and absolutely dependability ” . The service of JMW company was head and shoulders above the range that dinkum mould makes, they used contemporary CAD/CAM system in design respect, exceeded on business for appearance produce and safeguard what small lot and batch, big batch use a pattern. However business outspread arrive to go up from metal tape makings directly strong check sample the workpiece of batch and small lot, 3 compressor, minutely can achieve 12 travels time and the strong pressure that are as high as 1600 tons, machine the task to use for these. A when JMW company gains success main base is cutting treatment. Use cutting treatment, want to create very mixed pattern sometimes, and efficient, reliable with the operation simple machine tool is mixed control system is premise condition. Accordingly, mr Thiemo Meier used the center of much stage milling of Huron company, these machine tools configured Sinumerik to control a system (the brand name that Sinumerk is system of CNC of Xi Menzi company, wait like Sinumerik 802D, 810D and 840D — interpret is noted) . According to the view of general manager, machine tool and control system formed a when ensure this business work machines extremely tall productivity and best quality very outstanding treatment unit. In the job shops of the company, mix besides the EX30 that one deploys circumgyrate workbench milling machine two structures are compact outside the K2X8 with tall trends milling machine, still have milling of a KX20 small norms center and one is used at center of the KX200 that 5 axes linkage machines large milling. Limits of journey of job of KX200 milling machine amounts to 3300/2300/1000mm (X/Y/Z) , workbench allows carring capacity 9 tons, heft 41 tons oneself, it is a particularly firm machine tool, this machine tool is usable will create large pattern. In addition, the efficient milling center of series of KX of all Huron company all uses account of a kind of beehive cast-iron structure serves as basic structure, this kind of structure increased the smooth stability of the tigidity of the machine tool and job greatly. The place of sale department head Mr Heinz Martinschledde of company of Huron of no less than says: “KX200 milling center is not the machine tool of a low cost, but, it can realize high accuracy and the treatment of tall productivity through head of 5 axes milling. It can realize high accuracy and the treatment of tall productivity through head of 5 axes milling.. Approve of of Mr Thiemo Meier this kind of viewpoint is compensatory say: “This is why we decided to choose this 5 axes 2006 machining center, and invest in of ground of honor permits no turning back the reason of this machine tool. If do not have treatment of 5 axes linkage, we still cannot carry on even today the mould order that has free curved surface. In addition, use KX200 milling center, the treatment below clip can be installed to those need to be passed 2 times before or change the workpiece of clip 3 times in. From this, on one hand big earth is managing time, achieve very high treatment quality on the other hand, do not need to undertake such follow-up is machined resembling polishing again normally. Do not need to undertake such follow-up is machined resembling polishing again normally.. Such machine tool structure is the main base that JMW company makes workpiece obtains fast face quality and dimension accuracy, can obtain outstanding positive result from this. But, control system and drive technology mutual between must want to match optimally. Mr Martinschledde says self-confidently: “If these two kinds of device come from Ximen subsidiary, the achievement that can ensure it is good to obtain so. High-power electromotor job is reliable, and can have the job harmoniously each other with control system Sinumerik 840D well. ” in this respect, mr Thiemo Meier also emphasized CNC controlling the treatment achievement place with good to obtaining system to make the main effect that have: “System of Sinumerik 840D control is handled in block and be on program cycle time move on the market the fastest. ” in addition, can be adjusted and programmable slanted at 0 o’clock buy is OK and simple and agile ground comes true through pushbutton. This kind of function, below the circumstance that when the program more complex, process designing gives or take a lot of trouble more, criterion the more more advantageous. The cent that the gain of Shop Mill of graphical operation interface that door subsidiary passes it on the west reachs exceeded the efficient function on the technology. It is OK to use interface of this kind of operation quick weave easily program. Although this is made in the mould of JMW company in be not is a significant move, because whole process is made an appointment with 95% the authorized strength has on the workstation in system of the Tebis CAD/CAM outside machine, all and main machine tool and the data that process an area store here, as a result just undertakes on the machine tool a few optimize the job. Even if is such, show Shop Mill is beneficial still here, the processing career that because the graph operates an interface,makes to comfortable allotment of labour wants fast 1/3 on average. In addition, when undertaking adjustment to workpiece, all sorts of different adjustment function and provide tool management are helpful. Shop Mill is form of to in an attempt to guide and become easily, so the adjustment of the machine tool moved to become the job of a kind of very easy processing.