Machine tool of Han Chuan numerical control wins two countries patent again

Recently, Current, the device discharging bits that is used at machine tool of large numerical control is bits of platoon of helix lever type implement, the structure is complex, cost is higher, dajuan installs power consumption maintenance is very no-go. Innovation of Han Chuan machine tool designs this kind new-style along with bits of the platoon that use formula implement mix by bracket blow bits board to comprise, clever the reciprocate implementation that uses workbench discharges bits, the structure is simple, production cost is low, the effect that discharge bits is good, the result is very favorable since applying in product of machine tool of company large numerical control. Beam of carry on one’s shoulder solved the discharge of machine tool of door of big span dragon that innovation of Han Chuan machine tool designs machine tool of door of large, heavy-duty dragon because crossbeam span is big, lade the athletic component on crossbeam is weighed and make crossbeam produces bending to be out of shape easily difficult problem of this one technology. By discharge through be being installed on crossbeam board of carry on one’s shoulder is mixed the unit of discharge carry on one’s shoulder that aircrew holding power becomes, the athletic component gravity that makes be borne the weight of by crossbeam originally changes discharge completely on board of carry on one’s shoulder, again by discharge board of carry on one’s shoulder props up an axis to deliver through two end go up to pillar of dragon door machine tool, make crossbeam is weighed strength effect no longer by athletic component, won’t produce bending to be out of shape, raised the treatment precision of machine tool of door of big span dragon thereby. The research and development of patent technology applies, make the core competition ability of product of Han Chuan machine tool great increase. Current, type of door of the vertical machining center of Han Chuan machine tool, horizontal machining center, dragon boring of mill of table of machining center, dig boring of mill of type of machining center, be born the product volume such as machining center is multinomial and patent technology at a suit, precision and function index are great promotion, get the user is extensive reputably.