Machine tool of high-grade numerical control obtains Chongqing machine tool city is outstanding new product first prize

A few days ago, outstanding to city of 2007~2008 year Chongqing new product had Chongqing city the bulletin commends, high speed of numerical control of series of YS31 of group of Chongqing machine tool is dry cut automatic gear-hobbing machine on a list of names posted up famous, won Chongqing city first prize of award of outstanding new product. It is reported, this the activity is undertaken selection by organization of Chongqing municipal government, choose 50 new products in all, among them first prize 5. Chongqing city supports energetically in last few years and encourage an enterprise to strengthen new product development and application, company product structure is optimized further, own innovation ability increases further. 2008, production value of new product of company of above of Chongqing city dimensions amounts to 162.7 billion yuan, grow 24.3% compared to the same period, front row of whole nation of house of rate of new product production value and western area the first, strong promoted economy of Chongqing city industry to last, healthy, rapid development. In addition, group of Chongqing machine tool was returned recently by Chongqing city federation of economy of industry of city of association of entrepreneur of city of meeting, Chongqing, Chongqing chooses cartel for ” Chongqing city is a country to build result enterprise of exploit establishing line of business ” .