River bend greatly roll out two new-style machine tools

Japan rivers bend greatly company on October 14, rolled out double tool carrier SPL-200 of lathe of efficient numerical control. This machine tool machines the small-sized carapace that gives priority to with car component to cover component, configure double tool carrier (or so tool carrier) , lathe bed 1550mm, it is one kind does not have chuck of rear push frame efficient, exceed lathe of compact special numerical control. Or so tool carrier can undertake diameter of inside and outside is machined at the same time, tie-in high speed assembles and unassemble after manipulator, compare with the photograph of congener machine tool previously, treatment cycle shortens 20 % . In a month, will river bend greatly on September 14 rolled out MULTUS series compact model compound treatment opportunity, can add the complex form in all trades and professions of treatment of efficient, tall critically, high the small-sized component of the value. Use what can make in general factory environment the user obtains freeboard to machine precision ” heat kisses and concept, realized variation of successive treatment size to be in 10 μ M (actual measurement is worth) the following precision. Through using " defend collision system " the machine tool that because be operated by accident,will avoid to cause collides, reduced the burden that operates personnel already, eliminated the loss of because of colliding generation again, improved productivity considerably again at the same time.