The treatment object of numerical control lathe and tooling

Charge the treatment boy or girl friend of latheCompare with traditional lathe photograph, numerical control lathe agrees with quite the swing tower part that turning has the following requirement and characteristic: 1.The spare parts with precision high demandBecause the tigidity of numerical control lathe is good, make and tall to knife precision, and can go to the lavatory and compensate automatic even compensation accurately into pedestrian labour, so it can machine the spare parts with dimension precision high demand. Can grind with car generation in some circumstances. In addition, because motion of the cutting tool when numerical control turning comes true through drive of operation of high accuracy interpolation and servo, good plus the tigidity of the machine tool with production precision tall, so it can machine pair of bus linearity, circularity, cylinder to spend the part with high demand. 2.The swing tower part with exterior good surface roughnessNumerical control lathe can machine the part with an exterior small surface roughness, not only because the tigidity of the machine tool is good,be with production precision tall, because it is provided,still have function of cutting of constant linear velocity. Below the case that in material allowance of vehicle of qualitative, fine and cutting tool already decided, exterior surface roughness depends on feed speed and cutting speed. The function of cutting of constant linear velocity of lathe of use numerical control, can choose optimal linear velocity to come cutting end panel, the surface roughness that such cutting go out already small agree again. Numerical control lathe still agrees with turning the spare parts that surface roughness of each place surface asks to differ. Place can be achieved with the method that reduces feed rate, and this is impracticable on traditional lathe. 3.The part with outline complex formNumerical control lathe has function of circular arc interpolation, can use circular arc instruction to machine circular arc outline directly so. Numerical control lathe also can machine the outline circumgyrate part that by aleatoric plane curvilinear place forms, can machine the curve that usable equation describes already, also can machine list curve. If say turning is columnar,spare parts and conic spare parts can choose traditional lathe to also can choose numerical control lathe already, so complex turn spare parts can use turning only numerical control lathe. 4.Take the part of whorl of a few special kindsTraditional lathe can the whorl of cutting is quite finite, it can machine the straight, cone that waits for pitch only fair, imperial whorl, and a lathe demarcate machines a certain number of planting pitch. Numerical control lathe not only can machine a what kind pitch straight, cone, fair, imperial with end panel whorl, and can machine increase pitch, decrease pitch, and the pitch such as the requirement, change the whorl that smooth glide crosses between pitch. The main shaft when numerical control lathe machines whorl changes direction need not alternate alternately in that way like traditional lathe, it is OK one knife another knife circulates suddenly ceaselessly, till finish, the efficiency of its turning whorl is very so tall. Numerical control lathe still deserves to have function of accurate whorl cutting, plus use hard alloy to shape commonly bit, and can use higher rotate speed, the whorl precision that so turning comes out surface roughness of tall, surface is small. Can say, the whorl part that includes guide screw inside very agree with to be machined on numerical control lathe. 5.Exceed the nicety, part that exceeds low surface surface roughnessThe lens of the optical equipment such as the circumgyrate beat of the much face reflector of magnetic head of machine of disk, video, laser printer, copycat, camera reachs its mould, and invisible the precision of requirement superhigh outline such as glasses and exceed low exterior surface roughness to be worth, they agree with to be machined on the numerical control lathe of high accuracy, tall function. The lens that the plastic astigmatism that machines very hard before uses, also can be machined now with numerical control lathe. The outline precision of superfinishing can achieve 0.1 μ M, department amounts to exterior surface roughness 0.02 μ M. The material of spare parts of turning exceeding essence of life pledges before basically is a metal, already expanded now plastic with pottery and porcelain. Dyad accuses the tooling of lathe1.The chuck of numerical control latheHydraulic pressure chuck is the important accessory of workpiece of the clamp when numerical control turning is machined, to general circumgyrate kind the spare parts can use chuck of common hydraulic pressure; Be being placed to hold position to the spare parts is not cylindroid spare parts, need to use special chuck; The need when the makings that use a stick machines a spare parts directly uses bedspring chuck. Pinchcock head chuck2.The tailstock of numerical control latheLarger to the ratio of axial dimension and radial dimension part, the vivid tip that needs to use installation to go up in hydraulic pressure rear push frame undertakes propping up to spare parts tail end, ability assures to have proper treatment to the spare parts. Rear push frame has common hydraulic pressure rear push frame and but tailstock of process designing hydraulic pressure. Can make up programmed control to make hydraulic pressure tailstock3.The tool carrier of numerical control latheTool carrier is the part with numerical control very important lathe. Basis of numerical control lathe its function, the cutting tool measure that can install on tool carrier, kind it is 8, 10, 12 or 16, lathe of some numerical control can install more cutting tool. The configuration of tool carrier is circumgyrate type commonly, cutting tool is along circumferential direction installation on tool carrier, can install radial lathe tool, axial lathe tool, broach, boring cutter. Turning machining center still can install axial milling cutter, radial milling cutter. The tool carrier of lathe of a few numerical control is straight platoon type, cutting tool is installed point-blank along. The tool carrier of numerical control latheNumerical control lathe can deploy two kinds of tool carrier: 1) special tool carrier is developed by lathe him manufacturer, uses knife handle also is appropriative. The advantage of this kind of tool carrier is production cost low, but devoid versatility. The tool carrier that 2) general tool carrier produces according to proper general standard, manufacturer of numerical control lathe can ask to undertake choosing configuration according to the function of numerical control lathe. 4.The milling head of numerical control latheHead of milling of the installation on tool carrier of numerical control lathe can expand greatly the process capability of numerical control lathe. Milling head