The patent technique with complete successful research and development: Turner has case

Technical descriptionMachining workshop is laying all sorts of machine tools (common lathe, numerical control lathe, numerical control milling machine, machining center) , among them every machine tool deploys a kit, there are all sorts of tools of place need in kit. The measure that has all sorts of of all kinds and all sorts of narrow measure, spanner, lubricant tool, valuable cutting tool, nicety. In actual production, the design of former kit is unreasonable the issue that brings to production is as follows: The first, of kit statified unreasonable. Of kit statified unreasonable, can bring about worker chaos to take chaos to put, the tool that does not know a need is in which, after giving out, do not know these tools should put which; Bring about whole kit to be posse in disorder thereby, cause damage of precision of narrow measure job, make the point of a knife of cutting tool is touched bad by other tools, do not facilitate at the same time of all sorts of tools check. The 2nd, the design of kit interior structure is unreasonable. Disagreement of design of kit interior structure pays attention to the narrow measure inside direct and minatory kit, valuable cutting tool, other tool be touched to fall fall, can affect the precision of these measure, cutting tool directly. The 3rd, the outside figure of kit and structural design are unreasonable. Job shops space is limited, use kit to go to the lavatory, kit is put in closer from the machine tool place commonly, but what the exterior form that designs as a result of kit and structure design is unreasonable, the worker can be mixed to touch the phenomenon of the injury by kit cut. Before the job, the worker can wait for the tool that should use, measure, cutting tool those who be put in kit to appear on the stage face. Of kit appear on the stage what the face designs is unreasonable, the worker is met inadvertently wait for these tools that are put in the mesa on kit, measure, cutting tool to be touched or slide, bring about narrow measure precision to lose thereby. Because kit design is unreasonable,the problem that cause is couldn’t get solve, can bring certain trouble to normal production, cause menace to producing worker person safety, narrow measure, cutting tool, tool also cannot get active management. Originate contentTo overcome the weakness of afore-mentioned existing technologies, this practical and new-style offer kit of a kind of lathe, can in 360 ° random a direction can be opened, the takes a need tool with very convenient handlers. This practical and new-style come true with following technical program: A kind of turner has case, include casing and installation to be in the leg propping up of casing lower part; Narrates casing is cylinder shape; This casing includes support; Of bracket on upright installation has circular roof, lower end installation has circular motherboard; The installation on the bracket between circular roof and circular motherboard has many circles fender; In bracket outside it how side contains is OK how side contains the sliding door of circular arc shape with 360 rotational ° . This practical and new-style beneficial effect is: Design kit into cylinder shape, 360 ° roll opens sliding door of shape of implementation circular arc, convenient use; Versatile on installation of one’s store of valuables trundle and can adjust fixed foot, can the shift of kit of very convenient implementation and fixed; The top of kit layer board uses fender of dish of form groove shape, can prevent to the tool is touched or slide, sponsorial body safety, tool safety and; The circular fender of kit uses fender of dish of form groove shape, can prevent a tool to slide.