The Mid-Autumn festival reunion words mark are happy New Year to the new and old users of the machine

Further to fall, in August to the Mid-Autumn exceptionally bright.The goddess of the moon the moon palace dance dance, smile happiness feeling.Another year to the Mid-Autumn festival, during this holiday season, baoding is machine tool co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Throughout is machine tool &;)All staff to wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival to the national people’s, a happy family, a successful career!At the same time, also sincerely thank the general machine tools users to label is along the support and affirmation.Is machine tool was established in 2006, is a new and high technology enterprises in hebei province, hebei province, precision CNC special equipment engineering technology research center, enterprise technology center in hebei province, baoding is machine tool co., LTD. Academician workstation (by the China national academy of engineering, xi ‘an jiaotong university professor bing-heng lu was the director of academician workstation), ISO9001 quality management system certification unit, vice President of China association of machine tool modular machine tool branch units, hebei province high and new technology industry association executive director units, China & other;Mechanical sliding table top ten & throughout;The first strong enterprises.Is machine tools in recent years has been committed to new product research and development production, adjust the industrial structure, and xi ‘an jiaotong university, hebei university of science and technology joint between colleges, complementary advantages, has paid off.One company won the provincial science and technology progress prize, won the first prize in science and technology progress prize two of baoding city.By the end of 2012, a total of 12 results passed the provincial new product appraisal, to reach the domestic advanced level.Applied for 22 national patents, of which 20 utility model patents have been authorized, 3 invention patent has been accepted.Nc machine tools is one of the most important machine tools, equipment manufacturing industry is also the power of automobile spare parts processing.With the improvement of development level and the continuous improvement of product performance and scale are new products constantly emerging, machine tool has been widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, military industry, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, machinery, textile machinery, mining machinery, pump valve and so on scale production enterprise.Six-station nc rotary work sticker is machine tool products in addition to covering the northeast, north China, east China, south China, northwest, southwest and other regions, some products exported to Russia, Italy, Germany and other countries and regions, fill in the province, city gold products are exported to the eu’s blank.Corporate users include faw, no.2, China aerospace composite technology research institute, shandong pingyang heavy industry, shandong wind, five characters, Chang Lin walking tractor, guangzhou dragon, sichuan building machine, the new jack, toyama Shanghai precision machinery, xuzhou coal loader, MengLing engineering, zhengzhou, handan coal, monte filo, sevilla, and many other well-known enterprises at home and abroad.Osmanthus fragrance of chrysanthemum yellow, beautiful bouquet thick sweet cakes.Another year the Mid-Autumn festival, a time of family reunion, celebrate plan for better tomorrow, is machine staff once again, I wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival, to the national people’s the same to all new and old customers in the future days, the business is thriving, source of money widely enter!(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)

He had done for Italy W.F.C group acquisition

Time on September 28, 2017, Italy, intelligent equipment co., LTD. European automotive equipment and robot system integrators W.F.C group delivery ceremony was held in Turin.’s executive director of the company, the CTO junwei, Dr W.F.C group founder Erminio Ceresa Sir, group CEO Fabrizio Ceresa Mr And their senior management team, and other guests attended the ceremony and witness this important historic moment.Both sides shook hands at the end of the delivery service in China & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Internationalization strategies put forward for China’s robot industry provides a good platform, also created a rare historical opportunity for China’s industrial robot.As & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Overall strategy, more and more Chinese robot and related businesses for their breakthrough, robot industry got rapid ascension.PE based on the company & other;Independent innovation & throughout;And & otherOverseas m&a & throughout;Parallel twin-engine model, through mergers introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology and experience in the field of industrial automation, has been formed from the core components to robot machine to the whole industry chain in the field of high-end system integration synergy development pattern.It is understood that the deal by PE acquired 100% W.F.C group, the company is, following the successful acquisition of Italian spraying robot enterprises CMA, metal processing robot motion control system integrators Evolut and investment areas after Robox core parts manufacturers, PE for the fourth time the company overseas m&a project, the whole transaction amount more than 1 billion yuan.W.F.C group complete the equity transfer notarization procedure as the industry’s leading automotive equipment and robot systems integrators, with white body welding and general aviation industry more than 20 years of rich project experience and core technology, in Italy, Poland, Brazil and India have five subsidiaries and production base, the global staff 500 people, with annual revenue of 1 billion yuan of above, such as Chrysler, fiat, Volkswagen, Renault, general level supplier many famous vehicle production enterprises.PE YouWei the company, “said Dr This acquisition is just the beginning of both sides to integrate, future W.F.C company will continue to retain the management and technology research and development team, to ensure the stable transition and development of the company.And PE will be in the near future the company set up its European operations headquarters in Turin, as each subsidiary holding entity, at the same time of strengthening financial and operational control, further play under the group technology between the subsidiary and business in the field of complementary and collaborative efforts to grow into the international first-class robot company of China.Part involved in the project team members to pose for the acquisition by the combination of both enterprise and complementary advantages, greatly promote the PE companies in auto welding robot welding automation especially new energy automobile aluminum body, high iron, aerospace and other fields of core competitiveness and overall strength, at the same time, through the research and development, technology, marketing and other interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of resource sharing and the depth of cooperation, to maximize synergies, to further expand both in China and overseas market competitive strength and market share, promote PE further internationalization of the company, realize win-win development.(the original title: delft complete offer for the Italy W.F.C group) (source: delft intelligent equipment co., LTD.)

“Machine substitution” boom better flowing velocity V – 650 – s vertical machining center has been delivery

Looking back at the first half of 2017, China’s machine tool industry warm air, the overall market recovery in demand, production and sales are a trend of rising and guangzhou jia speed precision machinery co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Jia speed precision machine & throughout;)Rely on & other;JASU better speed & throughout;Conveniently, brand effect to realize sustained growth within the company’s sales, shipping, frequently performance.& other;JASU”V – 650 – s card dual exchange table vertical machining center recently, better speed precision machine more & other;JASU”V – 650 – s card dual exchange table vertical machining center after crane handling, truck loading, from better speed precision machinery factory in guangzhou headquarters, again for the Yangtze river delta region enterprise provides the high quality CNC machine tools.A crucial stage in the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises, vigorously promote national & other;Machine throughout substitution &;, effectively boosted the development of the manufacturing enterprise.Implement & other;Machine throughout substitution &;That is the only way to improve the production efficiency and realize the transformation and upgrading.And liberation of human, effective to solve the problem of difficult recruitment and so on.Loading on preparation of shipment, the speed of V – 650 – s vertical machining center check box better speed V – 650 – s double exchange frequently shipment since this year, vertical machining center in & other;Machine throughout substitution &;Boom, better speed precision machine production of V – 650 – s popular, the double exchange vertical machining center of the continuous orders, result in recent period of time, better speed fine machine production workshop has been busy.According to customer feedback, the machine can perfect collocation, with industrial robot for metal parts processing production line, to provide convenient services.As patent products of better speed precision machine, speed V – 650 – s high rigidity change table processing center adopt european-style design, equipped with rotary double change table, to one side as a continuous cutting, drilling, milling and other processing, but on the other side can be checked, disassembly, install and artifacts (saving workpiece installation working hours), greatly improve the production efficiency and save manpower and site and investment.In addition, high-speed spindle design, speed up to 20000 RPM, tool change time of 2.8 seconds, workbench repeat precision of plus or minus 0.003, together with the collocation method that families or mitsubishi, Siemens numerical control system is an & other hardware parts machining;Tool & throughout;.According to jia speed precision machine technicians, speed V – 650 – s high rigid exchange workbench processing center is good speed fine machine in the passionate focus development path of innovative achievements in the field of nc machine tools, both, design, material selection of tightly, or the assurance of accuracy, which embody the high rigidity and stability of the machine tool.Specifically, speed V – 650 – s high rigidity change table processing center has the following nine big advantage: better speed V – 650 – s double bed exchange vertical machining center: better speed V – 650 – s double exchange vertical machining center adopts advanced resin sand casting and box structure design and manufacture, the aging treatment to eliminate internal stress, material tenacity, plus box structure design, high rigid body structure, make machining center has enough rigidity and strength of the whole machine to display the features of cutting resistance ability and high precision.Shaft: better speed V – 650 – s double exchange vertical machining center X\/Y\/Z axis adopts linear slide rail line rail design.Columns, nek, head and base by advanced resin sand casting and box structure design and manufacture, the configuration of computer analysis of strengthening rib, improve the rigidity and stability.Screw: better speed V – 650 – s double exchange of vertical machining center three axis adopts the high precision double nut preloading of precision ball screw, cooperate with brackets on both ends of the lock design, and can eliminate the drive back clearance and compensation of the temperature rise caused by error in advance, to ensure the positioning precision.Spindle motor: better speed V – 650 – s double exchange use high speed motor vertical machining centers, machining centers in high speed, low speed and light and heavy cutting has very good performance.Spindle head: better speed V – 650 – s double exchange vertical machining center with high precision, high rigidity of spindle head, it can withstand the radial and axial load of the heavy cutting and long heavy cutting processing, high machining precision and dimension.Knife library (optional) : better speed V – 650 – s double exchange vertical machining center using hat type\/disc type knife library, provides a quick and steady and reliable tool exchange action, controlled by PLC software, quick quick action in the knife, to reduce the cutting time.Electrical box: better speed V – 650 – s double switchboard electrical box with a heat exchanger, the vertical machining center to ensure system stability, external wiring parts have protection coil, heat resistant, resistant to oil and water.Lubrication system: better speed V – 650 – s double exchange vertical machining center adopts automatic pressure lubrication system focus for oil, using advanced pressure intermittent oil supply system, in time, quantitative and constant pressure, and individual way provide each lubrication point at the right moment, right amount of oil, to ensure that each lubrication position when it get lubricating oil, make the machining center operation for a long time have no trouble back at home.All dense type sheet metal: in today’s environment protection and safety to operators urging, better speed precision machine for better speed V – 650 – s double exchange vertical machining center sheet metal design focuses on the beautiful appearance, environmental protection, and accord with human body engineering.Totally enclosed sheet metal design, completely prevent cutting fluid and cutting fluid splash on the machining center, the machining center can keep the surrounding clean.Age in progress, the product in change.Only through scientific research and technology of deep billiton, vigorously attract and cultivate innovative talents, innovative consciousness of continuing to pour money into the deepening and innovation resources, and organically mix, to bring strong vitality for the enterprise.Better speed machine too, continuous improvement in the technology innovation on the road, developed many patent products, to provide customers with diversified machine tools and efficient and comprehensive pre-market after-sales service.The domestic machine tool users for & other;JASU better speed & throughout;Brands of machine tools with high recognition, thanks to better speed precision machine products with stable quality and high cost performance.In the future, better speed precision machine will also continue to machine tools users bring more excellent products.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)

Hubei Zhong Xiang Lin Changzhou secretary of municipal party committee of shenyang machine tool group

On August 29, hubei Zhong Xiang Lin Changzhou, secretary of municipal party committee secretary general Jiang Zhaochun to shenyang machine tool group, and group chairman of the board of directors of the company GuanXiYou will further promote the local transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and small and medium-sized enterprise carried on the thorough exchange and discussion.In recent years, zhongxiang focus on promoting the development of the city’s high-end intelligent manufacturing.In April, zhongxiang government officially reached a strategic cooperation and shenyang machine tool group, promote the central valley i5 intelligent manufacturing projects.So far, 5 building 70000 square meters factory building, the first batch of 80 sets of i5 intelligent machine tools has been completed installation and debugging, the attention of the regional internal and external enterprises of different industries.Both sides to speed up the mode of cooperation, to promote the development of high-end manufacturing by hubei provincial government attaches great importance to, and has become a new engine zhongxiang the equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading.During the talks, the two sides will further makes the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries demonstration, advance & other;Double gen & throughout;Personnel training, deepen the high-end intelligent manufacture industry construction planning details, intensive communication.Zhongxiang director said it would Zhong Xiang i5 intelligent manufacturing valley project into traditional industrial upgrading and regional industrial transformation demonstration project.About Zhong Xiang i5 intelligent manufacturing valley projects into the i5 zhongxiang shenyang machine tool intelligent manufacturing valley A2 workshop, 86 sets of intelligent machine tools neatly placed within the plant, technical personnel are stepping up to these machine tools for debugging.Project director told reporters on Sunday, the project from strategic signed in March, to be put into use in July, in just four months time, made the first valley in place of intelligent machine 200 units, the rest of the more than 100 sets of equipment all in place before the end of September.It is understood that the project by the shenyang machine tool group and zhongxiang a cooperation, a total investment of 3 billion yuan, covers an area of 1000 mu, investment i5 intelligent equipment 10000 units, 3000 sets of one issue.Project based on independent research and development of shenyang machine tool i5 intelligence system, build six centers, all intelligent machine can connect to the Internet, based on the cloud, real-time control, the process of manufacturing enjoy big data bring convenient and quick.(the original title: hubei Zhong Xiang Lin Changzhou inspection secretary of municipal party committee of shenyang machine tool group said: mutual transformation and upgrading traditional industry demonstration) (source: northeast news)

ABB company “overweight” chongqing upgrade again two factory pushing a new generation of robots

On September 23, chongqing commerce committee and ABB (China) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “ABB”) signed the strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding (hereinafter referred to as the memo), agreed to in the field of industry, energy, transportation and infrastructure to carry out comprehensive cooperation, further support chongqing & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;In the implementation of the planning, support chongqing & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Construction and development of the Yangtze river economic belt and the western development strategy in seize opportunities, speed up the development.The graph is ABB group and chongqing signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation.Fund taken ABB is the world’s electrical products, robot and motion control, a leading enterprise in the field of industrial automation and power grid, why again & other;Overweight & throughout;Chongqing?Two large factories are to upgrade the ABB have two big factory in chongqing at present: one is the chongqing ABB transformer co., LTD., established in 1998, is currently the ABB group, the world’s largest transformer manufacturing company.Another is ABB chongqing metro turbocharging system co., LTD., is the world’s second largest production base of the turbocharger ABB group, is also the only production of small and medium low speed machine with turbocharger manufacturing center.ABB power grid division President qin said, after the memorandum signed, ABB will the upgrading of the two big factories, including expanding production capacity, adopting new technologies, develop new products, etc.In addition to upgrade its own factories, ABB also intended to help promote chongqing intelligent manufacturing and industrial transformation.On June 28 this year, ABB ABB Ability in China issued digital solutions, this is ABB from equipment, edge computing to the cloud cross-industry, integrated digital solutions.ABB also hope ABB chongqing Ability of digital solutions for enterprise development.A new generation of robots and other services;Chongqing manufacturing & throughout;With the rapid development in chongqing, robot industry in 2016, ABB in liangjiang new area layout the robot application center.ABB group in Asia, the Middle East and Africa President Gu Chun yuan is introduced, the main application center is to do the integration of robot.From the perspective of industrial chain, the robot ontology (unit) is the basis for the development of the industrial robot, and the downstream system integration is the key of commercialization, large-scale popularization robots.Only the robot model is unable to complete any work, need through the system integration after can be used for terminal customers.& other;We in this block with chongqing manufacturing enterprises work together very well. The car factory in chongqing, and notebook factories can see ABB robot integration project.Throughout the &;Gu Chun yuan, said the next step, ABB will consider to food, beverage, penetration, light industry and other labor-intensive industry in chongqing ABB promotion of a new generation of human-machine collaborative robot YuMi, improve the production efficiency of the factory.Chongqing daily, the reporter understands, YuMi is the world’s first truly achieve human-computer cooperation the arms of industrial robots, ABB has in June 2015 in chongqing yue to international conference center held an activity to promote the robot.& other;Occupy the keys & throughout;To speed up the layout in addition to the industrial field, ABB also plans to accelerate in the field of energy, transportation and infrastructure in chongqing layout.ABB has learned, layout in chongqing from research and development, production, engineering, sales to service all-round business, not only has a production enterprise, and has subsidiaries, comprehensive service center, industrial automation engineering center.ABB comprehensive service center located in chongqing, is the first comprehensive service center located in the southwest, mainly to the local electric power, petrochemical, metallurgical and construction and other industries provide customers including installation, spare parts, maintenance, upgrades, training and consulting, full lifecycle management services.In addition, ABB also to want to join in chongqing & other;Smart city & throughout;Construction.Qin said, ABB wants to use it in the electric vehicle charging and charging network operation management experience and the latest technology, support to promote healthy and rapid development of new energy automobile industry in chongqing, accelerate the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and increase charging network operations management level.Qin thought, chongqing is the Midwest only municipality directly under the central government in China, location advantage, chongqing’s development speed is very fast, and pay more attention to innovation, confidence in the chongqing ABB.(the original title: ABB again & other;Overweight & throughout;Chongqing upgrade two factories pushed a new generation of robots) (source: chongqing daily)