ABB company “overweight” chongqing upgrade again two factory pushing a new generation of robots

On September 23, chongqing commerce committee and ABB (China) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “ABB”) signed the strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding (hereinafter referred to as the memo), agreed to in the field of industry, energy, transportation and infrastructure to carry out comprehensive cooperation, further support chongqing & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;In the implementation of the planning, support chongqing & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Construction and development of the Yangtze river economic belt and the western development strategy in seize opportunities, speed up the development.The graph is ABB group and chongqing signed the memorandum of strategic cooperation.Fund taken ABB is the world’s electrical products, robot and motion control, a leading enterprise in the field of industrial automation and power grid, why again & other;Overweight & throughout;Chongqing?Two large factories are to upgrade the ABB have two big factory in chongqing at present: one is the chongqing ABB transformer co., LTD., established in 1998, is currently the ABB group, the world’s largest transformer manufacturing company.Another is ABB chongqing metro turbocharging system co., LTD., is the world’s second largest production base of the turbocharger ABB group, is also the only production of small and medium low speed machine with turbocharger manufacturing center.ABB power grid division President qin said, after the memorandum signed, ABB will the upgrading of the two big factories, including expanding production capacity, adopting new technologies, develop new products, etc.In addition to upgrade its own factories, ABB also intended to help promote chongqing intelligent manufacturing and industrial transformation.On June 28 this year, ABB ABB Ability in China issued digital solutions, this is ABB from equipment, edge computing to the cloud cross-industry, integrated digital solutions.ABB also hope ABB chongqing Ability of digital solutions for enterprise development.A new generation of robots and other services;Chongqing manufacturing & throughout;With the rapid development in chongqing, robot industry in 2016, ABB in liangjiang new area layout the robot application center.ABB group in Asia, the Middle East and Africa President Gu Chun yuan is introduced, the main application center is to do the integration of robot.From the perspective of industrial chain, the robot ontology (unit) is the basis for the development of the industrial robot, and the downstream system integration is the key of commercialization, large-scale popularization robots.Only the robot model is unable to complete any work, need through the system integration after can be used for terminal customers.& other;We in this block with chongqing manufacturing enterprises work together very well. The car factory in chongqing, and notebook factories can see ABB robot integration project.Throughout the &;Gu Chun yuan, said the next step, ABB will consider to food, beverage, penetration, light industry and other labor-intensive industry in chongqing ABB promotion of a new generation of human-machine collaborative robot YuMi, improve the production efficiency of the factory.Chongqing daily, the reporter understands, YuMi is the world’s first truly achieve human-computer cooperation the arms of industrial robots, ABB has in June 2015 in chongqing yue to international conference center held an activity to promote the robot.& other;Occupy the keys & throughout;To speed up the layout in addition to the industrial field, ABB also plans to accelerate in the field of energy, transportation and infrastructure in chongqing layout.ABB has learned, layout in chongqing from research and development, production, engineering, sales to service all-round business, not only has a production enterprise, and has subsidiaries, comprehensive service center, industrial automation engineering center.ABB comprehensive service center located in chongqing, is the first comprehensive service center located in the southwest, mainly to the local electric power, petrochemical, metallurgical and construction and other industries provide customers including installation, spare parts, maintenance, upgrades, training and consulting, full lifecycle management services.In addition, ABB also to want to join in chongqing & other;Smart city & throughout;Construction.Qin said, ABB wants to use it in the electric vehicle charging and charging network operation management experience and the latest technology, support to promote healthy and rapid development of new energy automobile industry in chongqing, accelerate the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and increase charging network operations management level.Qin thought, chongqing is the Midwest only municipality directly under the central government in China, location advantage, chongqing’s development speed is very fast, and pay more attention to innovation, confidence in the chongqing ABB.(the original title: ABB again & other;Overweight & throughout;Chongqing upgrade two factories pushed a new generation of robots) (source: chongqing daily)