Back in the 2017 great achievements of China’s manufacturing inventory

Can say made in China in 2017 the harvest year, whether have & other;Machine tool & throughout;Machine tool industry, or other manufacturing, have achieved good results.With small make up today, take a look at what achievements have been made in 2017 China’s manufacturing industry!Firstly, remarkable achievements in machine tool industry technology research, said let’s machine tool industry.Machine tool industry has always been on technology is not strong hat.In 2017, the trend of transformation and upgrading of machine tools in manufacturing, a number of breakthroughs in technology research.At the beginning of 2017, led by qinghai one CNC machine tool co., LTD for, lanzhou university of technology, wuhan day yu software co., LTD., as the cooperation unit, bear & other;High-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment & throughout;National science and technology major projects & other;High-speed vertical and horizontal machining center & throughout;Passed the acceptance subject in lanzhou.Subsequently, & other;Five-year & throughout;National science and technology support plan advanced manufacturing project & other;Tianjin numerical control generation of mechanical product innovation application demonstration project & throughout;Also better news.Major machine tool companies, meanwhile, is also good news: may, hanjiang machine tool led to undertake & other;Ten metres whirlwind milling thread grinding machine, 8 m, 10 m thread dynamic monitor & ndash;& ndash;Large, precision, high efficiency, CNC screw thread processing equipment & throughout;Zx04001 (2009-2009), & otherHigh precision thread processing technology and equipment & throughout;Zx04003 (2011-2011) and & other;The han river rolling features industrialization development and application of key technology & throughout;Three zx04002 (2012-2012) national science and technology major projects smoothly through the acceptance.At the end of may, jinan second machine tool assumes & other;High-speed gantry five-axis linkage machining center & throughout;National science and technology major projects in avic xi ‘an aircraft industry (group) co., LTD passed final acceptance of the technology.On June 27, jinan second machine tool delivery article 8 of the American ford motor’s rapid press line (WSP2) after 3 sets of mould test, passed final acceptance by the user.In August, shenyang machine tool research and development of composite materials and efficient five axis machining center through the important customer pre-acceptance aerospace field.In September, qinchuan group involved in research and development of 2011 major projects & other;Large size car ultra-precision aspheric grinding compound processing machine tools and application technology & throughout;Topics in baoji qinchuan group headquarters smoothly through national nc machine special office technology final acceptance of the organization.In October, sichuan PuShenNing river machine co., LTD., and other units to undertake & other;800 mm precision horizontal machining center research and development and domestic feature throughout the application &;Project (project number: 2013 zx04005-2013) on the subject to the acceptance.In November, wuhan heavy duty machine tool group co., LTD. Main undertake 04 special & other;Move a super-heavy CNC single column vertical milling lathe & throughout;Project by the ministry of industry and final acceptance of the organization.In December, water forging press (group) co., LTD cooperate with Italian companies complete country international science and technology cooperation project & other;Research and development of high precision nc cantilever machine & throughout;(item number 2015 dfa71480) project acceptance.Small make up only lists the part of the machine tool and technological achievements, isn’t it?Believe that our machine will in machine tool innovation this road more walk more far.Second, the release manufacturing development plan Intelligent manufacturing springing up in 2017, is the most gratifying changes around for manufacturing industry seriously rise, policies, adjust measures to local conditions to approach has & other;Smart & throughout;Construction, let’s see what are the areas involved.Shanghai: the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing is imperative as a pearl of Shanghai, unequivocally on manufacturing industry development.For & other;Shanghai manufacturing & throughout;The brand, Shanghai to high-end manufacturing development, put forward to the industry value chain, from the brand marketing, quality improvement, standard lead, research and development design, fine management, and other fields, visibility and reputation, improve product quality, improve the enterprise core competitiveness and high-end manufacturing level, revive & other;Shanghai manufacturing & throughout;Of glory.Suzhou to speed up the construction of national level demonstration zones of intelligent manufacturing as early as July 3 conference held in suzhou manufacturing, suzhou city, the government has issued a “about to speed up the construction of national level demonstration zones of intelligent manufacturing of opinions”, clear towards digitization, networking and intelligent suzhou will speed up the construction of national level demonstration zones of intelligent manufacturing, efforts to promote suzhou manufacturing to suzhou smart transition.According to the construction goal, in 2020, suzhou, with emphasis on the intelligent manufacturing, preliminary build new manufacturing system, intelligent manufacturing six link widely application, intelligent manufacturing evaluation system, intelligent workshop standard system basic establishment, enterprise production efficiency, product technical level and quality was significantly improved, energy, resource consumption and pollutant emissions decreased obviously.& other;Chongqing smart & throughout;New results were obtained in the ministry recently issued 2017 intelligent manufacturing integrated standardization and the model of the new project of setting up a notice, a total of 10 projects in chongqing into the support list, including the model of the new project 9, a comprehensive standardization project, project number and tied for fifth nationwide, shandong, Shanghai support amount more than $100 million.Guangdong new building & other;Throughout China’s smart &;New heights, what is your factory?There are a lot of employees at work?Guangdong has already begun to do no one chemical plant.In guangdong, more and more & other;No one factory & throughout;Once begun to replace the workers toiling away in the workshop workshop, be a guangdong phoenix nirvana, profound annotation, marked the guangdong to intelligent manufacturing solid step!Hubei & other;Smart & throughout;To the country and the world in the past five years, the added value of high-tech industry of hubei province, up from 232.59 billion yuan in 2011 to $2016 in 557.454 billion, up nearly 1.4 times.Big to new energy cars, high-end CNC equipment, industrial robots, small to mobile phones, electronic components, chips, a growing number of hubei & other;Smart & throughout;To the world.Rising & other;The northeast throughout the Wolf &;The northeast, this piece of once land is now rise with unparalleled speed.& other;The equipment manufacturing industry as an important industry, increasing investment and research and development efforts, struggling to grab the commanding heights, voice control technology, make our country a modern equipment manufacturing power and power.Throughout the &;Northeast manufacturing are shoulder the mission of this toward high-end manufacturing.Become a mainstream development & other emerging industries;Machine tool & throughout;Take-off, intelligent manufacturing provinces are springing up in China, also nots allow to ignore to the power of the emerging industry in China.China laser made in China has a power to change the world are competent, that is the laser.Industry: laser, on behalf of the enterprise, the remarkable performance in 2017.From the special optical fiber, to the laser to the laser processing equipment, but all through laser technology industry chain, has realized the laser industry vertical integration development.: laser, in addition, the other laser companies also doing well.South China university of technology, medium and small power laser processing equipment such as laser marking machine, welding machine, cutting machine, etc are becoming the best-selling product of the international market.Auspicious thing company & other;Bully screen & throughout;Touch screen, the global screen processing what the thing of equipment.China’s laser is with overwhelming force to change the world!Robots become China & other;New power & throughout;Robot industry development conference in China, China robot industry union, according to data released in 2017, domestic industrial robot sales continue to increase, in the first half of the total sales of 18519 units, calculated at comparable caliber year-on-year growth of 22.9%.Now domestic industrial robot has service 37 national economy industry categories, 102 class in the industry, expand the three industry compared to the same categories, 11 in the class.Robot has become the world’s robot in China a new forces that nots allow to ignore.In the future, the robot will be promising in China!2017 is made in China harvest year, a year is also the Chinese pride!Entered in 2018, believes that the development of Chinese manufacturing will be better!(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)