Domestic xinzhou, formally began 700 aircraft manufacturing

On December 28, 2017, catic upon civil Aircraft Co., Ltd. Of the xinzhou 700 Aircraft flap structure parts in Avic Aircraft Co., Ltd. (xi ‘an) started manufacturing, cargo door structure parts in Avic shenyang Aircraft airliner (shenyang) synchronous start manufacturing, marked the xinzhou 700 Aircraft project development has entered a stage of development, manufacture and validation work full swing.Xinzhou 700 aircraft is China & other;Two dry throughout the two &;Commercial development strategy layout & other;Turboprop regional aircraft & throughout;On behalf of the product.Xinzhou 700 aircraft development project is included in the civil aviation industry long-term development planning (2013-2020), “the focus of the civil aviation project, the project was approved by the state council in 2013, has completed the conceptual design and preliminary design stage, in 2017 into the detailed design stage, plan implementation first flight at the end of 2019, the civil aviation administration of China in 2021 type certificate, put into the market.Xinzhou 700 aircraft standard level 78, maximum take-off weight of 27.6 tons, the largest payload, 8.6 tons of standard payload range is 1500 km, the maximum altitude of 7620 meters, a typical cruising altitude of 6000 meters, the economic cruising speed of 550-580 km\/h.The machine USES the aerodynamic design, telex and efficient control, integrated modular avionics system, such as advanced technology, has a good safety, economy, comfort, reliability, maintainability, high temperature plateau adaptability features and routes, can satisfy the high temperature plateau area, especially in western China, Latin America, southeast Asia, Africa, the high temperature area in plateau area of regional market needs.Xinzhou 700 aircraft cockpit interiors in 2016 won the & other;Throughout China excellent industrial design gold medal &;.At present, this machine has been get happiness from the air, Cambodia baron aviation, the silver leasing 11 a total of 185 aircraft intention of customer orders.(the original title: domestic xinzhou 700 aircraft formally started manufacturing) (source: the ministry of machinery industry department)