Gree a raise is manufacturing industries do not leave behind the situation of talent

Recently, the gree company issued a statement, internal statement called the and grassroots employees enjoy the achievement of the development of the company, the company decided to: according to the combination of 1000 yuan per month per person, based on employee performance, post for a raise.This means that can be calculated by gree is currently more than 80000 employees, the raise after gree will increase the staff costs nearly 1 billion yuan every year.Even if is a gree dimension, this also is not a small number.Moreover, the statement is a very interesting and it is worth noting that word & ndash;& ndash;& other;According to the performance, post give employees a raise & throughout;.That is to say, unlike ordinary raises, the increase is conditional, division of labor according to the employee’s work allocation and performance evaluation.So, now that is a raise, why limit?I think such a raise for gree is supposed to be a no.Because the salary and reward employees not only the intention, & other;Keep people & throughout;Gree is really want to do.One year later again raise the gree enterprise salary is a very normal thing, earnings growth employees salary nature with a rising tide lifts all boats.But some freak raises gree, because this is not the gree a raise for the first time in years.In December 2016, gree electric appliances rose 1000 yuan a month to all personnel, and is based on the existing monthly wages, each every months 1000 yuan.Scope is in full 3 months of the employees (except for special meeting paid staff).Is not only a pay rise, ms dong has also promised to send staff to send room car.In February 2017, ms dong said in an interview with the media, to make each a gree employees enjoy the two rooms one hall.Gree at the zhuhai started more than 3000 sets of & other;Two rooms one hall & throughout;, the purpose is to let each employee to live and work in peace and contentment, need not hard for a house for a lifetime.Dong mingzhu said: & other;Two rooms one hall, the most basic.When you have higher income, you have tens of millions of income to buy a home, can also go to.When you don’t go, here, the house will belong to you.Throughout the &;A raise and send room, many people admire, the heart say gree really rich!But rich company also won’t again disorderly spend money, this has been a raise for room gree why give employees a raise again?Behind the refraction of gree’s huge loss of talents., gree will be poached each year more than 600 people, and most are technical talent, is after 5 to 10 years of training, these precious talent can be said to be the gree work, very not easy cultivated can contribute to the enterprise, suddenly get poached, such losses are huge.Dong mingzhu himself once told the media said angrily, gree door every day there are other headhunters to dig.Once an enterprise guodian to zhuhai gree, angry will dong mingzhu, gree will send someone to make a meal, driven away to the other party.The brain drain is dong mingzhu unacceptable, also cannot be accepted by the gree.It would not have been so crazy give employees a raise, though not necessarily forever, but for now gree employees at least benefit.But as the behemoth of the manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;Gree of a large number of brain drain, and other small businesses.Do not leave the manufacturing as a matter of fact, the brain drain is not just a gree, many manufacturing enterprises are facing the shortage of talent, staff stability is worse and worse, the present situation of the liquidity is more and more strong.& other;Do not leave people & throughout;Has evolved into the problem of the whole industry.According to a particular manufacturing industry executives said their companies in the industrial zone in general factory every eight or nine months will be in a group of people, their welfare treatment is good, but the staff working time is more than a year on average.Imagine, eight or nine months in a group of people, where the core staff and skilled employees.Most people just familiar with the post results left again, not in a group of new employees to develop, keep circulating.As a result, not only took the time, energy and financial resources of the enterprise, also can guarantee the stability of the production and the quality of the products.One could argue why don’t these companies like gree pour a wage increase.In fact not all companies are like gree has strong profitability, small manufacturing enterprises must consider its own profit.Under the situation of domestic manufacturing industry overall downward, such as dongguan and other places of manufacturing enterprises are faced with the problem of falling profits.Companies are making money, take what to give employees a raise.And even if a lot of enterprises is a pay raise, brain drain is also has not been improved greatly.In a word, manufacturing & other;Do not leave people & throughout;Is a serious problem.Can use crazy physique, like the gree company improve staff wages material benefits to retain employees, but this method does not apply to all enterprises.For now, alone enterprise is unable to solve this problem, it is impossible to solve good.Must be enterprise, government and society all parties mutual coordination and work together to jointly take measures can be solved.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)