He had done for Italy W.F.C group acquisition

Time on September 28, 2017, Italy, intelligent equipment co., LTD. European automotive equipment and robot system integrators W.F.C group delivery ceremony was held in Turin.’s executive director of the company, the CTO junwei, Dr W.F.C group founder Erminio Ceresa Sir, group CEO Fabrizio Ceresa Mr And their senior management team, and other guests attended the ceremony and witness this important historic moment.Both sides shook hands at the end of the delivery service in China & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Internationalization strategies put forward for China’s robot industry provides a good platform, also created a rare historical opportunity for China’s industrial robot.As & other;One Belt And One Road & throughout;Overall strategy, more and more Chinese robot and related businesses for their breakthrough, robot industry got rapid ascension.PE based on the company & other;Independent innovation & throughout;And & otherOverseas m&a & throughout;Parallel twin-engine model, through mergers introduction and absorption of foreign advanced technology and experience in the field of industrial automation, has been formed from the core components to robot machine to the whole industry chain in the field of high-end system integration synergy development pattern.It is understood that the deal by PE acquired 100% W.F.C group, the company is, following the successful acquisition of Italian spraying robot enterprises CMA, metal processing robot motion control system integrators Evolut and investment areas after Robox core parts manufacturers, PE for the fourth time the company overseas m&a project, the whole transaction amount more than 1 billion yuan.W.F.C group complete the equity transfer notarization procedure as the industry’s leading automotive equipment and robot systems integrators, with white body welding and general aviation industry more than 20 years of rich project experience and core technology, in Italy, Poland, Brazil and India have five subsidiaries and production base, the global staff 500 people, with annual revenue of 1 billion yuan of above, such as Chrysler, fiat, Volkswagen, Renault, general level supplier many famous vehicle production enterprises.PE YouWei the company, “said Dr This acquisition is just the beginning of both sides to integrate, future W.F.C company will continue to retain the management and technology research and development team, to ensure the stable transition and development of the company.And PE will be in the near future the company set up its European operations headquarters in Turin, as each subsidiary holding entity, at the same time of strengthening financial and operational control, further play under the group technology between the subsidiary and business in the field of complementary and collaborative efforts to grow into the international first-class robot company of China.Part involved in the project team members to pose for the acquisition by the combination of both enterprise and complementary advantages, greatly promote the PE companies in auto welding robot welding automation especially new energy automobile aluminum body, high iron, aerospace and other fields of core competitiveness and overall strength, at the same time, through the research and development, technology, marketing and other interdisciplinary collaboration in terms of resource sharing and the depth of cooperation, to maximize synergies, to further expand both in China and overseas market competitive strength and market share, promote PE further internationalization of the company, realize win-win development.(the original title: delft complete offer for the Italy W.F.C group) (source: delft intelligent equipment co., LTD.)