In technical workers pay for “artisans of the great powers”

In January 2018, the second session of the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group reviewed and adopted the “opinions on improving technical workers treatment”.Treatment of content including higher skilled workers, to adhere to the relies on working-class guidelines heart and soul, give play to the role of the government, enterprises, social coordination, perfect technical worker training, evaluation, use, incentive, security measures, such as implementing the most high, making work more more more, strengthen technical workers professional sense of honor, pride, for feeling, stimulate technical workers enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.Through the review of explicitly mentioned to improve the workers’ wages, on the one hand, is the national security, benefits to the worker’s attention and concern, hope to concrete actions to improve the living conditions of the workers, improve workers get sense;On the other hand, is a manufacturing powerhouse construction to build a group of highly skilled personnel urgently needed.Can’t let & other;Big craftsmen & throughout;Cold heart in our country, have a wide range of technical workers.China’s current total employment of 776 million people, including 165 million skilled workers, accounting for about 21%, of which only 47 million high-skilled talent people, only 6% of employment.So the skilled workers accounted for the proportion of skilled workers in the most.These skilled workers no bright degree, there is no abundant knowledge, they are living in the bottom of society, by experience and the time to exercise work skills, grinding work skill.On work rights and interests are threatened, they are difficult to immediately take legal weapon to protect their own rights and interests.And the improvement of the national policies and laws and regulations can better protect the interests of this group of concrete, improve its survival environment.The personage inside course of study says, workers have a high skill talented person in the party, as well as an ordinary worker, but for the most part belongs to the latter, so improve the salary is the most critical part of the latter.Make social awareness lower groups enjoy the dividend policy, is advantageous to the technical workers achieve their own value, guarantee social equity and justice, enhance technical workers sense of honor and feeling.Not a preach & otherSpirit & throughout;, and let the hard construction & other countries;Big craftsmen & throughout;Cold heart.Create high-skilled personnel with the increasing development of our country’s economy, the industrial and manufacturing more and more need a high quality skills personnel.Can say, build a high level team of skilled workers, has a vital significance on development of China’s economic transformation.At present, our country has initially formed a scale is growing, structure optimization, quality gradually increase increasingly high-skilled personnel.However, a serious shortage of total amount, structure of problems, such as talents short phenomenon is still serious.Look from the market supply and demand, in recent years, skill workers ask for rate (the number of jobs and job than) has been more than 1.5:1, senior skilled worker ask for rate and even reaches more than 2:1.Some manufacturers offer nearly ten thousand yuan monthly salary, still cannot solve the & other;Recruitment difficult & throughout;The problem.Companies recruit less than people, has become a big problem that the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.Now many young people don’t want to be technical workers, they think the workers always is one of the industry of low status.In society, would rather to do sales, planning, civil servants and other industries, is also reluctant to enter the factory.On the social education, history, vocational schools have also always & other;Inferior & throughout;, & otherLift head & throughout;.Want to construction team of skilled talents, attract more people to become skilled people, improve workers’ wages and welfare, improve workers’ sense of honor, the acquisition is an important step.Government departments to take measures and policies, not only can encourage enterprises to improve the skill talented person income level, establish a highly skilled talents job subsidies and special subsidies, and to deliver the whole society a good signal, the mechanic are constantly improve the social image and economic status, excellent technical workers will get more and more respect.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)