Tool technology is the important factor affecting the development of mechanical manufacturing

Cutting tool, a very important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing, also known as the cutting tool.Due to the cutting tools used in machinery manufacturing basically is used for cutting metal materials, so & other;Tool & throughout;The term is understood as metal cutting tools.Cutting wood cutting tool is called the woodworking cutting tools.And special application of cutting tools, used in geological exploration, drilling, drilling in mines, known as the mining tool.Cutting tool machining process system is the most active, the most basic important factors.In the machine tool industry in foreign countries, and there was a saying & ndash;& ndash;& other;Companies throughout the dividend on the blade &;So important position in the development of cutting tool in the machine tool industry.In fact, according to the machining tool patent analysis report, according to the current machining accounted for about 90% of all mechanical processing work.It can be said that the machining in the 21st century is still the dominant of machinery manufacturing processing method.And as the basis of important in machining technology and equipment, cutting tool technology for the development of modern manufacturing plays a vital role.At present, the technology of the cutting tool in the automotive, aerospace, energy, military, mold and other modern machinery manufacturing sector plays a more and more important role.Efficient advanced cutting tool can obviously improve the efficiency of processing, the production cost reduced by 10% ~ 15%.Tool directly determines the quality of the production level of machinery manufacture industry, but also manufacturing efficiency and product quality is the most important factors.And with the development of the machine tool industry present situation, more functional machine is machine tool industry the future & other;The main army & throughout;.Multi functional machine means that a machine can realize cars, milling, drilling, grinding 4 functions, to save time, improve efficiency, changed the traditional turning processing and the limitation of the machining center.Due to reduced the number of tool change, then improve the production efficiency.The machine tool cutting tools and cutting tools technology becomes more important.In view of the crucial role of cutting tool technology in machine tool industry status and development of cutting tool technology is particularly important.For now, China’s tool industry products consumption level is low, low product added value and efficient advanced tool import dependence is strong, weak competitiveness in the international market, therefore, improve the innovation ability, and the development of technology, the enhancement enterprise competitiveness is imperative in the development of the cutting tool industry in China.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)