Unity is strength development of machine tool castings industry is worth looking forward to 2018

As the equipment manufacturing industry & otherIndustrial machine tool & throughout;, the development of machine tools has been attracting the attention of people in the manufacturing industry, almost all of the metal cutting and manufacturing needs to be done by machine, especially as the demand of the aerospace and other fields in recent years, the development of high-end CNC machine tools has become the & other;Focus on the object & throughout;.In recent years, China’s machine tool machine output and consumption are ranked among the top of the world.Especially in 2017, under the influence of all kinds of good policy, China’s machine tool industry began to return to the market, which also led to machine the casting industry and the development of the upstream industry, such as iron and steel industry.According to statistics, in 2017 2 ~ 10 months the metal cutting machine tool production for 645000 units, up 7.3% from a year earlier.And the development of steel industry in 2017 is obvious to all, from the various & other;Price & throughout;It can be seen.In the same way, the machine tool castings market demand by the machine tool industry, also presented restorative growth, although the insufficiency of order still exist, but compared to 2017, this year’s situation is very optimistic.For China’s machine tool castings, 2017 Angle due to the environmental protection and so on various factors, there are quite a number of scattered, disorder and poor foundry enterprises were shut down.According to the China foundry association of machine tool castings branch, according to a survey of 15 machine tool foundry enterprises industry overall situation is still serious.Although the output of 2017 have rebounded, but there are gaps compared to its capacity.Last year in many areas, especially around Beijing and Yangtze river delta region of the eia, environmental protection falls below a large number of small and medium-sized foundry enterprises shut down, other foundry enterprises according to the implementation of peak production season, also for the excess production capacity has the very big relief.Production is expected in 2017 China casting a slight increase from 47.2 million tons in 2016.Relative to other machinery manufacturing industry, foundry industry energy consumption and pollution levels are relatively high.As the public’s environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened, the state environmental protection laws and regulations also puts forward more strict requirements on environmental protection, on July 31, 2017, China foundry association issued “atmospheric pollutant emission limits in foundry industry”, the standard on October 1, 2017 implementation, for the foundry enterprises provides theory basis for energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental governance.It also will urge the scale of machine tool castings production enterprises to improve energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental management efforts, began to develop in the direction of healthy competition.Rising raw material prices, for machine tool casting industry in China has been a very headache problem, machine tool foundry enterprises the same as the other foundry enterprises, the main raw materials for production and operation of pig iron, scrap steel, such as resin, curing agent, the fluctuations of raw material prices have a certain influence on enterprise’s main product sales price, this also is affected, so as to make the machine price that some enterprises have difficulty in machine tool sales occur.In September 2017, in order to realize the sustainable development of China foundry association with ningxia Shared group led by the national center for intelligent casting industry innovation alliance intelligence casting industry in China, building & other;Internet + double gen + smart green casting & throughout;Industrial ecology, to enhance the overall competitiveness of the foundry industry in China.Not only such, cast in association with China united certification make joint published the foundry enterprises quality management system certification requirements group standards, the company won praise widely.In 2018, for machine tool casting industry, the most serious problems or environmental protection, raw materials and safety.& other;Revolution has not yet been successful, comrades still need efforts throughout the &;, I believe that through the tireless efforts of all the people in the industry, unity is strength, certainly can achieve better development in 2018.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)