Print articles for daily use with algae 3D, is synthesis plastic should be washed out?

Holand stylist Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros devote oneself to to produce live thing for raw material with alga plastic, use 3D to print a technology to make material of this kind of environmental protection the articles for daily use such as tableware, water bottle, ash-bin. They hope plastic products future can be in the biology of this kind of 3D that print ave lane is done now sell now, synthesize plastic products in order to replace.

Klarenbeek and Dros try to foster to aquatic alga in their atelier, pass next dry with treatment, the live thing that gets can undertaking 3D printing gets together more content. In addition, they still can use a variety of organic raw material such as starch of fungus, potato and cocoa beans carapace to produce biology to get together more content. Their ultimate goal, it is to make biology much get together content 3D printer resembles selling in street shop like showing toast, offer for people fresh the finished product that gives heat.

Two stylist say, algae grows in its carbon dioxide can be absorbed in the process, because this uses alga manufacturing organisms is plastic because content of the carbon dioxide in atmosphere is elevatory,conduce to antagonism the whole world that bring about is calefacient. The orgnaization collaboration such as the Avans Biobased lab of radar of cloth of university of peaceful root of they and Holand made of baked clay conspicuous, Holand begins research, and answer of LUMA foundation invite in France Aerle established alga to produce a lab.

Current, the atelier of Klarenbeek and Dros raw material can is in order to produce the alga from place in Holand and law national capital, the 3D with manufacturing same pattern prints a product. In addition, they return recently in Holand art gallery of Fan Baining favour held Boyimansi to exhibit: Harvest alga from inside the pond of this art gallery and undertake machining, print through 3D next be modelled on the vitreous Tibet inside the house is tasted.

The plastic 3D goods that print has not throw afore-mentioned alga live thing commercial production, at present of short duration is not had have the news that closes city time and price.

Receive river area formal autograph arranges project of catenary of industry of machine tool of numerical control of first high end

On December 19 morning, settle of project of catenary of industry of machine tool of numerical control of high end of elder brother hill greets equipment of lake of pool of river area the Qin Dynasty to make autograph of garden of science and technology make an appointment with a ceremony to be held successfully. The autograph arranges a ceremony by the area appoint developing zone of the members of standing committee, economy that face harbor is in charge of appoint conference chairman Tao Xiaoye is chaired, warden Zhang Honghai, area appoint Yang Xu of members of standing committee, standing deputy warden east, The autograph makes an appointment with ceremonially, zhang Honghai expresses very tall hope to 8 enterprises. He expresses: Autograph of 8 industries concentration arranges project of catenary of industry of machine tool of numerical control of high end of elder brother hill settle, this is to greet project of industry of river area high end to introduce, fund of business of action of industrial catenary mode, estate aids the new breakthrough that promotes development, greet river industry transition to upgrade for decide the issue of the battle battle of assault fortified positions lays next good foundations. The conference points out, the settle of catenary project initiated industry of machine tool of numerical control of high end of elder brother hill to greet industry of river region industry to develop ” 3 one ” , namely equipment of the first high end makes an item, catenary of the first industry enrols business project, the first takes the item of capital attraction of industrial guiding fund. The autograph of this project makes an appointment with settle to enrol the port with add situation of close company cooperation and the industrial administrative levels that raise garden area, industry to be had very trade pattern, principal to greeting river area to innovate. Conference requirement, bank company of river city building should accelerate equipment of lake of pool of the Qin Dynasty to make garden of science and technology project plan, ensure to before consign throws use; to want to lean at the same time, serve on schedule, understand business demand at any time, solve difficult; to face harbor economy developing zone and each for enterprise platoon care hammer and tongs relevant section should have built favorable investment climate, increase garden business give aid to, 8 enterprises should unite service strength; the thought, development that embrace a group, in greet good bureau of Jiang Kaihao head, cloth, had called group of wolf tactics. Zhang Honghai puts forward to hoped at 3 o’clock to settle enterprise: It is to hope the company can invest a project to be start with catenary of machine tool industry, further progress is in greet the career of the river, make the industry as soon as possible do strong; greatly 2 it is to hope the business can have been used, the effect that has produced special industry to lead fund, prize greets river region industry to upgrade; 3 it is to hope to adopt fall to the ground of project of catenary of machine tool industry more, can attract catenary of industry of machine tool of numerical control of more high end Lai Yingjiang area invests relevant enterprise, produce effect of group of industry of machine tool of high-end numerical control truly, aid Li Yingjiang to be versed in already aid develops quickly.

Enterprise of machine tool of domestic and international famous numerical control why eagerly settle always plain

Recently, always plain district government comes on stage ” the opinion that makes progress of equipment industry group about accelerating the intelligence that is dominant with machine tool of high-end numerical control ” , put forward Jiang Yongchuan to make research and development of machine tool of numerical control of collect high end, production, sale, service be the regional property base of an organic whole, form 20 billion yuan of intelligence to make scale of equipment industry group to 2020. “This will make our intelligence makes equipment industry further upward! ” always garden of industry of lake of plain area phoenix is in charge of appoint conference chairman Chen Jianguo says, always plain making industry of machine tool of high-end numerical control is to multiply situation and go up, be sure to be well worth doing. As intelligence equipment industry is accelerated collect pace, the market and technology are in always plain arose by ” quantity ” to ” qualitative ” change, always plain area consider the situation, union includes intelligent equipment industry to start early precipitation good, area outstanding, profession teachs traffic advantage resource is abundant wait for an advantage, make intention of joint-stock source, promotion, put forward to make industry of machine tool of high-end numerical control: December 2016, domestic machine tool ” bibcock ” stage of operation of investment of system of alliance of machine tool equipment always plain Tai Zhengzhi can equip production industry garden is formal practice, already entered now halt machine tool of 11 numerical control is overall enterprise of enterprise, 12 form a complete set; In July 2016, group of tycoon dust mark invests German machine tool dust limited company of mark Chongqing machinery is formal practice; Last year August, domestic honing equipment and production of tool research and development are gotten army enterprise Suzhou believes autograph of can accurate mechanical limited company to make an appointment with settle, plan to build machine tool of high-end numerical control and project of automation product line; Last year in October, rank industry whole world the group of Er of sea of German benefit suddenly of the 4th, base settle produces his to arrive in Chinese gear cutting and automation always plain, future will produce per year the whole world the gear cutting machine tool of top end more than 100… last year first half of the year, always plain symbiosis produces numerical control machine tool 601, 50.3% what hold total output of machine tool of whole town numerical control, always plain industry of numerical control machine tool already took shape. Why enterprises of these machine tool of domestic and international famous numerical control eagerly settle always plain? “The swift and violent development of manufacturing industry is always plain what machine tool industry grows greatly is direct shove a hand! ” Chen Jianguo says, numerical control machine tool is equipment manufacturing industry ” machine tools ” , in recent years, make the rapid progress that waits for an industry as information of our city and circumjacent car, electron, equipment, past layout is in the enterprise of numerical control machine tool of foreland, having to the west the demand of region composition, so that market of press close to is carried. With in July 2016 of put into production dust mark is exemple, first set was sale target 2017 30 million yuan, sell a result finally near 300 million yuan, predicting future counts the workshop with year of gone ability, nowadays already ” machine is full to suffer from ” , send in full swing. Group of Er of sea of suddenly of benefit of Germany of bibcock of machine tool of global gear cutting, after the survey that undertook is as long as one year to Chinese market, choose settle finally always plain. Always plain be located in Chongqing, Chengdu between two especially big cities, be in center-west region again industry of equipment of intelligence of earlier distribution development, the professional team that made industry of machine tool of numerical control of high end of a service, will surely grab on industry of development intelligence equipment first machine. Municipal Party committee 5 3 second plenary meeting turn solid inflict intelligence lead innovation drive to develop strategic action to plan to label ” 8 strategies action plans ” head, this is always plain the development of industry of machine tool of high-end numerical control gains significant opportunity. Always plain ” the opinion that makes progress of equipment industry group about accelerating the intelligence that is dominant with machine tool of high-end numerical control ” from this emerge as the times require. This ” opinion ” made policy of 12 5 development measure, support in all, involve privilege of tax of hardware establishment construction, service system construction, wealth, content to shed each respects such as the allowance, allowance that use worker worker. Chen Jianguo expresses, had these policy, measure, they have confidence to accelerate advance industry of machine tool of high-end numerical control to grow pace, drive always plain accelerate industrial transition to upgrade, accelerate the base of modern manufacturing industry with build whole town main.

Machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment 80% home of base oneself upon

On June 26, from ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” national science and technology weighs news briefing of big special gain to learn, from 2009 project approving is carried out to 2016, special accumulative total applies for 3956 to invent patent, project approving country and occupation standard 407, research and development is of all kinds new product, new technology 2951. According to special target, to 2020, the machine tool of high-grade numerical control that the key domain such as aerospace, car makes a need and foundation make equipment home of 80% base oneself upon. “Numerical control machine tool is the cornerstone that realizes industrial modernization, its technology level is representing the integrated competition ability of a country, especially machine tool of high-grade numerical control is opposite 5 axes linkage the industry such as equipment of medical treatment of the aviation of a country, spaceflight, military affairs, scientific research, accurate instrument, high spirit is having decisive force. ” academician of Lu Bingheng of special technology total division says on the meeting. According to Introduction Lu Bingheng, by 2016, our country puts forward independently use at detecting the standard of S form test specimen of precision of machine tool of 5 axes linkage already passed international mark appoint the meeting is authorized, realized our country to detect in machine tool of high-grade numerical control field level ” 0 ” breakthrough. This standard provided referenced basis for the treatment of complex curved surface, get international society approbate. With 5 axes machining center is machine tool of high-grade numerical control, in plane model structural member, spaceflight is complex realize batch demonstrative application with the domain such as component of motor of missile of accurate structural member, flying boat, wait for a country for project of month of our country big airlines, new-style opportunity for combat, visit great and special supplied crucial production equipment with major project. For example, aviation domain, compressor of 80 thousand tons of large die forging and 10 thousand tons of class machine of drawing of aluminium board tension ” big country is heavy implement ” successful development, indicate profile makes an our country aviation enter world advanced range; Spaceflight domain, whole set of large store box solders large and equipment, puissant come back pressure get the spaceflight special type such as riveting equipment equipment, automatically to make equipment, for long march the one emissive task such as date obtained boats of 5 date, day to be offerred successfully strong prop up; The car creates a field, the car is large enclothe a market of whole world of automatic punch product line to have rate more than 30% , speak 9 product line successfully. Numerical control system is machine tool equipment ” cerebrum ” , also be the bottleneck that restricts development of industry of machine tool of our country numerical control. Should come true ” China is made 2025 ” target, cannot leave numerical control system to include the innovation of the crucial technology such as electric machinery of servo drive, servo. Introduce according to Luo Junjie of vice director of industry and department of industry of informatization ministry equipment, main technique index achieves system of our country high-grade numerical control basically already international level, broke foreign technology monopoly, crucial function component realizes batch form a complete set. 2016, numerical control machine tool is special the system of high-grade numerical control that supports research and development already accumulative total sells more than 1000, home market is had rate by special the inadequacy before starting 1% rose 5% the left and right sides. The crucial function component such as tool carrier of ball guide screw, slideway, motivation is on the crucial index such as precision, dependability already was close to international advanced level. Luo Junjie expresses, intelligence of special will close attention turns next numerical control machine tools, network develops a tendency, around layout of catenary of entire industry of machine tool industry, continuously two big focal points serve focusing aerospace, car domain, the yield that builds the key domain such as machine tool industry and war industry, car wants butt joint platform, old equipment of exert oneself filling Qi Chong is short board, promote manufacturing industry strategical transition upgrades.

Qinchuan machine tool group, and the second annual work meeting four workers congress (members)

New idea gave rise to the new results, new era towards a new journey.February 1, 2017 qinchuan machine tool group & ndash;2018 annual work meeting and two of the four times the worker (members) congress held in baoji.Group company secretary of the party committee, chairman of the board of directors Long Xingyuan, Hu Hong group co., LTD., deputy party secretary, President, group co., LTD., deputy party secretary, secretary of the discipline inspection commission, trade union chairman Wang Huaike, members of the leadership group party committee li qiang, Zhao Jiabao, zhang yi, yin-shan wang, and group main enterprise comprehensive, head, head of group, workers’ representatives of nearly 130 people to attend the meeting.Provincial sasac Wu Suping, chairman of the board of supervisors to attend the meeting.The meeting shall be presided over by Hu Hong, Wang Huaike.The main content of this meeting is: listen, discuss and review group company 2017 annual work report;Trade union work report, discussion and review group financial work report, the balance of the trade union funds;Discuss and review the main member enterprise work report;Democratic appraisal group leadership and team members;For the 2017 performed very well in the aspect of management of enterprises;Company in 2018 target plan issued;Signed in 2018 operation target responsibility, party on the cultivation of clean government responsibility, production safety responsibility.Group company party secretary, chairman Long Xingyuan titled “faith gather endogenous power reform to realize high quality new era” of the work report.According to the report, in the face of the contradiction in development of domestic machine tool industry downturn, investment and other complex situation, qinchuan group always adhere to the & other;Leading technology, pattern to win & throughout;The development of ideas and & otherThree 1\/3 & throughout;Industry layout, established with & other;+ technology + industry financial & throughout;The development of the new model, and made the mass transfer efficiency as the goal, to the stock to benefit as the theme, to the management to benefit as path, sluggish in the domestic machine tool industry as a whole and part of the upturn in under the background of the enterprise’s losses and implementation and stability of the steady positive, stability of the overall goals, high quality for the enterprise’s sustainable development laid a solid foundation.In reviewing last year’s work, Long Xingyuan pointed out that in 2017, the group with high quality development as the instruction, implements the enterprise & other;Quality + efficiency & throughout;Double upgrade.& ndash;& ndash;Digital manufacturing process equipment chain group headquarters users according to the automobile industry for nc machine tools and otherThree high & throughout;Requirements (high precision, high efficiency, high reliability), to accurately labeled path, the development of YKS7225, YKZ7230 series gear grinding machine in east China, north China, southwest and other regions quickly occupied the high-end market, entered the domestic high-end car manufacturing.YK8150 skiving machine realizes the design, production, the sales target, laid the foundation for the enterprise sustainable development.And general lathe numerical control processing center, special machine tool through the way such as management, marketing, product sales increased sharply, a 185.4% increase in the number of orders.Represented by QJK006 semal overall strength composite milling machine etc, delivery to customers of exemplary role in the field of aerospace preliminary implementation;One new plastic machinery products, among them, jointly developed with users on automobile fuel system requires the highest standards of international SCJC200 & times;6 six layers of the automotive fuel tank equipment.Thread grinding machine product to high accuracy high efficiency, automation, intelligent upgrade, which are characterized by precision thread manufacturing technology, new areas into line products successfully entered the automotive industry, improve the supply capacity of professional products high-end market segment.Cylindrical grinding machine product marketing strategy adjustment, at the same time as the deposit quantity extend new market, grasp the key industries, key projects, gradually into the auto industry, railway industry.Cutting tool products implement differentiation marketing strategy, to the advantage area layout and the high quality customers, hub cutter order quantity grows 300%, dry hob cutting market share also gradually improve, the overall alloy gear hob, worm gear hob, nc tool order quantity increased significantly.At the same time, promoting & other;5 + 1 & throughout;Market system, based on group U.S. manufacturing platform, the key to build the wen ling, grinding tool distribution service system of North America.& ndash;& ndash;Key parts of robot joint reducer to reach the mass production and sales, is now domestic products reducer manufacturers the most complete series of the robot, sign a contract for the whole year up 82%;Products successfully sold to nearly 200 robot manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad, qinchuan reducer won & other;The 2017 award for best robot parts & throughout;.High-end gear box to achieve steady growth, key parts and assembly.Pumping unit gearbox project, new material wind power products such as castings, 2500 tons of punch eccentric wheel bearing parts orders increased;22 m3 double screw compressor, LGW – 90 a batch of new products to market successfully.& ndash;& ndash;Developed with modern manufacturing services & other;Throughout 2025 & made in China;The level of digital assembly workshop, forming & other;Physical + packet & throughout;The new product form, preliminary have & other;Built throughout, with good, output &;The ability;A group of intelligent manufacturing technology production line in succession to the user, project including the guiyang Yu xing wheel car production line, the akita transmission countershaft of chongqing car mill production line, etc.Qinchuan financing lease continue to expand the brand influence, especially on the trust business to undertake profit growth for the group company provides a strong support.Company r&d continue to increase in 2017, accounting for 5.73% of the total amount of enterprise product sales, the main business income of new products accounted for more than 45%.Throughout the year a total of 102 items to develop new products and improve the key products, break through a number of key core technology, transformation and upgrading of the next step to consolidate the foundation for the company.Since 2013, the host, to participate in the formulation of international standards, national standards, union nearly 30 standards and industry standards, enterprise standards formulated by more than 20.By the end of 2017, the company undertakes the national major projects of science and technology, 67, 22, and lead to undertake in 45, forming a large number of major technology at home and abroad to fill gaps.Long Xingyuan stressed that in July last year, prime minister li keqiang after inspection group company, the company & other;Hope China qinchuan machine tool equipment, towards the world & throughout;Instructions, we have to keep in mind the prime minister, and to not I stay, person’s spirit, create a new situation group work.In the deployment work this year, Long Xingyuan pointed out: 2018 is & otherMuch starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Key which forms a connecting link between the preceding year and the 19th largest held after establishment of the concept of high quality development.Work to adapt to the new era of enterprise management, focus on the new target, the implementation of the new deployment, a new task.A total tone is to stick to seek improvement in stability, adhere to the innovation development idea, to the guideline of design consulting, customization in order to meet user needs as the content, in whole life cycle management for path, improve quality, efficiency, change change, dynamic change, continue to improve the total factor productivity;Second, introduce lean production management mode, fully to & other;Policy management & throughout;As the gripper, in & other;To the management to benefit, to the stock to benefit & throughout;Fluctuation kongfu.3 it is to clarify the development ideas, and accurate to the international advanced standard.In 2018, will be to improve technology innovation, management as the core driving force, cling to two directions: one is the eyes inward, management innovation, reform of operation mode, including the reform of budget examination system, efforts to improve profitability;Implementing innovation drive, power in key areas, strengthen the core competitive advantage;Strengthen party construction, constructs the enterprise development the new normal.Promote the reform of talent mode innovation and incentive mechanism;Practice & other;Double gen & throughout;Strategy, to promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises;To strengthen financial management, ensure the enterprise development.Second, eyes to the outside, weatherwise, expand the industrial development space.Including building our province & other;Three navigation\/two machine & throughout;The key parts processing base;Establish the robot key components industry in our province (chain) innovation center, accelerate the robot reducer large-scale production and sales;The deepening of international market, to promote cooperation and overseas;Pays special attention to yancheng base construction, strengthen the yancheng base as the center of the east China total service status;Business model innovation, strengthen the cutter distribution center demonstration effect.Wu Suping, chairman of the board of supervisors in the speech of qinchuan group’s achievements in 2017 gave a high praise, and analyses the advantages of group development and direction guidance, points out that qinchuan group to xi jinping, new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, insist on high quality development, focus on the overall Labour productivity, profit margins, and the contribution of research and development of industrialization, tightly grasp the pulse of The Times, firmly grasp the development opportunity of manufacturing industry, to strengthen the management, renew the idea, stimulate innovation enthusiasm, it updated talent progress, equipment, advanced technology, exquisite workmanship, capital security, harmonious and orderly, and became the backbone of the nation’s modern manufacturing!The representatives focus around the company’s work report, the trade union work report of the group discussion, and the group in 2018, the main work, how to promote to improve the labor productivity, and & other;Double gen & throughout;The content such as many constructive Suggestions are put forward.The worker representatives attending the meeting unanimously passed the report in the form of a vote.The meeting also performed very well for 2017 awards the enterprise and the team.Yancheng qinchuan huaxing and qinchuan machine tool institute of technology to obtain this part & other;Science and technology innovation & throughout;;Baoji machine tool and the department first division machine tool plant & other;Market development award & throughout;;The second division headquarters gear factory and baoji machine tool and group budget examination department & other;Management promotion award & throughout;;The han river tools for & other;Management contribution & throughout;.Long Xingyuan, Wu Suping, Zhao Jiabao, Tian Sha, Guo Baoan leadership award units awarded MEDALS and prizes respectively.During the meeting, the company also with the enterprise respectively signed the management goal responsibility of 2018, the party in 2018 to build a clean government responsibility, the safe production responsibility of 2018.(the original title: group company and the second annual work meeting four workers | (members) congress chairman Long Xingyuan work report) (source: qinchuan machine tool group)