A round of Mid-Autumn festival moon rise Taizhou joy of nc machine tool plant I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival

Round of the Mid-Autumn full moon rose, the goddess of the moon dance to make clear, chrysanthemum fragrance from autumn night, shenzhen to admire the scenery.The Mid-Autumn festival is a traditional Chinese festival, the moon satisfactory symbolize reunion, so also called & other;The mid autumn festival & throughout;.On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn festival approaching, taizhou, numerical control machine tool plant (hereinafter referred to as “& other;Le chi throughout nc &;)All staff to wish the national machine tool industry happy Mid-Autumn festival!Wish everybody happy Mid-Autumn festival, the mid autumn festival with great delight, her love happy happy happy happy home.Taizhou joy, numerical control machine tool plant I wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival machine tool industry in taizhou joy, numerical control machine tool plant is the production of CNC wire cutting and CNC engraving machine of professional manufacturers, has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification.With high, intermediate technical personnel dozens of enterprises, excellent processing equipment, complete testing equipment, product by jiangsu taizhou bureau of technical supervision inspection qualified, and form a batch production ability.Le chi nc products with reliable quality to win good praise by the majority of users, successively is evaluated many times for & other;Star enterprise of jiangsu province & throughout;, & otherJiangsu famous enterprises throughout the &;, & otherJiangsu province advanced unit grasp quality, honest & throughout;, & otherThe national quality service prestige AAA – demonstration unit & throughout;, le numerical control production line engraving machine is evaluated & otherJiangsu province quality product & throughout;.Le chi nc products with precision ball screw, guide roller type structure, with good rigidity, large bearing capacity, smooth transmission and high precision.Machine adopts low bed mechanism, reduce the labor intensity clamping.Machine tool control system according to customer requirements with the single machine and 586 computers to choose from, can satisfy all kinds of mold, cutting tool and widely mechanical parts processing and manufacturing.In the past two years, according to the market demand, music developed LQDK series CNC engraving machine, CNC since put on the market, favored by customers, evaluation is very high, especially the good rigidity, high precision, stable running, etc, highly welcome users.With the high quality service to win the user, it is lucky numerical control have been pursuing.In the process of research and development, production and develop the market, lucky using numerical control through repeated practice, mastered a lot of firsthand material.Bold innovation, excellence, trial and error and to listen to your customers, improve product quality.In the improvement from the perspective of the customer, make product more fit the needs of customers.Time is always in a hurry, this year’s Mid-Autumn festival will come.Le chi CNC borrow machine e-commerce platform in China, I wish a happy Mid-Autumn festival machine tool industry!At the same time thanks to the same industry friends and customers at home and abroad to the company’s support and trust, wish the new and old customers and business partners Mid-Autumn festival reunion, moon cake circle person together.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced please indicate the source link.)