Machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment 80% home of base oneself upon

On June 26, from ” machine tool of high-grade numerical control and foundation make equipment ” national science and technology weighs news briefing of big special gain to learn, from 2009 project approving is carried out to 2016, special accumulative total applies for 3956 to invent patent, project approving country and occupation standard 407, research and development is of all kinds new product, new technology 2951. According to special target, to 2020, the machine tool of high-grade numerical control that the key domain such as aerospace, car makes a need and foundation make equipment home of 80% base oneself upon. “Numerical control machine tool is the cornerstone that realizes industrial modernization, its technology level is representing the integrated competition ability of a country, especially machine tool of high-grade numerical control is opposite 5 axes linkage the industry such as equipment of medical treatment of the aviation of a country, spaceflight, military affairs, scientific research, accurate instrument, high spirit is having decisive force. ” academician of Lu Bingheng of special technology total division says on the meeting. According to Introduction Lu Bingheng, by 2016, our country puts forward independently use at detecting the standard of S form test specimen of precision of machine tool of 5 axes linkage already passed international mark appoint the meeting is authorized, realized our country to detect in machine tool of high-grade numerical control field level ” 0 ” breakthrough. This standard provided referenced basis for the treatment of complex curved surface, get international society approbate. With 5 axes machining center is machine tool of high-grade numerical control, in plane model structural member, spaceflight is complex realize batch demonstrative application with the domain such as component of motor of missile of accurate structural member, flying boat, wait for a country for project of month of our country big airlines, new-style opportunity for combat, visit great and special supplied crucial production equipment with major project. For example, aviation domain, compressor of 80 thousand tons of large die forging and 10 thousand tons of class machine of drawing of aluminium board tension ” big country is heavy implement ” successful development, indicate profile makes an our country aviation enter world advanced range; Spaceflight domain, whole set of large store box solders large and equipment, puissant come back pressure get the spaceflight special type such as riveting equipment equipment, automatically to make equipment, for long march the one emissive task such as date obtained boats of 5 date, day to be offerred successfully strong prop up; The car creates a field, the car is large enclothe a market of whole world of automatic punch product line to have rate more than 30% , speak 9 product line successfully. Numerical control system is machine tool equipment ” cerebrum ” , also be the bottleneck that restricts development of industry of machine tool of our country numerical control. Should come true ” China is made 2025 ” target, cannot leave numerical control system to include the innovation of the crucial technology such as electric machinery of servo drive, servo. Introduce according to Luo Junjie of vice director of industry and department of industry of informatization ministry equipment, main technique index achieves system of our country high-grade numerical control basically already international level, broke foreign technology monopoly, crucial function component realizes batch form a complete set. 2016, numerical control machine tool is special the system of high-grade numerical control that supports research and development already accumulative total sells more than 1000, home market is had rate by special the inadequacy before starting 1% rose 5% the left and right sides. The crucial function component such as tool carrier of ball guide screw, slideway, motivation is on the crucial index such as precision, dependability already was close to international advanced level. Luo Junjie expresses, intelligence of special will close attention turns next numerical control machine tools, network develops a tendency, around layout of catenary of entire industry of machine tool industry, continuously two big focal points serve focusing aerospace, car domain, the yield that builds the key domain such as machine tool industry and war industry, car wants butt joint platform, old equipment of exert oneself filling Qi Chong is short board, promote manufacturing industry strategical transition upgrades.