National science and technology major projects super-heavy CNC single column moving through the final acceptance of the vertical milling lathe subject

??On September 26, the ministry of industry development promotion center, nine experts in tianjin seric machine equipment co., LTD to borne by wuhan heavy duty machine tool group co., LTD., main of national science and technology major projects & ndash;& ndash;& other;Super-heavy move single-column vertical milling lathe & throughout;Subject to task final acceptance, the project passed the acceptance of the expert group.Move CKX53280 super-heavy CNC single column vertical milling lathe for machining specifications in the world’s largest vertical milling lathe, with large bearing, high efficiency, high precision, wide range of processing, high reliability, etc.Equipment largest processing 28 meters in diameter and bearing of 800 tons, processing and 13 meters high, the radial runout table 0.015 mm, workbench arbitrary dividing precision & plusmn;2 & Prime;The five indicators are in the world.The equipment have cars, milling, drilling, boring, grinding compound processing function, can realize parts a card to complete all or most of the machining process, can be used for million kilowatt of PWR nuclear reactor pressure vessel (processed nearly 13 m), core bracketplant, steam generator in nuclear power high rotary parts processing, as well as the turbine runner body, and the rotation of the rotating floating crane bearing all large tonnage, power station rotor bracket, bottom ring, base, drum of mines, and other areas of the water and electricity and ship key bulk processing.Since put into production application, operation is stable, reliable performance, greatly improving the user’s processing efficiency and product quality, the user to expand the service ability of many countries, created the huge economic benefits for the user.Successful development of this project at the same time, to solve the nuclear power generation capacity, water and electricity breakthroughs in China must kw problem, broke the strategic core machine equipment in the developed countries on our country’s monopoly and technology blockade, marked the domestic production capacity significantly increased heavy and super-heavy machine tool equipment, for the development of a strategic equipment in key areas has made a significant contribution.Wu Chong group in recent years, adhere to the user as the center, around & other;Heavy emphasis on machine tools and special throughout the &;Strategic layout, give full play to the Wu Chong group creative ability in the field of machine tools, with high speed and high precision, multi-axis linkage control as the goal, to digital, networked, intelligent direction, implementation & other;Article 20 the science and technology innovation & throughout;Stimulate the innovation of the scientific and technological personnel, research and development of the VT series high-speed vertical lathe, HB series high speed milling and boring machine, GM series CNC boring and milling machine, high speed and high precision;Undertake the gas turbine car milling machining center frog key projects and rail transit automation processing production line, etc.Further highlight the core of market orientation, the pursuit of the key and value creation of the application of the user, implementation & other;Service + & throughout;, & otherProduct + & throughout;And & otherInternet + & throughout;Three shift, make Wu Chong products constantly to meet the needs of user customization, flexible production, create value for customers, for international first-class high-end equipment manufacturing group Wu Chong construction to lay the solid foundation.????(the original title: national science and technology major projects moving super-heavy CNC single column vertical milling lathe subject through the final acceptance) (source: machinery expo)