New red dog reporting year abundant zhongke fine feeling happy New Year to the national people’s

Old chicken spirit song Japan Korea, new red dog years feng.The pace of the New Year drew near, snowflakes flying sky seems to be to publicize the sovereignty of wintry day, as the saying goes, & other;Winter wheat cover three layer is, did sleep pillow steamed bread & throughout;, I believe 2018 will be a harvest year.The Spring Festival is coming, zhongke fine sense of intelligence (Beijing) technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other;Zhongke fine feeling throughout the &;)All the staff in the good of the national people’s happy New Year!Zhongke fine sense of intelligence (Beijing) technology co., LTD. Happy New Year to the national people’s looking back in 2017, under the strong support of new and old customers, zhongke fine feeling won the outstanding performance, winning a number of honorary machine field.This is not only the zhongke fine feeling about 2017 years to achieve the goals of enterprises, but also zhongke fine feeling in the machine tool path to feedback of beginner’s mind.In 2017, the market conditions, division of pure feeling use practical actions to prove their leading enterprise in the field of optical machine status.In 2017, for many machine tool enterprises is crucial for a year, in the manufacturing industry to push & otherMachine throughout substitution &;Under the trend of division of pure feeling to seize opportunities, the first time to upgrade enterprise’s machine tool equipment, make it more conform to the demand of the automatic production.To create in line with market demand, the user really need machine tool products, division of pure feeling staff in-depth investigation machine tool market in China, the development of SDC – 16, SDC – 16, SDC – 50 ends, SDC – 60 and a series of high precision CNC lathes, loved by customers.High precision CNC roll version on both ends of the aspheric surface grinding machine, CNC boring machine, ultra-precision CNC cylindrical milling machine and JMMDJ—300 a diamond cutting tool grinding machine product is to fill the gaps in the field of ultra precision machine tools in China.DJC – 350 – a ultra-precision single point diamond turning (top left), ZJC – 10 b cone CNC lathe (lower left), ultra-precision CNC aspheric grinding machine (right) over the past year, zhongke fine feeling to finish the task successfully, obtained a series of honorary titles, has won wide praise from all walks of life.The achievement and honor, is a manifestation of the division of pure feeling is growing stronger, but also the strength of machine tool industry to division of pure feeling certainly.Looking forward to the future, the New Year, zhongke fine feeling will be in the scientific and technological innovation, technological innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation, service innovation, management innovation and so on continues to strive for perfection, promoting the core competitiveness of enterprises constantly, setting up enterprise brand, and stronger national brand, promote the leap-forward development of the enterprise, meet new journey with high morale.Old 2018 record downturn in the market, zhongke fine feeling grounded, continuous innovation, create seiko products for machine tool users;When the market better, zhongke fine feeling carefully research and development, strives for perfection to produce more high quality machine tools.In 2018 has come, zhongke fine feeling in the nc machine also has been on the road ahead.Zhongke fine feeling about something in the future will bring the trust of users to meet the challenge of the larger, presents a new situation of our machine tool market and make unremitting efforts.Also hope that in the future development road, and more machine tools people learn from each other, each other to improve, strengthen cooperation, benign competition, the power of the machine tool industry in China.Finally, zhongke fine feeling all staff to wish again and meet to the national people’s red dog, happy holidays!(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)