Percussion horseshoe disease steed machinery happy New Year, new and old users

The chicken to the jade pool the big news is that dog for the earth to the awaken of spring.Golden words, old dog orientation.At the beginning of a New Year, such as the rising sun and the earth, for people brought joy and peace, happiness and reunion.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, m reunion, taizhou area ‘horse machinery factory (hereinafter referred to as & other;Steed throughout mechanical &;)To over the past year with the staff hard work of all my colleagues in the machine tool industry and has long been a steed machinery huge support and encourage the new and old customers and partners the most sincere blessings, I wish you happiness in the New Year a happy family,.Taizhou, called ‘, haiyang, state built down south, wenchang northern song dynasty, JianRong with rhyme, assemble the wind of the jianghuai, known as the auspicious lucky and auspicious state.Here the humanities ceremony, MingXian, & other;Element of Confucianism, the wind fill, crown of huainan & throughout;.After the reform and opening up, economic boom here, eight street nine message, business like a cloud.Steed machinery is one of the taizhou best, ‘top dog.Steed machinery was established in 2005, is located in taizhou ‘district, is one specialized is engaged in the cutting hole, brisk walking wire equipment, machine production of well-known manufacturers.After a decade of rapid development, the company in 2012 by taizhou special processing industry association director unit, now has a large number of engineering and technical personnel engaged in product development and quality control.Company complete machining equipment, detection means perfect, with large gantry rail grinding machine, boring and milling center, laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, such as many sets of import processing equipment.Have a universal tool microscope, such as dynamic balance checking instrument testing equipment.For many years, the horse machinery is always taizhou line among the enterprises, the production of machine tools, accessories, both in technology and quality has always been ahead of peers.Investigate its reason, can be summed up in two points: one is the heavy quality, heavy technology enterprise development strategy.Steed machinery focus on technology research and development of products, and hired a large number of technical personnel, formed its own technical team, for the product into the high-tech content, and pay attention to product quality, the unit through the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification of qualified, all the products adopt scientific aging treatment, ensure that every factory products is stable and reliable service life.Have such a strategy to make horse machinery in wire-cutting enterprises to develop a school of one’s own, and coquettish.2 it is to enjoy the beauty of words, complement each other.Steed machinery experience multiple enterprise upgrading, and always maintain cooperation with the outside world, sought to put others a long time to repair the short of itself.With the cooperation with Hong Kong technology is bring out the best in each other.In cooperation with Hong Kong science and technology personnel, horse improvement techniques, make up the shortcomings, to improve the problem on the machine tool product, finally introduced a quality, popular in wire cutting machine tool, realize the cost of countrymen in silking do walking wire high precision mould’s dream.Because of the above two points, is horse machinery won a high reputation in the industry, also won the user’s favorite.When it comes to the user, have to mention horse takes good care of services and machinery for the user.For a long time, horse machinery to users as a best friend, courser that only a user’s affirmation is the biggest wealth, so the horse also touched by the user, to the best products, I will the best service to give back to the user.Horse more than ten years, constantly improve the service system, set up more than 20 offices in domestic and pin after service department, in order to quickly solve the pre-sale, sale, after-sale service, can snap of the user, understand user needs.& other;Integrity, endeavoring, pragmatic, harmony, to survive in the tough & throughout;Stick to the enterprise idea, this is the horse machinery, simple and plain.In the New Year, the horse machinery will continue to adhere to continue, constantly blaze new trails in the machine tool industry, go forward, strive for chickens, have add much pleased, dog year to the next level.Finally, horse machinery together with all the staff wish again the old and new users and partners in the New Year everything goes well, the career promotion, progress further!(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)