Print articles for daily use with algae 3D, is synthesis plastic should be washed out?

Holand stylist Eric Klarenbeek and Maartje Dros devote oneself to to produce live thing for raw material with alga plastic, use 3D to print a technology to make material of this kind of environmental protection the articles for daily use such as tableware, water bottle, ash-bin. They hope plastic products future can be in the biology of this kind of 3D that print ave lane is done now sell now, synthesize plastic products in order to replace.

Klarenbeek and Dros try to foster to aquatic alga in their atelier, pass next dry with treatment, the live thing that gets can undertaking 3D printing gets together more content. In addition, they still can use a variety of organic raw material such as starch of fungus, potato and cocoa beans carapace to produce biology to get together more content. Their ultimate goal, it is to make biology much get together content 3D printer resembles selling in street shop like showing toast, offer for people fresh the finished product that gives heat.

Two stylist say, algae grows in its carbon dioxide can be absorbed in the process, because this uses alga manufacturing organisms is plastic because content of the carbon dioxide in atmosphere is elevatory,conduce to antagonism the whole world that bring about is calefacient. The orgnaization collaboration such as the Avans Biobased lab of radar of cloth of university of peaceful root of they and Holand made of baked clay conspicuous, Holand begins research, and answer of LUMA foundation invite in France Aerle established alga to produce a lab.

Current, the atelier of Klarenbeek and Dros raw material can is in order to produce the alga from place in Holand and law national capital, the 3D with manufacturing same pattern prints a product. In addition, they return recently in Holand art gallery of Fan Baining favour held Boyimansi to exhibit: Harvest alga from inside the pond of this art gallery and undertake machining, print through 3D next be modelled on the vitreous Tibet inside the house is tasted.

The plastic 3D goods that print has not throw afore-mentioned alga live thing commercial production, at present of short duration is not had have the news that closes city time and price.