Shenyang machine tool: domestic first sets five-axis efficient composite materials processing center through customer acceptance

On August 15, shenyang machine tool research and development of efficient composite five axis machining center through the important customer pre-acceptance aerospace field.The success of this device not only realizes aerospace equipment technology research and development and application of a major breakthrough, can replace imported equipment at the same time, has become one of the leading technology and equipment in the international aerospace manufacturing.Shenyang machine tool: domestic first sets of composite five-axis high efficiency machining center popularity through customer acceptance of the aerospace field & other;Aluminum alloy throughout time &;Is in the past, are gradually replacing metal alloy material is aviation composite materials.At present, the composite material accounted for the proportion of the airframe is higher and higher, an airbus A380 aircraft on composite materials accounted for 22% of the body structural weight, and composite materials in a Boeing 787 aircraft accounted for 50% of the body structural weight, composite material as the primary structural materials, modern large-scale commercial is the future development direction of aerospace materials.Because of the particularity of composite materials, and otherDustproof, explosion-proof, prevent oil & throughout;The perfection of requirement, the main function of processing equipment parts must conform to the double pendulum head servo seal hard indexes such as vacuuming and space.Internationally, the processing of composite material of equipment from Germany and the United States, mostly of sophisticated equipment imported and domestic enterprises often is limited by technology.Shenyang aerospace industry group in the long-term focus on the process of typical parts industry technology research, understand industry trends, processing characteristics and efficient GMC4060u composites for five axis machining center first applied fully enclosed protection, protection of top new technologies such as automatic open-close mechanism, to solve the composite materials processing and otherPain points throughout the &;.& other;Composite materials processing capacity is small, but the processing cost is higher, more difficult, the value is more expensive, relatively closed between protection and dust all the way, such as oil is the key point of composite material of nc machining equipment, shenyang machine tool are achieved breakthrough on the key points.Throughout the &;Responsible for the acceptance of a certain institute of aviation materials, said an expert & other;Shenyang machine tool GMC4060u five-axis efficient composite materials processing center in the future there will be a huge market application.Throughout the &;GMC4060u efficient composite materials research and development of five axis machining center of success, also has become the focus of efficient composite materials processing industry, in July, 2017 advanced composite intelligent manufacturing and efficient processing technology exchange meeting was held in dalian university of technology international conference centre, the aerospace industry group as the only invited to attend the domestic machine tool industry enterprises.& other;Composites five-axis & throughout;The success of the project not only reveals the aerospace industry group on five-axis products technical advantages and strong manufacturing capabilities, but also promote the overall development of machine tool products is one of the important marks.In aerospace manufacturing sector, special equipment for aerospace companies in the world, is a product of a single, and able to provide users with professional processing equipment, special equipment, technology solutions, parts processing outsourcing, life cycle services after five categories of products and services such as enterprise, shenyang machine tool group is the first machine tool industry, aerospace industry.From aluminum alloy processing to the titanium alloy;From common parts to precision parts;From metal material to nonmetallic material, from part to part, to the aircraft engine assembly line, shenyang machine tool service field more and more wide.(the original title: shenyang machine tool group, research and development of the domestic first sets of composite five-axis high machining center through customer acceptance) (source: northeast news)