Treasure when walking thread cutting machine tool, nc C5 of IDEA of industrial design gold medal in North America

IDEA of excellent industrial Design award (International Design Excellence nessuah brokerage allow) is one of the world’s three major industrial Design.In this year of industrial design awards in suzhou treasure at CNC wire cutting for north American IDEA in C5 industrial design gold award, is China’s electric processing machine tool industry has only won the title of products.Treasure when walking thread cutting machine tool, nc C5 of north American IDEA of industrial design gold medal in suzhou treasure at nc equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Headquarters is located in suzhou wuzhong economic and technological development zone, jiangsu province, was founded in January 2011, is a focus on wire-cut edm machine, wire cutting machine tools and CNC numerical control system in global research and development, test and manufacture of mechanical processing and mold manufacturing equipment and technology suppliers, its production of the treasure within a closed loop to walk the silk machine for many fortune 500 companies customers to use and recognition.On this basis, the treasure when the company with advanced production equipment, systematic management, excellent r&d team won nearly 70 patents of invention and utility model and appearance, with nearly 20 counts of software copyright, new laid a solid foundation for various products.Under this background, the C5 in wire cutting machine tool’s invention won the high praise.C5 in wire cutting machine tool set a number of innovative technology in one, a comprehensive machine tool of the technological level of ascension.At the same time, the application of the five emerging technology including conductive block by wire system, the traditional closed loop control mode, track the actual accuracy is more accurate, again without artificial silk and intervention, to make the cutting process is more precise and smooth and efficient.Win the honor, will inspire the treasure company strengthen the practice and development in related areas, booster treasure company when walking on the innovation and the international market to develop deeper and further.(the original title: suzhou treasure at nc C5 walks silk thread cutting machine tool for north American IDEA of industrial design in the gold medal) (source: news)