Fine tastes shop to decode ” new retail ” compose establishs group of ecology of snacks kingdom data

Just go 2017, new retail ” becomes “ undoubtedly year key heats up one of words. This year, of retail trade change big screen is pulled open, numerous company put to good use is respective strategic tactics, the attempt seeks the development way that ego breaks through. From the inn of door of one wife and children 11 years ago, have 37 million member to nowadays inn of 2000 much doors, fine tastes shop to realize ego to change ceaselessly. The “ number drive that conducted yesterday makes snacks more delicate ”2018 is new retail share on the meeting, fine tasted shop to answer new retail era with exploration and practice achievement, how recreational snacks business does good product and backside hold to with accumulate. Inside and outside holds repaired digitlization concurrently to transform talk of   instantly industry to say surely new retail, want will new retail fall to the ground truly however, it is to use the line on line of digitlization get through substantially, achieve complete consumer behavior orbit dog research, realize “ finally to experience with consumer the company operation efficiency that is central ” promotes thereby. Leave getaway company as the line, fine tastes the informatization layout of shop to develop synchronism with the enterprise almost. 2008, do not hold water, just open 100 store, father is one-time take out total profit ——1000 10 thousand yuan, on line door inn informatization runs a system. 2009, fine tastes shop to go up again line storehouse informatization runs a system, this system can ensure order of door inn filling money gets response inside 4 hours, still can choose urgent order is first deliver goods. What fine tastes shop now is automatic filling money system, can undertake matching completely through big data system. Fine tasted the line on store of flagship of shop day cat 2012, order of a day often can reach one door store the amount of a month. A lot of enterprises can encounter this one problem in new retail practice, namely on-line inventory is empty, but commodity is lying in the storehouse below the line actually. Only a strong cerebra, the information with will scattered ability is integrated. This “ is the most powerful cerebral ” , was September 2015 fine tastes shop and IBM and SAP to reach collaboration, the system of big data tiring-room that builds jointly. Before help fine taste shop get through through IBM in back end. In the meantime, fine tasted shop to start step of the most important new retail strategy 2017, the construction of wisdom door inn. Begin from June, until double 11 eve, with get through of the collaboration in A 2100 doors inn, finished insider data, pay, the butt joint of financial business accounting and system of big data sale. Retail to becoming entity fine tastes shop for, the meaning with wisdom door the largest store, it is the growth that brought sale not only, the data of 37 million insider that is will whole trench more is further get through. The inn below the line can support a hand to clean out, also can support 2 dimension code to trade, this makes consumer online below can gain more convenient shopping experience. In the meantime, as a result of get through the member system of the brand, consumer can run under one’s name centrally inside Taobao Passport the member of all brands gets stuck, obtain what the line on the line issues integral to connect keep an exchange. “ insists to make best product only”New retail era, any domains are good the product is core competition ability from beginning to end. Shop author Yang Gongchun is tasted to look in fine, delicious ’ of ‘ of “ snacks market is the most crucial buy choice ingredient, delicious backside, from technology of raw material, production, optimal edible period, nutrient composition and healthy recipe is to assure delicious crucial element. ”It is reported, fine tastes shop to be in start beginning placed such first heart: Should be the delicate snacks with best whole world centrally at the door client home. At that time, inn of door of this wife and children sells many 60 snacks only, the intention of backside however not simple. Virgin group is encircled in flourishing Wu Anshang full survey two months, try to master people to love eating variety and taste most; On the other hand, for selection, they went around factory of a hunderd schools on the whole nation, fumble how delicious sock is made. At this late hour, the commodity research and development that fine tastes shop to had had 200 much people and article accuse a group, developed 1500 snacks. It is reported, to catch the consumptive trend of metabolic multiterminal, fine tastes shop to consider to consume big data with Zhou Wei unit, average more than 2 million clients comment on every months of capture. Fine tasted shop to go up in the round 2016 system of aspirations of client of route entire network, big to be being gotten from inside huge customer evaluation data and keyword, set out from the client’s angle date from problem. “ came last year in March only in September, we adopt client aspirations system, mining exceeds ten million client to evaluate data, the opportunity that gained the many sided such as growth of product improvement, in-house operation, sale is nodded. 10 sheet are tasted adjusted taste, 15 sheet are tasted adjusted the norms that pack, each created ten million yuan the sale increment of above. ” fine tastes shop Zhao Gang of senior vice president introduces. Current, fine tastes shop to be in new retail distribution and step are clearer and clearer, already reached in the industry good public praise was established in consumer. Announce in Alibaba ” 2017 days of cats double 11 authority release a trend to report ” in exposure, the brand of ” of wisdom door inn that fine tastes shop to obtain “ consumer to love to ramble most the first; 2017 “ double 12 ” , door inn sale is achieved 80 million, whole trench is broken through 160 million, trade in what public praise announces in frontal data, list recreational snacks category the first. Label: Fine tastes shop statement of new retail snacks: 1, the article fastens this net editor to reprint, do not represent this website approval its viewpoint and to its authenticity has responsible, textual research. 2, if the article involves its work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this net inside 30 days please, we will be in undertake corresponding processing for a short while! [return list | Join collect | Print this page] annual solicits contributinos / information cooperates: