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Ought the small white milk that normal temperature saves, put in cold ark sale, the entrance “ bogus that go out exposes to the sun before can’ting help letting person couplet think of this cling to family name ” suckles a phenomenon. Regard Cody as the strategic product of lacteal industry, “ Xiaobai suckles ” temporarily limelight is not had 2. After roll out, small white milk makes network red product for a time, sales volume is as high as everyday 300 tons, to Cody promotion of lacteal industry outstanding achievement has crucial effect. But, small white milk is in the backside with rapid red leap up, however drag in gives an unbeknown increase chain. Beijing business signs up for a reporter to investigate discovery, as the Cody that normal temperature suckles Xiaobai is suckled, sell greatly in each all the year round however in field with cling to family name grandma is in the sale in cold ark together, and in be being carried, small white milk also is with normal temperature means undertakes carriage, be not cling to the cold chain that family name grandma asks is carried. Because produce, carry the requirement that waits for link to differ, cling to price of family name grandma wants grandma of prep above normal temperature, dan Kedi Xiaobai is suckled raise social status in order to refrigerate grandma of means sale normal temperature oneself, every bags 3 yuan of right-and-left price are very supreme at cling to family name grandma, small white milk pays the Cody that this means consumer to need to be ” of “ normal temperature “ cling to price of family name ” . Cold ark of normal temperature product saves   to be below consumptive idea change, consumer also is in to the consumption of dairy produce promotion. Sell greatly in each in field, the bright milk all the more in cold ark is loved by consumer. It is fresh that consumer buys what milk pursues, cling to because family name grandma stores time is short, be regarded as to be opposite the best explanation of bright grandma. But, at present a few normal temperature are suckled also “ crowded ” was entered cling to the family name suckles a group of people of same interest. Beijing business signs up for a reporter to discover in visit, with cling to the milk product that the family name suckles “ near neighbour and of house ” is bag of a few transparent package normally, the milk of these transparent package is the small white milk that Cody breeds course of study is produced. Because be packed distinctly,Xiaobai suckles Cody also be called ” of “ net red milk. Happy unlike common interest pack and housetop box outfit, this product uses transparent and plastic in bags, the expiration period is 20-30 day about. Basically undertake selling in supermarket and network, price is controlled for 3 yuan. Although Cody is small white milk and all sorts of cling to family name grandma undertakes selling in cold ark together, but business of the Beijing after examining this product instruction card signs up for reporter discovery, xiaobai suckles Cody is breast of sterilization of a complete fat, in microtherm airtight condition falls can save 28 days, the beard after open is refrigerated in the environment of 2-6 ℃ , and as soon as possible drinkable. This is meant, this product is normal temperature grandma, do not need to be sold in cold ark. However, a normal temperature that does not need to undertake refrigerating selling suckles a product, the much home such as happy in Yong Huichao city, home blessing, Ou Shang is at present large in the supermarket, xiaobai suckles Cody to be placed however undertake selling in cold ark. A supermarket employee expresses, because go to a supermarket working hours is shorter, not clear why can place sell in cold ark. When “ just came, Xiaobai suckles Cody even if be in cold ark, when follow-up product is updated, also be to place likewise undertake selling in cold ark. She says ” . In fact, xiaobai suckles Cody to consumer choose and buy misdirect also arises when this product. Reporter of Beijing business newspaper interviewed many choose and buy in the supermarket the consumer that Xiaobai suckles Cody, but majority expresses not to know this product belongs to the sterilization milk that needs normal temperature to save only, and rather than needs the bright milk that microtherm saves. Lady of citizen the Song Dynasty says: “ Xiaobai suckles the Cody that I think to suckle the sale in be being put in cold ark likewise with other low temperature all the time is microtherm delicacy grandma, also pack the expiration period of backside too alertly, expiration period of many days 20 compares this product really delicacy of other low temperature is suckled only expiration period of a few days should grow, but thinking is the special place that manufacturer is packing craft to go up, make Cody small suckle grandma of delicacy of this kind of low temperature to be able to be saved for long in vain. ”    According to Cody Xiaobai suckles the ticket information of packet of mount to show, the executive standard of this product is “GB25190” , with the common and average normal temperature that pack pure milk does not have clear distinction, look from executive standard, xiaobai suckles Cody to be the normal temperature on common sense to suckle only. In store of flagship of food of Dong Kedi is in Beijing, customer service personnel tells Beijing business signs up for a reporter, xiaobai suckles Cody is not cling to family name grandma, through high temperature antiseptic craft normal temperature is saved can, also carry for common express in carriage link, do not need to undertake cold chain is carried. He expresses: “ low temperature is saved is mouthfeel only the meeting is better. ” at the same time, a Cody breeds trade district selling manager says frankly, in carrying a process, Xiaobai suckles Cody is normal temperature is carried, do not need to refrigerate a car to undertake carriage. Regular meeting is connected to be put in cold ark when selling a sale, can improve product mouthfeel on one hand, the product that is put in cold ark additionally is OK “ lasts ” . Xiaobai suckles Cody to breed as sterilization of a complete fat, show this product is not “ Xian Niu to suckle ” . Breast of complete fat sterilization is high temperature normally antiseptic product, the producer pattern that packs milk with common UHT is same, cold ark middleman and guarantor is put is for mouthfeel only better, after consumer can be bought completely, come home in be being put in freezer, save, but at present consumer needs what small white milk goes out in cold storage consumer package to be Cody cling to false appearance of family name grandma buys sheet. In fact, ought the small white milk that normal temperature saves, put in cold ark sale, the entrance “ bogus that go out exposes to the sun before can’ting help letting person couplet think of this cling to family name ” suckles a phenomenon. As we have learned, entrance cling to the expiration period that the family name suckles is mainland cling to double what the family name suckles, and antiseptic technology was not tagged on the product, tag on body of a few products even for “ high temperature antiseptic ” , put however in microtherm goods shelves, give customer with microtherm cling to the false appearance that the family name suckles. These cling to microtherm store has after product of family name grandma may use technology of high temperature sterilization, it is microtherm grandma it seems that, actually is “ bogus cling to family name ” . Song Liang of analyst of advanced milk industry thinks, all Xiaobai is not to suckle a product in the market is normal temperature grandma, small white milk because transparent package, because this is put in a consideration that cold ark may be a businessman on the sale. What   of ecbolic increase chain is worth usury embellish to be carried is, regard a normal temperature as the product, xiaobai suckles Cody to be sold in cold ark, a main reason depends on with at present the price photograph of this product matchs, achieve gain thereby the biggest change. Song Liang expresses: Grandma of “ normal temperature is sold in cold ark, in promotion product mouthfeel while, can promote a product class, relatively at normal temperature milk, the high cost that microtherm suckles causes price general on the high side. ”Cody breeds course of study is in day cat supermarket, Jing Dongchao city to open flagship store not only, return accredit business of a few individual cable sells Zhengzhou, Shang Qiu Cody breeds industry product. And be in Hua Dong area is to pass electric business to popularize more, attract the agency below the line to act as agent actively sale, open countrywide market stage by stage. The sale below the line exceeds with convenience inn, business, grandma station is given priority to. Take in Jiang Zhe, the product still entered channel of snacks brand shop. Beijing business signs up for a reporter to pass comparative discovery, in congener product, product of the great majority on the market of price prep above that Xiaobai suckles Cody. Except Cody Xiaobai is suckled outside, most normal temperature suckles a product to was not sold in cold ark, place the Cody that sells in cold ark small white milk every bags of price that controls 3 yuan, with the normal temperature that selling a common position the sale the grandma compares tower above 10%-16% . For example, the Jun Lebao pure milk that 180 milliliter install, price is 2.5 yuan; The new hope that 180 milliliter hold 100% grass are suckled formerly, price is 2.4 yuan; 180 milliliter install be over amount to hill 100% pure milk, price is 2.4 yuan; Weight is the holy lake pure milk of 200 grams, price also is 2.4 yuan. In the meantime, reporter of Beijing business newspaper is right still sell on Beijing field cling to family name grandma undertakes contrast, the price that Xiaobai suckles Cody is same on the high side. 3 yuan when install with 243 milliliter cling to family name grandma is exemple, this product is every bags in the price in the supermarket 2.2 yuan, under Cody Xiaobai suckles 0.8 yuan, but the size is smaller than Cody however white milk tower above 63 milliliter; 3 yuan of when 250 milliliter install complete fat pasteurize breast, price is 3.9 yuan, only prep above Xiaobai suckles Cody 0.9 yuan. In addition, comparative respect is suckled in normal temperature, the price that Xiaobai suckles Cody still on the high side. In supermarket of Beijing guest grand, the milk of Baochun of unconscious Niu Baili that 200 milliliter install, price is 1.5 yuan; Calcium suckles the Yi Ligao that happy pillow of 240 milliliter benefit installs, price is 2 yuan; 3 yuan of when 200 milliliter install 100 benefit include pure milk, price is 2 yuan. Among them, 3 yuan of 100 benefit wrap a product to breed for complete fat sterilization, with Cody small white milk belongs to same product. Song Liang thinks, normal temperature grandma and the price difference that microtherm suckles basically are reflected in cost respect, dig removes the factor such as craft, carry cost only, normal temperature milk is met than the cost of microtherm milk low at least 10% the left and right sides, this also is why the main reason with the can higher than the price of normal temperature product price of microtherm product. Beijing business signs up for a reporter to understand, common carry with cold chain carriage photograph is compared, cold chain is carried need to add on car investment install refrigerating equipment, according to car dimension different, add outfit charge to be in 20 thousand – 200 thousand yuan. In the meantime, because add,install refrigerating equipment, cold chain carries car to be able to be engaged in refrigerating the carriage of goods only, the narrow of scope of business that carry on, investment of car in advance and get bounds carriage range, make the cost that cold chain carries more average transport costs tower above is close 40% . It is with milk exemple, the charge that carriage normal temperature suckles is every tons of 200-270 about yuan, and carriage need refrigerates cling to charge of family name grandma wants 400 yuan to exceed every tons. Bright red Dan Peng expresses analyst of Chinese food industry, xiaobai suckles Cody to be sold in cold ark, may be own action of the businessman greatly, outside dividing mouthfeel respect to be able to have been compared, in consumer the level can promote a product additional cost, accord with current price. Did not adopt microtherm to carry, use microtherm sale however, make Cody small white milk can utmost gain. The Cody that frequency of problem of ” of “ net red grandma shows   to depend on small white milk to realize outstanding achievement to grow breeds course of study, be packed in this product cling to while the family name suckles a sale, the enterprise exposes to the sun to agency management and product oneself all sorts of issues that give, also make the prospect that Xiaobai suckles difficult makings. Before this, because sales volume of small white milk is hot,appear goods circumstance, and Cody breeds course of study accuses to be less than to agency canal, specific area appeared change goods circumstance, price war is made greatly between agency, trade price of a few regions under 30 yuan / box, and retail price of food flagship store is Cody 40 yuan or so / box, gain of the agency below the line is very small, bring about dealership to change frequent. Meanwhile, partial agency sells periodic existence apprehension to what Xiaobai suckles Cody. Because this product uses transparent pillow to pack, avoid smooth sex is relatively common the milk that pack is poorer, in carriage process hard to avoid can encounter illumination point-blank. Song Liang points out, pack as a result of what this kind of product uses transparent bag, if get intense or long illuminate, cause chemical reaction easily, quicken solid fluid depart. “ is selling above all on the photograph so not good-looking, but should pack only be not destroyed, enter without the bacterium, the possibility with degenerative inside the expiration period product is not quite large. He expresses ” . Xiaobai suckles the Cody before be aimed at eye transparent bag whether the problem that holds back radial illuminate, staff member of a company that pack discloses, small white milk uses Cody transparent tall cut off the PVA that suckles film is tall cut off in coating, join material of a kind of special accept rice inorganic, wait for wavelengh to have very good screen effect in the light under 450 accept rice to similar ultraviolet ray only. Fourth cotton of king of lacteal industry expert expresses, although can come true on the technology at present,be in glass, plastic in the light that joins material to hold back certain wavelengh, but whether does the enterprise employ block smooth capable person qualitative transparent bag, relevant investigation also is had no inside course of study. Although “ is transparent in bags grandma used block smooth ability to pledge, a kind of material stops all rays impossibly also character, realize block light completely impossibly, accordingly, to this kind of fast consumer goods, should drink as soon as possible. He says ” . Market share feeds   by cent at present, after Cody breeds course of study rolls out Xiaobai to suckle, meng Niu, Yi Li, new hope, be over the “ Xiaobai that amounts to hill to wait for much home company to also roll out his in succession suckles ” product, depend on the old brand effect of oneself, make consumer is choosing a respect to have tendentiousness more, the market share that Xiaobai suckles Cody is being pounded. Cody breeds industry ever expressed in announcement, product of company sell like hot cakes is transparent pillow (Xiaobai is suckled) volume of produce and sale rises considerably. Last year 3 quarters, transparent pillow daily output is 300 tons about, grow 150 tons compared to the same period, rise range is vast. Price of every tons of transparent block is 7500-8000 about yuan, corresponding everyday income is 2.25 million – 2.4 million yuan between, small white milk is in 3 quarters bred for Cody the contribution of income of whole of course of study has been measured last year half, already made the company’s biggest brunt product. Song Liang expresses, xiaobai suckles Cody to have certain market space at present, because be packed distinctly and mouthfeel moderate, because this ability attracted many customer, but from long-term in light of, the market space of this kind of product is not large. At present many enterprises roll out this kind of Xiaobai to suckle in succession, but product essence also can be distinguished somewhat, have a plenty of cling to family name grandma, have a plenty of normal temperature grandma. But in light of the small white milk that breeds with respect to Cody course of study is rolled out, this is grandma of a normal temperature, but the market space that normal temperature suckles tends saturated, because this did not come,this product still can have how old development potential, bad to say. To Cody Xiaobai suckles development foreground of future, bright red Dan Peng also thinks, small white milk breeds for Cody course of study brought a large number of sales volume and stream of people, but youth change is rapid now, how long can the heat of network red product be worth to pay close attention to as before continuously after all. From pack carry wait for a respect, this kind of product still needs to continue to make great efforts. Of old brand intervene, also can make Cody breeds course of study is divided to feed in the portion of this one domain, the stability that future continues to depend on small white milk will realize outstanding achievement very hard grows. 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