In technical workers pay for “artisans of the great powers”

In January 2018, the second session of the central comprehensively deepen reform leading group reviewed and adopted the “opinions on improving technical workers treatment”.Treatment of content including higher skilled workers, to adhere to the relies on working-class guidelines heart and soul, give play to the role of the government, enterprises, social coordination, perfect technical worker training, evaluation, use, incentive, security measures, such as implementing the most high, making work more more more, strengthen technical workers professional sense of honor, pride, for feeling, stimulate technical workers enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.Through the review of explicitly mentioned to improve the workers’ wages, on the one hand, is the national security, benefits to the worker’s attention and concern, hope to concrete actions to improve the living conditions of the workers, improve workers get sense;On the other hand, is a manufacturing powerhouse construction to build a group of highly skilled personnel urgently needed.Can’t let & other;Big craftsmen & throughout;Cold heart in our country, have a wide range of technical workers.China’s current total employment of 776 million people, including 165 million skilled workers, accounting for about 21%, of which only 47 million high-skilled talent people, only 6% of employment.So the skilled workers accounted for the proportion of skilled workers in the most.These skilled workers no bright degree, there is no abundant knowledge, they are living in the bottom of society, by experience and the time to exercise work skills, grinding work skill.On work rights and interests are threatened, they are difficult to immediately take legal weapon to protect their own rights and interests.And the improvement of the national policies and laws and regulations can better protect the interests of this group of concrete, improve its survival environment.The personage inside course of study says, workers have a high skill talented person in the party, as well as an ordinary worker, but for the most part belongs to the latter, so improve the salary is the most critical part of the latter.Make social awareness lower groups enjoy the dividend policy, is advantageous to the technical workers achieve their own value, guarantee social equity and justice, enhance technical workers sense of honor and feeling.Not a preach & otherSpirit & throughout;, and let the hard construction & other countries;Big craftsmen & throughout;Cold heart.Create high-skilled personnel with the increasing development of our country’s economy, the industrial and manufacturing more and more need a high quality skills personnel.Can say, build a high level team of skilled workers, has a vital significance on development of China’s economic transformation.At present, our country has initially formed a scale is growing, structure optimization, quality gradually increase increasingly high-skilled personnel.However, a serious shortage of total amount, structure of problems, such as talents short phenomenon is still serious.Look from the market supply and demand, in recent years, skill workers ask for rate (the number of jobs and job than) has been more than 1.5:1, senior skilled worker ask for rate and even reaches more than 2:1.Some manufacturers offer nearly ten thousand yuan monthly salary, still cannot solve the & other;Recruitment difficult & throughout;The problem.Companies recruit less than people, has become a big problem that the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry.Now many young people don’t want to be technical workers, they think the workers always is one of the industry of low status.In society, would rather to do sales, planning, civil servants and other industries, is also reluctant to enter the factory.On the social education, history, vocational schools have also always & other;Inferior & throughout;, & otherLift head & throughout;.Want to construction team of skilled talents, attract more people to become skilled people, improve workers’ wages and welfare, improve workers’ sense of honor, the acquisition is an important step.Government departments to take measures and policies, not only can encourage enterprises to improve the skill talented person income level, establish a highly skilled talents job subsidies and special subsidies, and to deliver the whole society a good signal, the mechanic are constantly improve the social image and economic status, excellent technical workers will get more and more respect.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

“Small Yang” MSC is expected in 2017 casting production in 2018, there is still a small growth

In 2017, the full implementation of “made in China 2025” strategy, China foundry industry has entered a & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Smooth start planning stage, structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the essence, the industry is developing towards the big teams goal steadily forward.Small growth is expected in 2017 castings production Since last year, because of the influence of environmental factors and so on various aspects, there are quite a number of scattered, disorder and poor foundry enterprises were shut down.Enter after June this year, a nationwide environmental protection supervision, puts forward the management of higher requirements for a lot of foundry enterprises.In heating season, many parts foundry enterprises need to perform peak production, has made great ease excess capacity, particularly is wrong peak orders for foundry enterprises have a big increase in production area.Production is expected in 2017 China’s casting a slight increase from 47.2 million tons in 2016.From various divisions, automobile castings accounted for nearly a third of all kinds of casting production in China.In 2017, the growth of automobile industry in our country is still drive the main contributor to the growth of castings, especially heavy card’s explosive growth;At the same time, the development trend of lightweight, aluminum and magnesium alloys used for automobile industry such as non-ferrous foundry enterprises laid a solid foundation has maintained strong growth momentum.In addition, excavators, loaders and other engineering machinery industry products are considerably restorative growth, thus casting for engineering machinery production also has the very big growth;Machine tool castings demand growth slightly;Centrifugal cast iron pipe accounted for more than 16% of all kinds of casting in our country, the rapid development of urban construction, centrifugal cast iron pipe production is expected in 2017 will be in the growth of around 10%;Casting for agricultural machinery, ships have edged down.To improve comprehensive competitiveness of equipment manufacturing industry is the main national industrial structure adjustment, will accelerate the development of Internet + casting foundry industry to implement a process from large to strong.Over the past year, attaches great importance to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, to guide the casting industry to accelerate the casting industry structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading and innovation driven development, promote enterprise intelligent transformation, improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise market in foundry industry, China foundry association in policy research and consulting service, quality of science and technology, international communication, digital intelligent development, community standards, personnel training, etc to do a lot of work.First, docking government departments, to carry out the relevant industrial policy.Through the dock with the government departments, actively organize the major technical equipment independent innovation guidance catalogue, the implementation scheme of major technical equipment special revision and “made in China 2025” & ndash;& ndash;& ndash;2018 machinery industry investment direction in the field of casting solicitation;Complete industry chain layout research and on the selection of the 19th China patent award “and other related materials in foundry industry gathering, analysis, report to work.Actively organize to carry out the industry of new technology, new materials, new equipment and assessment work, in order to encourage enterprises to carry out new product development and research.Materials such as international prize, equipment innovation, four new technology, high quality castings gold prize, new product new technology appraisal and so on, has caused great sensation in the industry, arouse the enthusiasm for the enterprise development.Second, to speed up the layout of intelligent manufacturing, promote the transformation and upgrading of industry.Compared with cars, machine tools and other industrial, casting industry as a whole automatic and intelligent level gap is bigger, relatively weak information construction, the transformation and upgrading of industry brought a broad space for development.In recent years, on the one hand, the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry in the field of casting support some intelligent manufacturing special projects, these projects for the foundry industry to provide intelligent model demonstration, also injected new momentum for industry development.On the other hand, the environmental protection, safety, and rising labor costs and other comprehensive factors, machine casting industry substitution acceleration, some qualified enterprises to heat digital workshop\/intelligent plant construction is higher.In September 2017, China foundry association and ningxia Shared group led by the national center for intelligent casting industry innovation smart casting industry association in China, adhering to the & otherProfessional, collaborative, sharing, win-win & throughout;The concept of development, through coordination intelligence casting technology and industry related resources, to actively explore the field of casting different points intelligent solutions, to build China’s smart casting technology chain, industry chain and innovation to promote resource sharing and mutual benefit between alliance members, set up open, Shared, online service platform, with the combination of industry building & otherInternet + double gen + smart green casting & throughout;Industrial ecology, enhance the overall competitiveness of China foundry industry.Third, the industry progress, standard first.So far, the China foundry association released a total of 40 group standards in line with market demand, among them, the eight criteria to be included in the ministry in 2017 the group standard to demonstrate the application directory.For example: “the casting with high purity iron” changed the situation of a large number of imported high purity iron in our country, the independent production of major technical equipment in China with high iron played an indispensable support role.A Chinese heavy nuclear pressure vessel in use up to the standard products, key castings used a machine to produce 99 a series of main battle tanks in Inner Mongolia, etc.In addition, the casting association and China united certification make joint issued “foundry enterprises quality management system certification requirements” organization standard, it is deepen the implementation of state certification and accreditation on the quality management system certification, updated version of the implementation opinions “of the enterprise widespread high praise.To zoomlion by in view of this, certification and accreditation in the authentication and casting association issued to make the casting machinery industry enterprise quality management system requirements “certification plan, industry standard groups coming into industry standard.Fourth, the international communication system context more clear.Cast in association with the brics casting association, the & other One Belt And One Road & throughout; casting industry association of industry and commerce alliance working committee “, “Asian foundry BBS” and “across the Taiwan strait and the Hong Kong casting cooperation BBS” as the main line, with China and the United States, Germany, China, Japan and South Korea, China and asean and China – the European Union and other bilateral and multilateral exchanges as supplement to build international communication system give full play to the role;Multiple & other;Throughout area & all the way;Theme activities, two research, relevant departments to formulate industrial policy to the nation provides an important support of the industry.China’s foundry industry international development has laid a solid foundation.More measures and promote the transformation and upgrading of industry, though, compared with the developed industrial countries, China foundry industry is big but not strong, the industrial structure, quality, efficiency, capacity for independent innovation, process equipment and energy efficiency of resource utilization, environmental emissions of obvious gap, transformation and upgrading of urgent and arduous task: one is structural overcapacity problem is outstanding, exist a number of backward production capacity, the key casting quality consistency and stability of the poor;Second, independent innovation ability is weak, some high-end still cannot meet domestic host key castings and the development of major technical equipment requirements;Third, energy resource consumption and pollutant emissions are high, high input, high consumption, high emission and low output and low efficiency are still outstanding.These problems greatly delay the process of casting industry in China by the big teams and must be solved as soon as possible.To high-end equipment manufacturing industry innovation and development of important support, casting industry must actively respond to challenges, measures and seize more opportunities for development, accelerate the supply side structural reform, promote the casting industry transformation and upgrading, the mass transfer efficiency.It is through laws, regulations and industrial policies, accelerate the foundry industry transformation and upgrading.The current casting industry development level is uneven, ranging from a few advanced technological equipment level, environmental protection equipment, improve the backbone of the foundry enterprises, also exist a large number of using backward technology, equipment and environmental protection management does not reach the designated position of the enterprise.Should focus on the transformation and upgrading of casting industries, to carry out national laws, regulations and relevant industrial policy, promote the normative management in foundry industry, through a number of standards, a batch of, an unspecified number of ascension, further reduce the number of enterprises, improve enterprise scale, improve industrial concentration.Second, the innovation and development, promote the old and the new kinetic energy conversion, promote industry quality efficiency.Between the current casting industry enterprise development is uneven, the traditional manual modeling, mechanization, automation equipment and blending coexist.Need to borrow the current environmental and human costs, promote the enterprises to speed up the implementation of the machine substitution, further enhance the level of automation equipment and improve production efficiency, backward technology and equipment.In foundry industry at the same time, we need to promote two fusion depth implementation, to speed up the computer technology, manufacturing execution system (MES), industrial robots, increase material manufacturing, intelligent logistics management, CAE simulation technology in the application of foundry enterprises, implement key positions and intelligent robot replace, casting production process key process optimization, digital and intelligent casting factory support superior enterprises in construction, especially to promote the solution of different areas the mature experience in foundry industry to promote the implementation.Casting is one of the earliest application industry increase material manufacturing technology, different 3 d printing have different scope of application, these technology and traditional casting technology integration to create a broader space, industrial application level and is likely in the field of some complex products to create a new foundry production mode.Three is to promote green development in foundry industry.Foundry industry sustainable development must take the path of green development, first of all should be in accordance with the national environmental protection, safety regulations, accelerate the foundry enterprises environmental comprehensive harness, at the same time to implement the “industrial green development plan (2016-2020)”, and more advanced casting field application of energy conservation and environmental protection technologies, processes and equipment, at the same time to speed up cultivating green casting demonstration enterprises, promote the foundry enterprises implements the concept of green casting casting production process, low carbon, circulation and intensive green casting development path.Casting production in 2018 is expected to small growth & other;Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout;Period, energy conservation and emission reduction and green manufacturing become the theme of development in our country, various industries are around this theme, environmental regulation is unprecedented.Cast as a basic industry of the industrial development, energy consumption and environmental pollution is also the focus of national governance.According to their own characteristics, the foundry industry from the macro, from within the scope of the industry to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, should do the following work: first, the pollutant discharge and cleaner production standards.In foundry industry at present, there is no special mandatory pollution emission national standard, in addition to a few areas perform local standards or industry standards, strictly speaking in foundry enterprises has the force of law in the country is still only the integrated atmospheric pollutants discharge standard (GB16297-1996) “and” air pollutants emission standards of industrial furnaces (GB9078-1996), two older national mandatory standard.This already can not adapt to the limits of the two standards in the current job requirements for the control of air pollution, and there are multiple industries introduced a special standard instead of the two standards in the industry.Atmospheric pollution emission in foundry industry, therefore, to develop the national standard of work is particularly important.In October, the China foundry association has released a group standard of air pollutant emission limits foundry industry “(2 & ndash; T\/CFA030802-2017)”, believe that this will be an important foundation for the formulation of the national standard.Second, the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution guiding the preparation of technical documents.Unless necessary emissions targets specified, atmospheric pollution prevention and control work in foundry industry also need guidance document for environmental protection technology and equipment used.At present our country has launched multiple industry pollution prevention & other;The best possible technical guide & throughout;, has been clear about the industry can use the specific types, effect and economic applicability of pollution control technology.Environmental protection has plans to continue developing the best possible pollution prevention technology guide in a wide range of industries.Third, strict enforcement of tradable permits and total amount control system.Tradable permits and total amount control system is one of the basic system of environmental protection in China.Implement blowdown license management of enterprises, institutions and other production operators shall be in accordance with the requirements of the emission permits the discharge of pollutants;In discharge permit, may not be the discharge of pollutants.According to the control of pollutants emission permits system implementation plan of the state council and the ministry of the stationary sources of pollution emission permits classification management list (2017 edition) “, the casting industry industry enterprises discharge permit need to be obtained, and the annual output of 100000 tons of enterprise key management;The implementation of discharge permit management regulations at the same time, the casting industry will be completed by 2020.At present, the foundry industry “discharge permit application and issuance of technical specifications” has been included in the environmental protection work plan in 2019, will greatly promote the work of foundry industry transformation and upgrading.Fourth, to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, eliminate backward production capacity.Vigorously promote the casting industry admittance system, does not meet the “casting industry access conditions” of small scale, destruction of resources, high pollution, high energy consumption, does not have the foundry enterprises to implement closed production safety conditions, especially the atmospheric pollutant control effect as necessary evaluation index of market admittance threshold, implement & other;One ticket veto & throughout;System.In addition, to adjust structure of casting industry in China as soon as possible, achieve economies of scale in production, through the industrial adjustment, the foundry enterprises to develop in the direction of professional large-scale, it is also a foundry enterprises realize the healthy and orderly, the only way for sustainable development.Looking forward to the future, in 2018, casting industry faces the biggest pressure is still the environmental and safety.Entrusted by the ministry, by the China foundry association to organize the formulation of the foundry industrial air pollutants emission standards will be released next year, which will provide the basis for enterprise environmental governance.As the local government strengthen the casting industry regulation, foundry enterprises will accelerate to polarization, a batch of imperfect environmental protection facilities, emissions substandard foundry enterprises, at the same time also will guide the foundry enterprises to further improve environmental legislation.Due to the reduction in the number of enterprises and environmental protection for peak production, is expected next year in various fields at home and abroad market recovery this year, our country can normal production orders of foundry enterprises will continue to increase, the casting production will still be a slight increase.(the original title: 2017 castings production & other;Small Yang & throughout;Marks a slight increase in 2018 still) (source: China’s industrial news)

Gree a raise is manufacturing industries do not leave behind the situation of talent

Recently, the gree company issued a statement, internal statement called the and grassroots employees enjoy the achievement of the development of the company, the company decided to: according to the combination of 1000 yuan per month per person, based on employee performance, post for a raise.This means that can be calculated by gree is currently more than 80000 employees, the raise after gree will increase the staff costs nearly 1 billion yuan every year.Even if is a gree dimension, this also is not a small number.Moreover, the statement is a very interesting and it is worth noting that word & ndash;& ndash;& other;According to the performance, post give employees a raise & throughout;.That is to say, unlike ordinary raises, the increase is conditional, division of labor according to the employee’s work allocation and performance evaluation.So, now that is a raise, why limit?I think such a raise for gree is supposed to be a no.Because the salary and reward employees not only the intention, & other;Keep people & throughout;Gree is really want to do.One year later again raise the gree enterprise salary is a very normal thing, earnings growth employees salary nature with a rising tide lifts all boats.But some freak raises gree, because this is not the gree a raise for the first time in years.In December 2016, gree electric appliances rose 1000 yuan a month to all personnel, and is based on the existing monthly wages, each every months 1000 yuan.Scope is in full 3 months of the employees (except for special meeting paid staff).Is not only a pay rise, ms dong has also promised to send staff to send room car.In February 2017, ms dong said in an interview with the media, to make each a gree employees enjoy the two rooms one hall.Gree at the zhuhai started more than 3000 sets of & other;Two rooms one hall & throughout;, the purpose is to let each employee to live and work in peace and contentment, need not hard for a house for a lifetime.Dong mingzhu said: & other;Two rooms one hall, the most basic.When you have higher income, you have tens of millions of income to buy a home, can also go to.When you don’t go, here, the house will belong to you.Throughout the &;A raise and send room, many people admire, the heart say gree really rich!But rich company also won’t again disorderly spend money, this has been a raise for room gree why give employees a raise again?Behind the refraction of gree’s huge loss of talents., gree will be poached each year more than 600 people, and most are technical talent, is after 5 to 10 years of training, these precious talent can be said to be the gree work, very not easy cultivated can contribute to the enterprise, suddenly get poached, such losses are huge.Dong mingzhu himself once told the media said angrily, gree door every day there are other headhunters to dig.Once an enterprise guodian to zhuhai gree, angry will dong mingzhu, gree will send someone to make a meal, driven away to the other party.The brain drain is dong mingzhu unacceptable, also cannot be accepted by the gree.It would not have been so crazy give employees a raise, though not necessarily forever, but for now gree employees at least benefit.But as the behemoth of the manufacturing & ndash;& ndash;Gree of a large number of brain drain, and other small businesses.Do not leave the manufacturing as a matter of fact, the brain drain is not just a gree, many manufacturing enterprises are facing the shortage of talent, staff stability is worse and worse, the present situation of the liquidity is more and more strong.& other;Do not leave people & throughout;Has evolved into the problem of the whole industry.According to a particular manufacturing industry executives said their companies in the industrial zone in general factory every eight or nine months will be in a group of people, their welfare treatment is good, but the staff working time is more than a year on average.Imagine, eight or nine months in a group of people, where the core staff and skilled employees.Most people just familiar with the post results left again, not in a group of new employees to develop, keep circulating.As a result, not only took the time, energy and financial resources of the enterprise, also can guarantee the stability of the production and the quality of the products.One could argue why don’t these companies like gree pour a wage increase.In fact not all companies are like gree has strong profitability, small manufacturing enterprises must consider its own profit.Under the situation of domestic manufacturing industry overall downward, such as dongguan and other places of manufacturing enterprises are faced with the problem of falling profits.Companies are making money, take what to give employees a raise.And even if a lot of enterprises is a pay raise, brain drain is also has not been improved greatly.In a word, manufacturing & other;Do not leave people & throughout;Is a serious problem.Can use crazy physique, like the gree company improve staff wages material benefits to retain employees, but this method does not apply to all enterprises.For now, alone enterprise is unable to solve this problem, it is impossible to solve good.Must be enterprise, government and society all parties mutual coordination and work together to jointly take measures can be solved.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

Tool technology is the important factor affecting the development of mechanical manufacturing

Cutting tool, a very important part of the equipment manufacturing industry, is used for cutting tools in mechanical manufacturing, also known as the cutting tool.Due to the cutting tools used in machinery manufacturing basically is used for cutting metal materials, so & other;Tool & throughout;The term is understood as metal cutting tools.Cutting wood cutting tool is called the woodworking cutting tools.And special application of cutting tools, used in geological exploration, drilling, drilling in mines, known as the mining tool.Cutting tool machining process system is the most active, the most basic important factors.In the machine tool industry in foreign countries, and there was a saying & ndash;& ndash;& other;Companies throughout the dividend on the blade &;So important position in the development of cutting tool in the machine tool industry.In fact, according to the machining tool patent analysis report, according to the current machining accounted for about 90% of all mechanical processing work.It can be said that the machining in the 21st century is still the dominant of machinery manufacturing processing method.And as the basis of important in machining technology and equipment, cutting tool technology for the development of modern manufacturing plays a vital role.At present, the technology of the cutting tool in the automotive, aerospace, energy, military, mold and other modern machinery manufacturing sector plays a more and more important role.Efficient advanced cutting tool can obviously improve the efficiency of processing, the production cost reduced by 10% ~ 15%.Tool directly determines the quality of the production level of machinery manufacture industry, but also manufacturing efficiency and product quality is the most important factors.And with the development of the machine tool industry present situation, more functional machine is machine tool industry the future & other;The main army & throughout;.Multi functional machine means that a machine can realize cars, milling, drilling, grinding 4 functions, to save time, improve efficiency, changed the traditional turning processing and the limitation of the machining center.Due to reduced the number of tool change, then improve the production efficiency.The machine tool cutting tools and cutting tools technology becomes more important.In view of the crucial role of cutting tool technology in machine tool industry status and development of cutting tool technology is particularly important.For now, China’s tool industry products consumption level is low, low product added value and efficient advanced tool import dependence is strong, weak competitiveness in the international market, therefore, improve the innovation ability, and the development of technology, the enhancement enterprise competitiveness is imperative in the development of the cutting tool industry in China.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)

Unity is strength development of machine tool castings industry is worth looking forward to 2018

As the equipment manufacturing industry & otherIndustrial machine tool & throughout;, the development of machine tools has been attracting the attention of people in the manufacturing industry, almost all of the metal cutting and manufacturing needs to be done by machine, especially as the demand of the aerospace and other fields in recent years, the development of high-end CNC machine tools has become the & other;Focus on the object & throughout;.In recent years, China’s machine tool machine output and consumption are ranked among the top of the world.Especially in 2017, under the influence of all kinds of good policy, China’s machine tool industry began to return to the market, which also led to machine the casting industry and the development of the upstream industry, such as iron and steel industry.According to statistics, in 2017 2 ~ 10 months the metal cutting machine tool production for 645000 units, up 7.3% from a year earlier.And the development of steel industry in 2017 is obvious to all, from the various & other;Price & throughout;It can be seen.In the same way, the machine tool castings market demand by the machine tool industry, also presented restorative growth, although the insufficiency of order still exist, but compared to 2017, this year’s situation is very optimistic.For China’s machine tool castings, 2017 Angle due to the environmental protection and so on various factors, there are quite a number of scattered, disorder and poor foundry enterprises were shut down.According to the China foundry association of machine tool castings branch, according to a survey of 15 machine tool foundry enterprises industry overall situation is still serious.Although the output of 2017 have rebounded, but there are gaps compared to its capacity.Last year in many areas, especially around Beijing and Yangtze river delta region of the eia, environmental protection falls below a large number of small and medium-sized foundry enterprises shut down, other foundry enterprises according to the implementation of peak production season, also for the excess production capacity has the very big relief.Production is expected in 2017 China casting a slight increase from 47.2 million tons in 2016.Relative to other machinery manufacturing industry, foundry industry energy consumption and pollution levels are relatively high.As the public’s environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthened, the state environmental protection laws and regulations also puts forward more strict requirements on environmental protection, on July 31, 2017, China foundry association issued “atmospheric pollutant emission limits in foundry industry”, the standard on October 1, 2017 implementation, for the foundry enterprises provides theory basis for energy conservation and emissions reduction, environmental governance.It also will urge the scale of machine tool castings production enterprises to improve energy conservation and emissions reduction and environmental management efforts, began to develop in the direction of healthy competition.Rising raw material prices, for machine tool casting industry in China has been a very headache problem, machine tool foundry enterprises the same as the other foundry enterprises, the main raw materials for production and operation of pig iron, scrap steel, such as resin, curing agent, the fluctuations of raw material prices have a certain influence on enterprise’s main product sales price, this also is affected, so as to make the machine price that some enterprises have difficulty in machine tool sales occur.In September 2017, in order to realize the sustainable development of China foundry association with ningxia Shared group led by the national center for intelligent casting industry innovation alliance intelligence casting industry in China, building & other;Internet + double gen + smart green casting & throughout;Industrial ecology, to enhance the overall competitiveness of the foundry industry in China.Not only such, cast in association with China united certification make joint published the foundry enterprises quality management system certification requirements group standards, the company won praise widely.In 2018, for machine tool casting industry, the most serious problems or environmental protection, raw materials and safety.& other;Revolution has not yet been successful, comrades still need efforts throughout the &;, I believe that through the tireless efforts of all the people in the industry, unity is strength, certainly can achieve better development in 2018.(this article is provided by China machine tool business original, reproduced this website articles, subject to a written authorization.)