2015 machine tool of Chinese numerical control pop chart of company of 10 old brands

1. campstool overcomes MazakCampstool of Japanese hill Qi restrains a company (YAMAZAKI MAZAK CORPORATION) found 1919, devote oneself to to offer machining center of compound Che Xi, 5 axes for the client machining center, stand, horizontal machining center, FMS is flexible the high grade and efficient product such as device of manufacturing system, CNC, laser beam cutting machine and manufacturing support software, service and management. Hill Qi campstool restrains a company from 20 centuries 70 time begin internationalization operation, in the whole world at present 22 countries set 10 place to produce base and center of Wu of kimono of technology of nearly 80 office, global employee is close 7500 people. 2. De Maji DMGGerman plan gets beautiful company 1994 bribe two deficit enterprise—Debs company and Ma Huogong manage, 3 form group of D M G, manufacturing lathe, machining center and machine of laser beam machining 3 kinds of big machine tools, hardworking, get right on the job, work ingeniously 6 years, optimize an organization, thorough user, cooperate extensively, develop new breed, occupational market. Current, 80 advanced breed offer user alternative, already made group of European the biggest machine tool, struggled 2001 the target is sale 8. 800 million dollar. Its by the strategy that becomes strong infirmly, solid can consult for enterprise of our country machine tool. 3. SMTCL of Shenyang machine toolInc. of Shenyang machine tool (say below ” our company ” ) , be by Shenyang factory of the first machine tool, medium nimble friendship factory and plant of Liaoning nicety bearing are initiated 3 times jointly, held water in May 1993, via Shenyang city economic system reforms committee Shenyang body to change 199231 files to approve the joint stock company that create. In July 1996, classics China negotiable securities controls government 1996112 files approve word of careful of hair of committee evidence inspect, issue RMB common stock publicly to the society 5, 4 million yuan, total capital stock of the company after issueing is 215, 823, 518 yuan, appear on the market in Shenzhen stock exchange trade. The company is Shenyang machine tool (group) the enterprise below division of finite liability company. 4. DMTG of Dalian machine toolGroup of Dalian machine tool is narrow liability company only then built 1948, it is the republic founds a state industry of machine tool of earlier whole nation one of 18 arhat. Since reforming and opening, especially ” 15 ” since, transform traditional industry through using informatization, take new-style industrialized way, change develops way, have the medium such as large-scale technical reformation, make the enterprise entered rapid development course. In sale of level of enterprise dimensions, technology, engineering capability, market, culture the respect such as construction obtained the development of advance rapidly, economy came true to span type grows, already became the throughout the country now large modular machine tool, flexible research and development of machine tool of production system and technology of automation whole set and equipment, numerical control creates base, research and development of component of numerical control function creates the company of arms of the person at the head of a procession of base and industry of Chinese machine tool. 5. Connect fast TRUMPFConnect fast (China) one of more than 50 stature companies that limited company is a fast group subordinate, begin the direct investment that is in China from 2000, be in early or late Jiangsu too storehouse and Guangdong Dongguan invested 4 production to turn a company, gold of Ban of manufacturing numerical control machines machine tool and medical treatment equipment to wait. Connect fast group headquarters to be in Germany Diqingen has 80 old machine tools to produce the history, it is one of lead businesses of domain of global production technology. From the machine tool that processes metallic thin plate and data, to electron and laser technology, medical treatment technology, fast guiding a technology to develop a tendency with ceaseless innovation. Fast establishing new technical standard, devote oneself to open up to update more products to give broad user at the same time. 6. Nature fieldField of company limited nature (AMADA CO. , LTD) the large transnational corporation that is machinery of treatment of gold of Ban of a professional production, wait for a respect from specifications of structure of market dimensions, product, product and comprehensive management system, fashioned product of a volume stage by stage development, design, make, education grooms the group sex that after service is an organic whole and has sale network appears on the market company. 7. Big Okuma rivering bendJapan rivers bend greatly company limited company, japan is the biggest one of factories of numerical control machine tool, already had 100 old histories up to now, give priority to in order to produce lathe of general numerical control and machining center, develop device of manufacturing OSP numerical control by oneself, product good with tigidity, efficiency long, operation is convenient and stability of tall, precision, life is celebrated. 8. Aid 2 machine JIERJinan limited company of group of 2 machine tools is one furniture the large and mechanical equipment that more than 70 years of grumous innovation and enterprising consciousness, culture are accumulated creates a company. Company only then built 1937, it is Chinese machine tool industry history go up ” 18 arhat factory ” one of, compressor of the first the first large double housing planer of Chinese, large machinery that shut type is born hereat. 9. North oneFactory of the first machine tool established Beijing 1949, be the same as with the republic age, it is one is having brilliant history and success large and state-owned company. Come 60 years north is national economy each industry provides all sorts of kinds litre fall bed of borer of mill of boring of milling machine of milling machine, lathe bed type, circular table milling machine, numerical control, establish horizontal machining center, numerical control getting to cut center and heavy-duty, overweight, get the welcome of broad client. 10. Neat oneInc. of equipment of neat heavy numerical control (abbreviation weighs numerical control together) , predecessor is Qiqihaerdi factory of one machine tool, only then built 1950, it is one of 156 projects that 15 period key builds the nation, for industry of our country machine tool business of large key mainstay is mixed industry of arms of industry file leader. 2007 end, inc. of bearing of Zhejiang day horse and neat heavy numerical control undertook the strategy recombine, the neat heavy numerical control after recombining is appear on the market the wholy-owned subsidiary of share of company overhead horse. The company covers an area of a face to accumulate 1.06 million square metre, floor area 420 thousand square metre, existing employee 4000 more than person, the enterprise has abundant manufacturing engineering capability, have flexible treatment line, flexible the equipment of domestic and international high-grade such as treatment unit is covered more than times 2000. Develop through lasting for years, the company has 10 to assemble a workshop, between 15 machine extra buses or trains. Current, year produce ability of of all kinds machine tool to be controlled in 1500, since building a plant, accumulative total production of all kinds machine tool is covered many times 40 thousand.