Benefit fast amounts to robot acting machining center to throw operation

Wait for the rapid development of intelligent equipment and technology of content couplet net as industrial robot, through ” machine substitution ” improve labor productivity, solve health of profession of the difficult problem that use worker worker, promotion and safe production level to already was become include polishing burnish company inside the inevitable choice that industrial business transition upgrades.    Take a fancy to this just about, system of Hua Na’s oldest application of professional industry robot is compositive business — Guangdong benefit fast amounts to a robot to was in 8 years early to aim at robot polish burnish to apply, serve at rolling out acting treatment last year. Move through trying one year, recently, the high automation acting machining center that benefit fast amounts to a robot to use intelligent robot to make throws operation formally. Acting machining center creates two departments: The branch that is located in smooth water mouth basically is given priority to with the polishing burnish of faucet, the headquarters that is located in suitable heart Chen Cun provides material of handle of casing of carapace of jug, cistern, mobile phone, glasses, boiler, stone, do not stick boiler box of foot of chair of bottom, 5 stars, gift, stair. Benefit fast amounts to robot acting machining center to have treatment effect to lead limits of tall, service wide, process capability is strong wait for a characteristic, also be Hua Na area one of robot machining center with the at present largest scale, satisfy terminal client to specialization not only the need of custom-built service, also can cooperate a client to have 2 development of the product, promote a product competition ability. More important is, employ robot acting worker worker, the company need not pay salary, food, social security or afraid employee to leave one’s post, discharged trouble back at home, robot but 24 hours of activity in series, and crop, stability is tall, reduced manufacturing cost greatly.    Guangdong benefit fast amounts to a robot to be core with client demand all the time, with a view to is abominable of cost of force of operating mode servent reduce, of efficiency and quality rise, do his utmost to offer the integral solution of low cost for the client. The firm is increasing the automation ability respect of equipment, obtained multinomial software copyright and invention patent, practical and new-style patent, and perfect function and first-class service, the affirmation that also gets many clients and approbate, include division force, beauty at present waited for well-known company to use benefit fast to amount to offerred automation product line in succession, obtained good gains.